Sudden Pass away of Aindra prabhu!

It is really sad that Aindra prabhu passed away. Will be worthed to investigate the causes of the accident. Ok, Sri Krishna have him in His eternal abode, but devotees should take care of the safety of their members in every single premise around the world. Especially in India where the standards of safety are really poor, and life threaten.

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  • I am not qualified to suggest that we should or not be sad over the passing of a great devotee of Krsna's. All I can say is that feeling pangs of sadness when anyone departs from this world is normal. Just because devotees learn about the cycle of birth and death, does not mean that we have a cold heart. Very few of us are that advanced.

    I agree that care should be taken so that all devotees are safe, but we should look for the safety of all living jivas. Krsna would be very happy to see that we are caring or each others safety.
    • Hare Krishna!
  • Hare Krishna!
    It is not proper for a devotee to feel Joys and sorrows of death and birth. A devotee knows very well that it is the judgement of Lord Krishna, and the same is perfect, no "Rishwat", "Preference", or No.2 job. You remark about your own country India : "Especially in India where the standards of safety are really poor, and life threaten." In India the number of deaths by accidents is very less as compared to those in America, Germany, Austrellia and other developed countries.
    In India we prefer driving speed below 60 KMPH. You should be proud of your Nation. There are so many things that India has given to the world and on the basis of that the world is moving ahead even in days of crisis.
    • Hare Krsna, Mahesh Kumar Prabhu,

      I do not mean any offense Prabhu, so in advance please accept my obeisance. But I have to ask, why would a devotee be not allowed to feel sadness over the death of another devotee, or any one for that matter? We all know about samsara, but it does not mean that we should be heartless. We are all suffering the pangs of birth and death. Some of us will be successful and join Krsna, others may not. Karma. But we must all try our best. But back to my question, why would we question a persons faith in Krsna, because we become sad over another person's departure from this world. I think it is only a natural reaction.

      We are all still suffering in this world. Whatever karma comes to us, we have to accept. Karma can be hurtful, but sometimes we also rejoice from our karma. Is it not because of karma, that we were lucky enough in this world to come in contact with a devotee? So it is natural to rejoice. Yet we should not feel sadness over the departure of a well known and dedicated devotee of Krsna? Should we not care for each others welfare?

      Many more people die in accidents in developed countries (33,963 deaths in 2009 in America alone). But the fact is that many more do die in India last year the numbers were 109,500 about 300 people a day.

      In any case, my point is that that we should show compassion for all living entities, and as such, having softened hearts, some times that will mean that we will shed a tear or two. That does mean that we doubt Krsna, nor that we should not care one way or the other, it simply means that we are human.

      Hare Krsna,

      Vrindavanan Wil
      • Hare Krishna ! The pain, the sorrow and the joys that i being shown towards other human being is of a temporary nature and vanihes with the flow of time. You try to analyse with a peaceful mind, whom do you love the most : Yourself or some of your beloved like wife, son, mother, father, daughter, or friend. If you are honest your answer will be 'YOURSELF' . Ofcourse this realisation and it's acceptance publicly needs a lot of Tapasya, Courage, which is available in increments as your love towards Lord Krishna increases to a level where people call you MAD. There is no harm in expressing sorrow or joy. But a high level devotee knows from the bottom of hi heart that such expression is useless and temporary. It will vanish within a few hours, days or months depending on the relation's depth. These accidents, they are the fruits of karmas accumulated from previous lives, and which a person enjoys or cries in ecstacy or in pain. The gist of the whole topic is that as fast as you realise the fact of all earthly relation to be false it will be better for you to gain Moksha or Mukti. AND enter in such a wonderful Goloka Dhaam where you don't feel either pain or sorrow, just calm and quiet. Smooth and plain without any ups and downfalls.
        • I didn't understand that individuals feel only calm and quiet. I had heard there is great joy and bliss, happiness, love, and sometimes pain of separation.
          • Hare Krishna, Bhaktin Carol We are accepted in Vaikuntha Dhaam only when all our desires vanish. So the soul has no desires and it remain in Vaikuntha dhaam without any type of wishes, no sorrows, no pleasures, no other feelings whatsoever, although it gains the power as that of Krishna. Therefore it is Calm and Quiet up there. In Vaikuntha we are allowed entry only when all our senses "Karmendriyas" have subsided themselves. Actually here I am not able to find english words to describe the fulfilment and contentedness of "Mann or Heart".
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