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  • I urge you to understand even the highest level of psychic distress has been experienced by great Yogis and Bhaktas such as Guatama Buddha, Prabhupada, and Krishna Himself. These Personalities were not mentally ill, the only mental illness is not loving God. Those who need to be converted to Krishna Consciousnesses and haven't yet been, who have fallen into the material world are the ones who are mentally ill, and sadly modern psychiatric drugs only provide addiction and temporary sedation to any sort of disturbed mind, whether it be the hurt mind of a Yogi attacked by the world or of someone who is truly "mentally ill" and needs to begin a Spiritual Life. Modern psych wards are often like prisons and concentration camps, and the whole misunderstanding of modern psychology and psychiatry stems from the problem that it's system was developed separately from Spiritual Life, by the atheist plan makers of society, and the same goes with the troubling pharmaceutical drugs that go with it. I urge you to turn to chanting Hare Krishna non-stop and reading Prabhupada books daily, as well as associating with devotees, that way you know you are truly taking care of yourself. If you are already a victim of the modern mental health system, find a way to enter the Ashram system instead, and one of your instincts is right, if you are looking for a psychiatrist it had better be a loving devotee who can help and not someone who will harm you for money. God Bless you Prabhu, and never stop chanting. You are a Self-Realized Saint.

    • Sevak

      Hare Krsna 

      You are such a fool that you are saying great souls had psychic stress and you are calling a psychiatric seeker as a self realized saint. You are a bogus psuedo spiritialist and are trying to spread the poison of your mayavada here. Your mayavada is very obvious, it inverts everything. Get out !

      Hare Krsna

      • I love you. That is all I have to say.

        • Sevak

          Then quit

          • I'll quit suffering in this world if that's what you want, for I have done that for far too long and I am ready to go back to Godhead. I still have many things to do for God though, but this is my last life in this world. I urge you to do the same, Prabhupada has said that those that are intelligent will go back Home, back to Godhead after their current life in this world, and not later. You are a great devotee, so please continue living your life for Krishna and I am honored by your chanting. Hard Krishna Prabhu.

            • Sevak

              Hare Krsna 

              Just quit the discussions forum. You said prabhupada experienced psychic distress. You are an offender and mayavadi. Just quit this forum.

              Hare Krsna

              • I am not going to argue with you. God Bless you and keep chanting Hare Krishna.

  • hari bol

    I saw your question and did a quick google search and found this clinic in mumbai:

    its fysiotherapy and not psychiatrist but maybe they can help you, if not maybe the president of your local temple can help you as he should know the devotees visiting the temple and he might know one to be a psychiatrist.

    I can also reccomend the book of HG Suhotra Swami : trancendental personalism - vedic answers for the human situation. It touches upon the human psyche, the mind and maybe that helps to understand...

    your servant,

    Subhadra prema dd
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