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    Hello Bhaktini Roshni,

    His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada has written in the Srimad Bhagavatam 3rd canto why controlling what you

    eat is extremely important.


    One who can control the tongue can also have control over theother senses.

    One cannot allow the tongue to take all kinds of forbidden food and drink and at the same time advance in the practiceof yoga.


    The impersonalists undergo severe penances and austerities toattain mukti, but the bhakta, simply by engaging himself in the bhakti
    process, especially in chanting Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna,
    Hare Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare

    Hare, immediately develops control over the tongue by engaging it in chanting, andaccepting the remnants of foodstuff offered to the Personality of
    Godhead. As soon as the tongue is controlled, naturally
    other senses are controlled automatically.


    One should not be gluttonous to satisfy the tongue. Grains, fruits, milk and similar
    foods are allotted for human consumption. One should not be excessively
    eager to satisfy the tongue and eat that which is not meant for humanity.
    His position is to accept the remnants of those foodstuffs. Innocent foods like grains, vegetables, fruits, flowers and milk preparations are offered to the Lord, and therefore there is no scope for offering foods which are in the modes of passion and ignorance.


    When one eats nicely, his belly is satisfied, and as soon as the belly is satisfied the genitals become strong. Especially when a man is accustomed to eating meat and drinking wine and similar passionate things, he certainly becomes sexually inclined.


    So tongue, belly and genitals are closely linked. Non veg food will make you more passionate and may lead to illicit sex and other terrible consequences both for you and for society. Keep this in mind when you feel the urge to eat non veg. There is a lot of delicious veg dishes that can help to forget non veg.


    Hari Bol

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    Here's the Higher Taste cookbook

    Higher Taste
  • Hare Krsna

    I feel weak in answering because I do not know all the answers. But I can share what I have been told.

    Many foodstuffs that we might eat involve the injury or killing of the bodies of other entities. I don't know which do not, maybe salt like that, but maybe individuals are killed in the processing of these too, I don't know. To eat vegetables also involves injury and killing. We then are due reaction for our participation in the killing.

    Everything we do should be for Krishna, preparation of foodstuffs should be with thought of preparing for Krishna in our minds. We should offer the food to Krishna, and only take for ourselves after the food has been offered. By taking the remnants, we do not have to suffer the reaction.

    So only we will eat, or take for ourselves, what has been first offered to the Lord. We then have to find out what the Lord will accept, what He wants.

    When we are trying to love and serve someone, we find out what they like, what they want, what they will accept.

    The Lord tells in Bhagavad Gita what He will accept. And there are other instructions, in Bhagavad Gita and other literatures concerning foodstuffs what can be offered and what cannot.

    We don't offer (or then eat) meat items from any kind of animals, or birds, or fish. I was told eggs are flesh product also, which might be fertilized and contain living entity, and when not fertilized are considered unpleasant menstruation product of a chicken.

    There is also much information on health problems connected to consumption of meat products: heart disease, strokes, heart attacks. There is strong connection of eating meat products and clogging of arteries, and cancer, and even connection with hormones and antibiotics given the animals and health problems with the people who then eat the meat. It can be shown that even though people can eat meat if they chose, that we are not physically designed, even our digestive systems and teeth, to be carnivores.

    The fat content of meat products is very high. I was told that even lean meat contains much fat. I was also taught that is it pretty much similar, even if chicken or fish, "white meat" etc. It has unwanted high calories. It harms our circulatory systems and the calories put excess fat on our bodies.

    The industry that provides the meat brings incredible suffering to tremendous numbers of animals. There is much pollution to the earth, to waters and the air and atmosphere from the waste products from keeping large numbers of animals for slaughter. Much more land is used to grow the foodstuffs for the animals that will be used for meat, where the same could be used to feed many more people if not used to feed the animals intended for slaughter. There are many videos and films available that prove and witness many horrible conditions and very bad violence to the animals, who are kept many times dirty and without decent conditions during their lives, and cruelly killed without regard for their suffering. I was told even the shock of their suffering from injuries and death is in the cells of their bodies and passed to the ones who eat the meat.

    Directions are given for what human beings should eat. Meat is given to tigers and some animals to eat. It is not what we should eat.

    *** I was reading this, and think maybe it is too harshly worded.
    It is just me, but I think intention is important. To want to give up meat is good, and to give up some, or at some times is very good. Any step in the direction of giving up meat products is good.
    • Dear Anirudh

      Very informative mail .Actually we know all these but we tend to forget as we engage in other activities....This sense of taste has to be controlled either by chanting or deleiberatly it will get controlled .Many people are not aware of krishna consciounes and veggie diet but is gaining recognition all over the world .


    • Dear Carol
      Hare krishna

      No it sactually not harsh but reality an dvery few people know it .it good that we having this fruitful discussion as i think many people are not getting a proper way on thi s.
      Anyways tahnks a lot for your participation on this .


    • thank you anirudh prabhu

      jai srilla prabhupada
    • As the Western Culture is acustomed to eating all types of meat,foul,fish etc. It's hard to accpet something tht is different.Although going strict veggie takes time to adjust.And i'm sure that Krishna would not look upon anyone even such as myself who's new to KC would be upset... I cannot begin to explain the reasons of why it's hard for me to go totally veggie. Let's just say it's personal and tht will change very soon
      • Volunteer
        Even the Pandavas were killing animals during their exile. That's why they had to go to hell.
        • Hare krishna,
          prabhu please mention in detail.
          as i understand pandavas never went to was illusion arranged by demigod (i don't know exactly but i think it was indra) to test maharaj yudhistir.pandavas are eternal associates of krishnas past times.there were direct involvement of krishna in their life.
          if this is the case then so many iskcon devotees who used to eat non veg should go to reality devotional service burns all KARMA.
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