• I understand your point... Ultimately indulgence would bring misery only... So it s better that one voluntarily gives up and get attached to Krsna... So here mitigates them entirely meager s fully frustrated and fully detested ryt...
    • So like u said pingala and hippies got disgusted but not everyone can... It can take many lifetimes too... Is that what you want to say?
    • Sevak

      Hare Krsna 

      Yes, to the point that they no more desire sense enjoyment. The hankering for sense enjoyment is completely transformed to disgust and no more hankering for sense pleasure is there.

      Another reason why this is not the method of getting rid of lust is because it is risky. 

      If we think of fire example, we are putting fuel on fire to extinguish it. If the quantity is not adequate, fire increases & it turns to a disaster much worse than earlier. So Srila Prabhupada has used the word "flood" like a tsunami which is practically unlimited water.

      In case of sense enjoyment how much is too much or over indulgence  can never be quantified. So the risk is one becomes an addict, like Ajamila he indulged a lot, but hankering was not gone.

      Hare Krsna 

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Fire needs three things - Fuel, oxygen & ignition temperature. If any of the three is removed then Fire ceases. 

    When flood of ghee is put on small fire, then oxygen supply is cut off and fire extinguishes. 

    Similarly for sense gratification three things are needed - Sense object, desire for enjoyment & contact between senses & sense object. Sense gratification brings misery. But when one over indulges in sense gratification superlatively, then he can see that act of sense gratification is cause of their misery.

    There is example of Pingala given in SB. Pingala was a prostitute. She was hankering for money & sex. But she became disgusted with her profession as it made her miserable. She could see that because of her indulgence she was suffering. Then upon contemplation the started hating it & she had no more hankering for it. 

    But over-indulgence cannot be the method for extinguishing lust. Because it is not possible or a normal person to over indulge. SP writes in purport -  those who are too sinful and have thus been born in the lower classes are allowed to enjoy sinful activities fully, for thus there is a chance that these activities will become detestful to them, and they will get the opportunity to be purified.

    Similar was the case with hippies. They over indulged in drugs, alcohol, sex etc to the point that they felt disgusted. The sense gratification that normal persons indulges is like drops and he is left hankering for more. No matter how much one tries to indulge, it cannot be a flood in ordinary circumstances. 

    There are many illegitimate groups that propose this saying - sambhog se samadhi etc. These are all bogus groups. The way Srimad bhagavatam recommends is to cultivating attachment to Krsna by serving those who are attached to Krsna. 

    Hare Krsna

    • I understand your point... Ultimately indulgence would bring misery only... So it s better that one voluntarily gives up and get attached to Krsna... So here mitigates them entirely means fully frustrated and fully detested ryt
  • Its not clear what you said... My question was lust can be mitigated entirely only by pure devotional service but how it can be mitigated entirely by overindulgence?
  • That verse has no value in todays time.As you can see from the purport the verse is for sinful lower class ppl but you should also note that the influence of the age also matters. In the previous 3 yugas there was significantly ltitle negative influence hence there was a chance but in this kaliyug which is called ocean of faults and dark age and full of lower castes sinful ppl.. ppl love to indulge more and more in such activities and we hear literally every day. Hence this verse is not valid in kaliyug . Hence the only medicine is continuously chanting the holy names. is parked
    • So generally we quote the analogy of fulfilling desires like putting fuel in fire... So that wouldn't be an exhaustive one coz someone may quote this verse also for justification..
      • Let anyone quote explain them its actual meaning. This is the problem Most ppl foolishly consider themselves on equal level with narada vyas risi sg and take their slokas on its face value. Just imagine what would have happened had sp not given the  actual meaning of this verse !!

    • So that means it's the devotional service, not the overindulgence that would mitigate lust entirely... Is that the right consideration?
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