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In today's world a lot of people we all know are focussing towards jyotish, pandits, tarrot cards, vastu shastra solve the problems they might have. They get into remedies wearing different stones in different fingers and a lot more. How far such things help in order to get success in all.

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    All things are good only to the extent that they help us in growing in our relationship with Lord Krishna.

    Demigods give you what you want. If you want material things, they give you material things.

    If you ask for devotion to Krishna, then, thats what they grant you.

    Lord Surya is a great devotee of Krishna.

    Lord Krishna said to Arjuna that He had given this knowledge to Surya.



  • As far as I understand Srila Prabhupada mentioned astrology as useful for devotees in relation to marriages. 
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    Once when responding to a question about such things (astrology, palmistry, etc.) Srila Prabhupada said that when one stands in front of the Deities in the temple and claps their hands even once, all the lines in the palm change.
    • Srila Prabhupada has said that there is no need for devotees to consult Astrologers. All of this is within the realm of the Material Energy, Krsnas inferior, external energy.. When srila Prabhupada was sick and preparing to depart his disciples would suggest to consult Astrologers and he agreed to please them as he understood that we didnot want him to leave, but he was never guided by such advice as he is always guided by the Supersoul. One should take shelter of the Lord by chanting and service under the giudance of the Acarya, Srila Prabhupada. There is no need of ant other shelter or guidance. Krsna protects His devotees and promises to maintain their necessities and provides what they lack in the business of advanceing in Devotional Service.. Ma Sucha dose not mean fearless. It means My dear one. One becomes dear to Krsna when one has taken shelter of Him, surrendered to Him.. 'Abhaya Caranaravindure" means that His lotus feet give shelter from all fear.. So the remedy to our material situations is to take shelter of the lotus feet wheer we become fearless. Those Lotus feet, Visnupada, or Prabhupada are the bona fide Spiritual matersw who is the manifestation of the Lord's Mercy and Compassion. Astrologers, Vastu etc are all aspects of the material Phenomena and cannot deliver us from the Clutches of illusion. Astrology may be used to determin the favourable or unfavourable influences in our pursuit of material goals. Ther is no spiritual wisdom or guidance to be gained there. One Astrologer, the one whom Srila Prabhupada,s servants consulted before he depated, told me that he could look into my past and determine many things about my present and future through th Eye of Knowledge, "Veda Chaksus" as astrology is known, but since I had taken to this "Naam Yajna" the chanting of the holy Names, there were now influences working bwhich were beyond his calculation, The internal superior Energy of the Lord..... Just Take shelter and Guidance from srila Prabhupada directly from his books and recorded Vani.. Have firm faith that you will recieve the mercy of the Lord and that the lord will give you full Protection... Hare krsna all Glories to His Divine Grace srila Prabhupada...
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        That's a really excellent post, Tanumadhya Prabhu and Jayasri Radha describes very nicely how Krishna will give us what we need to nicely serve Him or even sometimes take things away to facilitate our service.

        I can only add that sometimes it seems as if a devotee has an extremely hard situation or may apparently suffer a great deal. That's because the pain and difficulty that might have been experienced throughout the course of many lifetimes may need to be concentrated into this one life before we go back home, back to Godhead.
  • Hare Krishna Shaloo ! " How far such things help in order to get success in all." It depends on what is your definition of success. If you presume success to be - Having good wealth, "bhara-pura Pariwar" with children, elders, cars, bungalows, bank balance, "aisho-aaraam" ---- then definitely these things like Jyotish, pandits, tarrot cards, vaatu shastra will help you tremendously.
    But on the other hand if you presume success to be - Having mental peace, God loving, Good moral character, Controller of your Five senses, and "Indriyas" controller of your "Mann" ----- then definitely these things cannot help you. You have to surrender to Krishna unconditionally. He will start from stripping you off from all your worldly materialistic belongings like money, property, family. If you have full mercy of Krishna, all these things happen very fast. Like a good caring parent, Krishna takes you slowly but steadily back to himself. You have to pass a test examination at the stage when you are stripped off your belongings i.e. money, property, family - By remaining surrendered to Krishna. Once you pass this examination, there is no looking back. He will take you to the REAL SUCCESS.
    • Kindly forgive me, but I do know many very nice devotees who have wealth and nice husband or wife, wonderful children or so many other things, but they use them all in the service of the Lord.
      SOmetime it is considerd that Krishna will give an advanced devotee opulences.
      Sometimes Kirhsna takes away to give one more faith and sometimes He gives someone some oppulences if He feels that person can handle that and use those things in His service.
      Sometimes one may have poor health in the beginning of thier Krishna Consciousness and after many years, their health is much better.
      Sometimes one may be poor for many years as a devotee and then later they acumulate wealth somehow. But we can consider it is Krishnas mercy either way.
      Sometimes it is considered more His mercy upon one if He takes away, and sometimes it is considered more if He gives. Krishna knows what is best for ones devotional servic.)
      Thank you.
      Hare Krishna.
    • thank you very much mahesh prabhu for ur instruction.
      all glories to srilla prabhupada
  • hare krishna,
    complete surrender is high stage which we are trying to achieve
    but till we don't surrender completely we can take help of it as guidance (something like do your best leave the rest to krishna).
    for fixing marriages we can consult astrology.
    srilla prabhupada also consulted 3 astrologers when he was going on last world tour.
    srilla prabhupada senior disciple is vedic astrologer, please see website:
    iskcon have many temples builded while taking care of vaastu shastra.
    main thing is when we use our intellegence (astrology,vaasyu shastra,shortcuts etc) we gradually loose faith in krishna.therefore it is recommended to take sheltor of holy name.
    stones affect definately but remember everything we associate it affects us may be stone or person then what to speak of krishna, when we concect ourself to krishna initially we may not like but gradually we w'll be very happy compare to materialistic person.
    Success is very relative keeps changing in material world , i can assure u 100% no can be happy in all it is an illusion.
    in my personal life i did try all and concluded we can't change destiny as we want.
  • Hare Krishan radhe rani ji
    I suddenly entred in this discussion so do not mind. Here is my openion about your question. If eny body wear a NEELAM Stone In his finger. Or the second person chant 101 times for a mala of 108 MAnkAS. What Happens? The second person who chans that get more and more benefit in his life. I have Felt this in my life. Lord krishan gives my everything to me.
    So Donot worry Chant or be Happy. Hare Krishan................................................
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