Hare Krishna!Kindly let me know,how as a student I can faithfully observe Nirjala Ekadashi.....About which I have read so much.......and so will appreciate fellow devotees toHelp a fallen soul like me.....to earn the merits .....which this greatest Bhimseni EkadashiCan bestow....... To help me in Bhakti......All glories to Srila Prabhupada.......and Sri Vaishnavas!Hari Bol!

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  • My Temple is going to have activities for Nirjala Ekadasi. I would like to go to the Temple but I am afraid that I don't have the proper mood for going to the Temple.  Is it OK to go to the Temple when you are angry because you are both hungry and thirsty? Should I take a chance and go to the Temple or just play it safe and stay home?

    • hare krishna

      yes u shud visit temple  no need to stay there..

      what we have to do is just remember krishna more than other days, other ekadashies..   in a way suites individual

      we all obserce ekadashi for krishna... at any cost we must not engage ourself in any other way rather than hearing, chanting, remembering krishna...


      and definitely  no 1 will feel any problem  surely krishna will save us... 

       hare krishna

      ur servant 


      • Hare Krishna Rajnish

        Thanks for your comments. I am going to try to attend the Temple if I can.

        • Hare Krishna. I am reading the story about Nirjala Ekadasi and it is saying to give charity on this day. However, it also says to give charity the day after this Ekadasi. So I am confused, Which day is the very best to give charity, Nirjala Ekadasi or the day after this Ekadasi?

  • what to say abt nirjala ekadashi...... even in normal ekadashi, i generally end up vomiting the next mrng just after breaking fast (not always though). in my first nirjal ekadashi last yr..... i felt terrible next day continuous vomiting of only water, that day i decided no more nirjala ekadashi. 

    but this time thinking to perform nirjala ekadashi by asking mercy to lord, surrendering unto him and following as per rashmi mataj and bhaktin mataj told as i dint know all such tips also i observe ekadashi widout any knowledge of my parents,this is negative point. but i afraid that my office is little far and have to walk bit in scorching sun of delhi, what can be done if someone not staying at home but have to go office? 


    • Dear DEVOTEES, I think when you are in office & busy in work, time fly. This will be my 4th Nirjala ekadashi but 1st after retirement. Drink lot of liquid before sleep on 8th. Read & chant on 9th. Lord Krishna is watching your efforts & will definitely help you. Keep will power strong & firm faith. Hare Krishna.
    • better bunk office and serve nearby iskcon temple by chanting ................

    • Is there anyway you can request to have that day off from work? I have always requested this day off from work because there is no way I could do this Ekadasi and go to work too. It sounds like it would be extremely difficult to go to work on this day. Or can you pretend to be sick and call in sick on that day?

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