Hare Krishna!Kindly let me know,how as a student I can faithfully observe Nirjala Ekadashi.....About which I have read so much.......and so will appreciate fellow devotees toHelp a fallen soul like me.....to earn the merits .....which this greatest Bhimseni EkadashiCan bestow....... To help me in Bhakti......All glories to Srila Prabhupada.......and Sri Vaishnavas!Hari Bol!

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          • thank u mataj for the link...:)


  • Hare Krishna Devotees, dandavat

    PAMHO,We may also try to read our shastras like SrimadBhagvatam and or SrimadBhagvat Gita/ Sri Prabhupad'books as much as possible so as to keep us busy. We should try to think about Sri Krishna pastimes beside doing much more japa.

    Hare Krishna.

    • I always make sure that I have that night off from my job. I find it extremely difficult to have no food and no water. But I do it even though it makes me angry that I cannot eat or drink anything. I sometimes get headaches when doing this Ekadasi. I usually just stay home because fasting makes me irritable and I don't want to be offensive to other people. My best friend lives in California. She is not a devotee. But she always follows all Ekadasi's and she also does this one too every year.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    To observe Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi, which falls on 9th June, Monday this year, its better to prepare one day in advance. Pls do not have heavy food the day before. The whole day - no urad dal wadas, or rajma or chole. The night before, better to eat very light and by latest 8.00 pm. Drink water in the night. From morning till next morning, fasting from water also.

    One can take multiple baths inthe day. One should attempt to chant 64 rounds of maha mantra that day. Atleast increase the number of rounds beyond your committed number of rounds.

    In the morning, its a good idea to pray to their lordships that you want to observe the ekadasi nirjal, so please help me God. I believe this prayer has a lot of power. We are no one to do anything. Without the sanction of the lord, not even a blade of grass can move, then how can we think WE are doing the ekadasi nirjal.

    By evening of 9th, or before you go to sleep, you have to take water on the palm of your hand , like anjali and drink that much water only. This is to ensure that you do not become puffed up that you have done the ekadasi completely without water (this is the process, I had read somewhere). I normally drink that anjali water just before going to bed so taht the craving for water is not there.

    The next day morning, ie. Tuesday, how you break the fast is extremely important. See the parana timing for your city. At that time, first start with drinking water. Then wait for about 10 min and take watermelon or sweet lime (either whole or juice). Then after 15-20 min, take other fruits. Then make a simple breakfast - milk, curd, chira (chipped rice), fruits, dry fruits and honey - mix them together and have. Then some regular light breakfast like idli or poha. Then you are set, whole day better to eat light food. Its possible that immediately on eating, you will feel very weak. Lie down for some time. And continue what I have written above.

    Basically, you have to restart the system you shut down on Monday.

    Best of luck,

    Take care,


    Your servant,


    • Hare Krishna Devotees,

       I had always struggled to do ekadasi's fully. Generally I atleast take 1 to 2cups of potato/water during ekadasis. Yesterday as mataji suggested I just decided to pray to Lord Sri Krishna to help me through. This made a big difference and basically He carried me through entire night/day nirjala with chanting ,books ,kirtan / engagements . Only at night during sleep did I start feeling 'hungry'.  Barring that I could'nt chant 64 and a big mishap in the night, that was an amazing day yesterday.

      Also while reading Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata yesterday, I came across the following: (rather, saw this while I just started reading)

      The divine devotional bliss that Lord Nityananda showered on everyone without discrimination
      by His causeless mercy was the object of great value for very elevated yogis and sages. By His
      mercy, other miracles also came to be manifest. When a grown-up man as strong as an elephant
      has to fast for three days, he becomes weak. The children were fasting for a month, but now when
      they danced they seemed to have more energy and stamina than a lion. And although Lord
      Nityananda manifested such miraculous powers, no one could understand how everything was
      happening due to the illusory potency of the Lord, Sri Krishna Chaitanya.

      Thanks a lot mataji, your comment was very helpful.

      Only thing I personally can probably advise is not to work while following this great day.

      Hari Bol ! Jai Sri Nityananda!  Jai Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu!

      Sri Radhe Krishna ki jaya.

      Hare Krishna.

      • Volunteer

        my humble obeisances!

        We had Kirtan at the Temple from 10 to 10. That was amazing. Whole day we had even energy to dance.

        But of course after 10 it was difficult. So much thirst...

        So that time pranayama Shettali or cooling breath helped but still whole night it was impossible to sleep....

        So food makes us to sleep much. Here comes experience - if we eat lighter we can save our time from sleep.

        Your servant,  


        • Hare Krishna devotees!!! Glad to hear that devotees were able to make it to the Temple for this Nirjala Ekadashi.  I still have 2 hours and 3 minutes until it's over here in the USA. I have had to rest and take it easy but am grateful that it is almost finished. I haven't felt ill at all.

          • E-Counselor

            Hare KRsna,


            I got inspired by your posts and thought I should also share what we did.

            We had organised a 74 round chanting session in the temple in front of the deities. So we went to the temple for darshan arati and after bhagawatam class sat for chanting. I had completed 16 rounds by then. Anyways, the attendance was very poor - only 6 people were present. 3 of my family, 1 Temple President who had agreed to my proposal to chant, 1 friend of my mother in law and one more lady.

            Just before bhoga arati, 3 people came from our bhakti vriksha and said they have come to chant 64 rounds. One more person came in the evening. These people are not regular 16 rounders, still they were making effort to chant 64 rounds. That was great to see.

            Anyways, by the time I reached back home, it was 13 hours out of the house. Came back and cooked dinner prasadam for my mother in law (who had returned earlier) and then took bath and slept.

            Today morning was very difficult. Somehow did mangal arti. Then had water. Slowly started the system. I always find the next day more difficult than the nirjal ekadasi day.


            Your servant,


            • Hare Krishna Rashmi Prabhu

              WOW!!!  A 74 rount chanting session at your Temple!!!! That's wonderful. All of those many rounds and then you went home and cooked dinner prasadam for your mother in law too!!!! You are truly amazing!!!

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