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    a devotee should restrain from sex life as much possible marria-e life is alicense to have nice krsna conscious children

    sex life illicit or licit the result is miserablle prabhupadhas spiritual master used to say i would create 100 of children

    if they were krsna conscious so its not so easy specially in kaliyu-better to remain a brahmachari if possible if not possible marry and have nice krsna conscious children at50 vanaprasth and finally sannyas better for-et it and become more krsna conscious its only troublesome there are many hous holders who are very advanced in krsna conscious because they are absorbed in the preachin mission when we have ahi-er taste we -ive up the lower taste krsna conscious is all solution to all the problems din ki dhakni raath  khi bha-ni palak palak lahu chusee duniya sabh bhaura

    hoke -har -har bhah-ani -huse-  this is for nondevotees  

    hare krsna

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      Hare Krishna Prabhu,

      Srila Prabhupada has really simplified Krishna Consciousness and kept people focus on more important activities like Sankirtana which we need to focus back on.

      I am going to take time to answer your question so, hopefully, you understand that it is meaningless to have all that control on sex drive only to stay within the compound of the temple instead of following the 1st Instruction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Sankirtana, Street Chanting of the Holy Names.

      Please forgive me if I offended you Padmakar Reddy Prabhu or anyone.

      We all have to understand our shortcomings. Even Bhima, could not control his hunger and couldnt keep the Ekadasis (He keeps only one Ekadasi).

      As far as I know, I heard Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada say, "We are not saying NO SEX"... "NO ILLICIT SEX"...."What is the problem?"

      Having sex with your wedded wife is not Illicit Sex. Period.

      Having Ojas Shakti, will it make you a better devotee or following the instuction of Mahaprabhu, and you perform Sankirtana/Harinam every day, (yes even by yourself)?


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      'Sex' and 'devotee' these two objects r poles apart and dey represent d opposite sides of d spectrum. If one is truly a devotee, why should he desire sex, and if he desires, it should only be for begetting a good Krishna conscious children. But 'sex' should not be an addiction or more clearly, for sense-gratification. If it comes to the question of generation, sex is a necessity, apart from dis, it has got no room for itself in a 'true' devotee's life. Dey should lead their child in d path of Krishna consciousness. If dey r demselves not conscious of divinty which discourages sex, how can dey make impart Krishna consciousness to deir child??  And if dey can't do so, how can dey be devotees?? Dey r ignorants, dey will b equated with d common mass of humanity, groping in darkness, and an ignorant can't be a devotee.
  • Hare krsna!
    Very nice thread and great replies. thanks a ton for ebook link .
  • Hari Bol dear devotees,

    For clarity and solutions regarding Grastha life, I, my humble self, would suggest to read the Grastha manual available as free downloadable ebook on this website.

    Check it, its great.

    Hare Krishna

    • Listening to Hare Krishna Chants Helps a lot..
      Try listening for 2-3 hours, even if you may feel asleep, agitation will definitely fade away.
  • Hare Krsna.

    I am 53 years old. Before coming to this philosophy I was married for 14 years to a man who requested and lived a celibate marriage. Together he and I had 2 children, and we had sex act one time for the first child, and one time for the second child. I was also celibate by choice during my life when I was single before meeting him. I lived with christian nuns as a teenager, and the sister who raised me is still a friend of mine, like a mother to me, and we stay in communication. She is now in her 80's and has been celibate her entire life. Years ago she was engaged to a very nice man and about to be married, when she decided instead to become a nun. She has never had sexual act.

    In recent years, I have been inside the homes of devotee couples who are married. When it is possible, I have seen their separate bedrooms on different floors of the house: the husband's bedroom is on second floor, the wife's bedroom is on the first floor. When it is a one-story house, I have seen the husband's bedroom at the back of the house, and the wife's bedroom toward the front of the house.

    I understand not everyone or every couple does this. But it is possible.

    This is why I am confused when I come to this movement and I am told (1) that as a woman I must be with a man, and (2) my service to that man includes cooperating with his sexual needs ------- yet at the same time (3) there is an instruction of no illicit sexual acts.
    • I have seen so many post on this, everyone is asking for self control and that's valid for a devote. but whats is asked if her husband is not a devote. so please read the question first before expressing your expert advise. Hope you understand my point.

      your servant
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        you need to be available to your husband. thats the duty of a wife. hope you can understand.

        you keep feeding him prasadam and have him hear you chant Maha mantra and he will come around.



  • Hare krishan and Pranam to all of dear devotees !
    This is abolutly true that it is very difficult to control ourselves after marriage. But is not impossible. we may be also "Brahamchari" after marriage. How ? Only of control ourselves. In Geeta there is written that after marriage a man can sex only to produce a devotee child. Sex is not the only thing for joy. We must live our life to control overselves. Because by Geeta God Krishan gives this human birth only for self realisation and only for service to lord krishan so that we can get goodhead or Baikunth. We have to not fell down. If we fell down we have to go to fallen births like dog cat and pig. After 8.4 millions of births god krishan give us this human birth. we do sex that time also but now we have sense and we know what is right or wrong ? Now we are not animals so we led out life in the service of lord.
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