Origin of Vedas

How, where and when did Vedic knowledge originate ?Was it always present within the universe?How was it ‘lost’ ? Why isn’t the rest of the world following Vedic knowledge and infact most haven’t even heard of it.?Thank you Nick

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  • Thank you for your questions, as the personification of tje conclusive & absolute truth(s) the true home of the Vadas are a good place to post them. In brief having been perswaided that We are more of a significance than we actually are we (materealy conditioned or contaminated Minds/Souls have oppted for a circumstance in-which we we do or can-have significant influences (falseEgo's) delusion & pride-. Incurrages this mind to reject the truth & (falsely-adopt the position of authority. I.e. Absolute & Unconditional renunciation of ego-gratification is diffacult to except for the mindsliving in this age/seasion of time. Like a watch-dog who loves to bark, if the owner puts a mussel on its mouth it will become very uncomfortable & un-happy! ? In the sameWay when Krishna is requiering us to addhear strictly to certin-restrictions & ''Selfless acts and attatueds, it is not at all' pleasing to this mind's way of thinking or behaving. Basicaly (KC) is a disciplinary progrsm & what mind likes disaplin? However, it is saied "all souls require LOVE so if they don't have the dissaplin to *earn Krishna's Association, it's an eazy path to turn elsewhere to placate that eternal -need. Devoties use to say-
    "Krishna is not Free, He's not even cheep" and that's because He cousts the Ego-driven mind it's self indulgences of "Lording over others with less, and or the flattering of indulging in self- aggrandizements such as I Me and mine. For this & these seemingly insignificant austarraties the mindes of the majority of mindes in this age are not immedeitly attracted to Krishna-Darma or Bhakti. (PP) said that Souls don't come tword serrender to God becaus we are SOo-Awspisus we come to Krishna Only after we have been otherWise exzosted of traying and repeatedly failing to become managers of What is exclusivly Hi's Krishna's, to understand and orchestrate." The Devotees therefore are no diffrent than others except in the maturity of their understandings.
    Delushinal False ego & false pride thes States of mind are why most don't attempt a path of true renunciation or unconditional surrender To The Head GOD! In brief
    The path of trying to Super-impose our will upon God's creations is "unnatural & un-rightchus path most followed. MIYA
  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    How, where and when did Vedic knowledge originate ?

    How - By Breathing of Karanodakasayi Visnhu

    Where - Within the material world specifically in Karana Ocean

    When - Beginning of creation

    At the time of creation, the Vedas are the first emanation from the breathing of Lord Mahā-Viṣṇu, and in personified form they serve Him by waking Him from His mystic sleep. ( Purport SB 10.87.12-13)

    Was it always present within the universe?

    It is always present even after destruction of universe or before creation of universe

    Śrī Sanandana replied: After the Supreme Lord withdrew the universe He had previously created, He lay for some time as if asleep, and all His energies rested dormant within Him. When the time came for the next creation, the personified Vedas awakened Him by chanting His glories, just as the poets serving a king approach him at dawn and awaken him by reciting his heroic deeds. (SB  10.87.12-13)

    How was it ‘lost’ ? Why isn’t the rest of the world following Vedic knowledge and infact most haven’t even heard of it.?
    It is is lost when people do not have qualification to learn, understand the knowledge.
    Hare Krsna
  • Hare Krsna, agtsp pamho

    Vedic knowledge was tramitted to Lord Brahma by Lord Narayana or Lord Vishnu at the beginning of creation. Lord Brahma is the creator and is the first living being of the universe. Then Lord Brahma taught what he had learnt to his sons and disciples. Narada Muni is one of them. He is the Acharya of devotional service ( bhakti).

    One instance of how the Vedic knowledge was safeguarded by Supreme Lord Himself. In Matsya avatar, Lord Krsna appeared in the form of a fish to save the Vedas. 


    If there is a threat of losing Lord Krsna appears in various avatars or He Himself descends to safeguard it.

    The age we are living in is Kali Yuga.

    Please read the description of Kali Yuga below 


    That's why not many people appreciate the Vedic knowledge. 

    Hare Krsna 


    SB 8.24: Matsya, the Lord's Fish Incarnation Srimad-Bhagavatam
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