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Since last so many years I am doing Japa. My hands move Beads properly. My lips and vocal cords utter the HK MM properly. My ears hear the HK MM. But still my mind moves here and there. I close my eyes - the mind orders my ears to be attentive to any voice. I do 60 rounds and it takes me about 6 Hrs. What does this imply. Why the mind is not hearing my soul's command. 
Let us discuss on the topic seriously.
I invite leading Acharyas for discussion and guidance.

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Once, Jotisekhara prabhu was chanting japa on his beads and he asked Srila Bhaktisiddanta saraswati takura how his
mind could be fixed on the name?
Srila Bhaktisiddanta saraswati takura said, "The name is full of all potencies.
He is God Himself, so utter loudly and hear simultaneously. If you actually
do that, chant and hear, then you will see how you will get the result. You
will experience. If you chant and actually hear, it will not take a long time
before you become Krsna conscious: `jei nama sei krsna bhaja nistha kari -
that name is Krsna. Worship the name with firm faith (from "One hundred
and eight names of Krsna" a Bengali poem by Dvija Haridas)"
And Srila Bhaktisiddanta saraswati Prabhupada said,

"I'm speaking, you are hearing, but there is a gap between us!"
(This statement gives us some hint of how a great Vaishnava preacher,
although moving amongst us, apparently as one of us, is always apart from
us. Srila Bhaktisiddanta saraswati had many disciples at different levels of spiritual advancement, all
committed to folowing him. Some were apparently advanced and intimate,
yet Srila Bhaktisiddanta PRABHUPADA himself knew of the great gap between himself and his followers. Even
his close associates could not catch up with him. Later, events showed that
almost all of his disciples had failed to grasp the essential purppose of his
mission.....However mahesh kumar gandhi prabhu...... for us prabhu there is also a gap....however through a genuine service attitude one can be one in least to our own humble capacity we can advance and be single purposed ! guru used to'' literally scream'' sometimes.he is still serving after 40 odd years...thankfully myself after thirty years.....however we must sublimely get the blessings of the vaisnavas who are blessed themselves.....!Your servant
Dandavat Pranam Yug Avtar Das Prabhu. Hari bol for increasing my knowledge "jei nama sei krsna bhaja nistha kari". My problem is I cannot chant loudly for 6to 10 Hrs. daily. My vocal cords fail me, no voice coming out after a few hours of Nama Japa. I can't scream like your Guruji because my throat gets choked and tears roll down my eyes. So I chant on lip movements only and I can clearly hear my Lord's name, but at the same time another channel of thoughts in response to what my eyes record and ears hear, and if both are closed then some past history scenes start rolling in my mind. Both the channels are going on simultaneously. Sometimes I envy other devotees who sing bhajans so beautifully, may be it is mercy of Lord Krsna on them. I can't do because of a curse on me, may be. What is the meaning of these both the channels running simultaneously in my mind ?
Chanting means praying or calling O Krishna O Hare O Rama Please engage me in your service. Whenever we get the opportunity we should render the service to devotees and Lord. By their blessings we get perfection to relish and perceive nama, Rupa, Quality, and pastimes of Lord. Then everything will be natural.

Everything depends on the mercy of the devotees and Lord.

what else we can do, simply begging for the mercy.
Hare Krihna Giridhari Shyam dasa prabhuji. Thank you for explaining on the topic. But my problem i different. It is not that I don't hear my Lord's name while chanting. Simultaneously in my mind are roaming logical explanations to what my eye see, logically try to understand the various sounds I hear in my surroundings, if both the eyes and ears are closed then mind rewinds some past history films and tries itself to engage in those thoughts of history, but all the while Chanting is going on in the playback background. I want to know what does this mean, two channels going simultaneously in the mind ?
Your mind is simply free fall prabhu,you need to use a certain amount of ''loud aggressive chanting'',as your mind needs to be'' beaten with shoes''...the holy names at serious volume is the only answer!Young passionate men need strong association...also ''smashing the mind'' into submission!It is my humble experience that ''ferocious chanting '',does in fact do the trick!....Till all you hear is your own voice .My freind brighupati das,a prabhupada disciple and book distributor for 40 odd years was famous for it!....your servant!
Hare Krsna Prabhuji, Dandavat Pranam. I wonder what led you to write such words about my mind. I know you can not think bad about a devotee. Maybe you have got some other meaning from what I have written. This english language can not express oneself. It falls short of words and we have to use words which may have dual meanings, and may create a chaos, like in the present case. I love my mind, it is allowing me to chant HKMM the whole day. I do not need any Japa Mala to chant HKMM. Although I do Japa for 6to 10 Hrs. daily with Japa Mala. Rest of the day when I am not talking to anybody my mind automatiocally without my knowledge starts chanting HKMM. Such a beautiful obedient mind doesn't require beating by shoes. How can you say a devotee chanting HKMM the whole day in free fall ? I think you have done a hasty diagnosis of my problem. I disagree very humbly without any offense to you, "ferocious chanting only can liberate". It takes "Janmana, Janmana Anto ....... Jeeva is liberated from Bhautik Jagat. In your haste you have diagnosed wrongly that my mind is not my friend and so it has to be smashed into submision. For your information please Sir my mind is under total submission and that is the reason I can chant HKMM for such a long period and without any force. Even our Shrila Prabhupada had said that you cannot control your mind, but you can make it your friend and then it will work like a donkey, whatever tasks you give to your mind, it will complete them. May be you are right to some extent that ferocious chanting acts as a medicine to tame your mind in the initial stages, but what is the use of it when it is already acting as my soul desires, that is by mercy of my Lord Krsna. I am sorry to say you got a wrong diagnosis. Please read carefully my problem : My mind allows me chanting freely and for as much time as I desire, but at the same time it does not stop reaching out to various places. I wish to know the meaning of this why it is happening like that. I have no fight with my mind. My mind is my best friend and it helps in making right decisions.
Your mind alone can not lead you to Krishna consciousness, as the mind is of the body-it is subtle matter, not spirit.

Because your inner self has been revealed by the mercy of the devotees and Krishna, your consciousness or your “self” is constantly chanting Hare Krishna- because your natural love for Krishna, you want to constantly chant. God Bless you to have such an attachment to his holy name!

Although your mind is submissive to your request to chant Hare Krishna- it also wants to wonder off- perhaps there are some attachment imprinted on your subtle body (millions of lifetimes can do that to you!)? Just like a child might agree to go to church- but they just can’t sit still!

When your mind travels to other places, what memories does it like to travel too?

Remember, the mind is always restless, and sometimes you just have to stop paying attention to it or really train your mind to stay focused (easier said then done). At the end of the day, your body/ soul is becoming completely purified by your constant chanting, so just keep it up and pray that the focus can stay at Krishna’s Lotus feet- and not at the sounds/visions/ memories around you.

This same thing always happens to me- although I can’t chant for 10 hours -only 16 rounds. Good bless and I pray that I can have some of your mercy.
Hare Krishna Denisse Jonsson! We both and probably many others are in the same boat. It seems the phenomena is a natural occurance and it is not a problem.
On my analysis I find an answer to it that : At present my mind wants to engage 50% in materialist world, and at the same time remain Krishna Conscious 50%. And this is why my mind is going in the materialist thoughts. As soon as I leave this material world and become fully Krishna Conscious, I hope these other thoughts may vanish. It is apparent that my soul itself is allowing my mind to think of other thoughts. My oul is not in a completely liberated condition. It still has attachments to this materialistic world because of so many previous lives.
Thankyou for devoting your time for my discussion. You have correctly diagnosed my problem. But solution is to be found.
KC is a gradual process. When we associate with devotees, our mind associated with the spiritual enviorment created by devotees and we check ourselves in midst of devotees. We too want to love Krsna the way they do. And we start acting like them initially, gradually our love for the holy name develops. Just as sugarcane juice is the remedy for jaundice, even though a jaundice person may find the juice bitter, gradually he would feel the sweetness.
A child going to church initially may try to adjust to distract himself from the preaching initially cause he doesnt find it gratifying his senses, he is not used to it, but then when he really starts developing intrest in the preaching, he adjusts himself to increase his concentration to the preaching, thats what we need, to do. Do everything in service of Krsna,by understanding and offering him service more and more. Krsna will develop that love in us , as Krsna reciprocates as we surrender.
It definitely sounds to me like you're ready to go out and chant in public.

Absolutely agree with Sarvopama Dasa Prabhu. When you chant in public, very loudly, you will have 10 times less disturbance in your mind.

What ever it takes, push yourself to get out there and perform Sankirtana.

Because that is the instruction of Acharyas and Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Hari Bol.

I think Bhakti Vinod Thakore said that we must beat our mind with a fitting shoe. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Please don't take personal. Perhaps your mind is really co-operative and only needs a soft shoe.. :)

Can someone explain if Bhakti Vinod Thakore meant literally? beat your mind/head with a shoe to fit?

Hare Krishna


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