Question about Animals of Devotees

Please Accept My Humble Obeisances.All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and Devotees Everywhere.I have two dogs that live inside my home, and they are constantly surrounded by Sri Krishna's images. Not only are they surrounded by images of Sri Krishna, but they also hear chanting of the Holy Name and sweet bhajans sung by Srila Prabhupada Himself!So my question is, are these fortunate animals going to take birth again? Or shall they return Home to Godhead?I apologize in advance if I am committing an offense by asking such a question.Your Servant,Shivam

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  • Volunteer
    Well if they become pure devotees and reach the spiritual sky then their animals will go home too if they want to take them.   Hare Krsna
    • The Holy Name is Very merciful.

      I wonder if these dogs are dogs of the Dham?
      Especially the female dog. She even stretches herself out infront of the image of Sri Sri Radha Krsna. When she does this, it looks as if she is giving full pranam to the Divine Couple.
      • Thanks all. I think I will keep on chanting Hare Krishna.

        • Thank You for Your great reply and Thank You to Jagadatma Das Prabhuji.

  • I have 2 cats that live inside my home. I am interested in finding out the correct answer to this question too.

    Thanks for asking this question. My quess (and this is only a quess) is that our animals will take a human birth in their next life.

    • Volunteer
      Hare Krsna Dear devotees ,   yes the animals a devotee cares for are deffinatly benefitted.    The chanting is especially beneficial and of course some prasadam.   But you should not become so attached to your dogs and cats.  Please try to see the spirit souls and not just a cuddly freind in the form of a pet.   I would not want to die thinling of my pet.      See the spirit souls and give all yout heart to Krsna.
      • Volunteer
        Hare Krsna Romit there is many dogs it is said who can chant.   They are not ordinary dogs.   They are called the dogs of the dham.     So why not cats  also?    Just because I only know about the ordinary dogs does not mean all dogs are like that.  
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