Practicing away from association.

Hare Krishna dear devotees. Humble obeisances. I am right now preparing for IAS which is a tough exam in India. I am unable to find time to meet anyone even on Sundays. Practically, I am in a situation where taking association is not possible. I do not meet even karmi people.In fact, I don't meet anyone. I sometimes..I feel lonely and I find it difficult to go on fighting with mind and senses. What to do in such a situation? How to maintain nice KC?

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  • Dear Shri Chirag & Devotees, Hare Krishna & dandavat


    I have read no of comments. There are lot of aspirants to join elite services. I just want to mention that in KC, each of our activity, before taking up, our only and only concern should be "if this will please Krishna?". And then we have to put all of our best resources, that's all. Whether you hold post of IAS or PM. Our prime concern is progress in KC because success is to please Krsna and knowledge to know Krsna.

    Hare Krsna,

    your servant

  • Read Srila Prabhupada's books more often. Chant as much as possible. This is holy association

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  • hare krsna to all devotees

    I am also facing with such kind problems.whenever I meet professional friends desire of completing my PG aises but as soon as I reach my home seeing our jagannath the same desire disappears and one of my family member suggest not do because as family is not dependent on me and there is no much it m becoming lazy in the name of k.c pls tel me

  • Hare krishna rishi pr...good to know the 3 of us are on the same boat.:)
    Now we have a very important reason to work very hard to become a bureaucrat.the reason being KC.we can make it a mission in our life to work on KC principals no matter what posts we get.

    Though its very hard to apply kc principals in bureaucracy.i am saying this because I have seen from very close how it functions.the reallity is very very different from what has so far been projected about the bureaucrats to the outside world.

    Having said that I strongly believe things can really be changed if one is determined..if one is brabe and if one is not willing to give up no matter what he has to suffer.

    The thing is one should be very practical about how to bring change.we should be as shrewd as those who are misusing the system.for example,ashok khemka of haryana cadre.i mean he has made a fool of himself if you ask me.i agree that he is honest but what use his honesty has beenwas he able to change anythinh? the idea is to be brave and honest but also be smart and shrewd.

    We need to give the vultures of our bureaucracy and politics a dose of their own medicine.
  • Please accept my obeisanses. You should consider that passion leads to suffering. You should tolerate it and transcend it. The KC person doenst suffer when the body suffers. I would not know if putting SP mahamantra on background is a good idea becouse if you are studying you will probably be distracted from hearing and surrendering throgh japa. If you are, i recomend you dont do it becouse inattentiveness is an offence to the Lord.
    All glories to the Divine Couple,
    your servant
    Krishna Das
  • SI wrote ITES by mistake.a typo.i meant IDES
  • I am also preparing for CSE.this year also i got through but the rank that i secured was too low to get IAS or IPS.I was getting getting i decided to give myself one more chance.
    You are very right when you said you get absolutely no time to associate..but then Chirag ji,this is the price we pay for the life we choose or try to choose

    Chanting and pranayama helps me a lot to concentrate and focus.

    All the very best to yo.Hope both of us achieve our dreams.
  • Sevak

    Hk Chirag Pr

    Having known you personally for a few years and having seen your abilities, I can say IAS is simply nothing for a person of your stature. All the best for your exam pr

    YS Bharat

    • Just think sir,the people of yr class and stature practising kc r needed in top positions of society..that's like being a soldier of krishna when people would see a person like u being a honest krishna bhakt IAS their deliberate and wrong assumption that this bhakti is only for escapers will is really needed the bhagwadgita and mahabharat indicates that when people of sattva nature try to drift away from society's problems then the tamasic natured one rule the place

  • Volunteer

    You may also attend Mangala Arati and chanting or even Srimad Bhagavatam at

    Temple online.

    When i was alone i used to do that.

    Also reading Srimad Bhagavatam and leading a diary of prayers.

    Nicely, Rashmi Mataji is saying. When You get Your degree it will surely help You in the service of Krishna. So please continue Your fight Prabhu with nice enthusiasm!

    Your servant,

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