• The system of the past no longer applies in the times now. In every new age modifications have to be made to harmonize ones life with the changes in the present era. In the past the brahmanas were the ones who took up brahmacharin lifestyles because they were provided with sustainable living by the rest of society. You don't really hear of the other castes renouncing works, but were taught that through unselfishly doing the work one is stationed in that they would attain perfection. Even kings had taken up sannayas at later stages in life when they had completed there duties. Now in these times there r some that can take up such a lifestyle of non-marriage and live entirely for spiritual principals provided that one has some means of sustainability in some form or another, but this cannot be so for everyone, that is simply absurd. Most people out of fear try to renounce works thinking they will simply lose the chance to attain the goal of life and this is also another absurdity, as the Lord insures that one whom fufills ones station in life offering the fruits of works is qualified for perfection. Another point I would like to stress is if all the spiritual men were not to get married then how can spiritual sons/daughters be born? I am greatful to my parents for having been married or else I would not be born with such love for spirituality, instead we need more spiritual children in this world now than ever before. And spiritual people need to take up higher positions in life aswell as they will be the changing force of the future which will establish harmony, the godly people have to out of compassion for the rest of society establish honorable, healthy, spiritual living conditions so that God can once again flourish. It is seen that the corrupt people r running the show and this is due to goodness giving up the fight. One cant always depend on God to comedown and establish Dharma, man has to become an instrument aswell and sacrifice his life to the best of his ability to help humanity rise above injustice and disharmony.  

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    I have no business to blaspheme you, Ass is common term used for all the karmi people who works for sense gratification not just labourer okie? And regarding the reply of your statement I don't see any valid meaning of your statements. Because you told not all people work till night, we must also know that most of the people don't work in Govt offices like previous generation, Go and ask any MNC guy when they leave office, and to reach home they also have to take to public transports , which is big mess now days. Go and ask to practical people. And outside garbage means food cooked in resturant not raw vegetables, and another thing don't think that people donating thats why temple are running by their mercy, it is Krishna's arrangement that this people are enaged in service through their money, else they would be serving maya with that money. And for woman concern wasn't their woman to help them in old ages also, was there so called gynacologists at that time? Didn't they give birth of child at those times?

    It is true Britishers destroyed Vedic culture, but aren't we Indians are responsible of not following our heritage culture? aren't we adopted western lifestyle ?

    And you talking about mediclaim, these is recent phenomenon created by medical company to fuel the fear of insecurity in people in general. Was their mediclaim 50 yrs ago, wasn't lifespan was quite long previously in comparison to todays age . People use to cross at least 70-75 even 20 yrs back, but now the average is 55. Isn't the reason is lifestyle?

    And don't think destiny can't be changed, everyone is born with some karma but it is changeable. And everything is learned by practising only , it is not that what everyone is born with they will do the same thing whole life

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    Siddhrtha Prabhu, tell me One thing if child is a major problem then where is the question of marriage coming. And who said people who work in MNC not work like ass, go ask any software engineer work in a US MNC , check their view and correct yourself and for ur Info I am one of among them , I am saying all this with deep experience of 3 yrs working with a well known major US IT firm

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    No mood to fight with you sir, it spoils devotion. Lets stop it here .We can't correct ourself in this forum just with counter arguments better to follow scriptures. It is Kali-yuga thats why spiritual solution is given for material problems, if you try to solve material problem with material solution , it will never be effective.

  • Hare Krishna Siddhartha prabhuji.

    Whatever concerns you have are absolutely genuine.

    I would like to just give my personal opinion here(based on kalyug scenarious) to woman's who are interested in working or to men's who  want their woman  to work.

    -> A woman should never be forced to work if she doesn't want to. A Women will never deny to work if family condition is really bad and pathetic and needs her help or during initial stage of married life when one wants to settle decently.

    -> The vedic rules and injunctions should be followed based on your circumstances. I don't believe that there are any rigid rules that women are not allowed to work.

    examples. gopi's selling butter in vrindavan., The lady selling mangoes  in vrindavan from whom Lord Krishna took some mangoes; The maid servants of queens and princesses. ;The bharatnatyam dancers for kings.

    -> A woman who believes in spiritualism/devotional service to Lord should not waste her time in engaging herself in earning more money if they have sufficient enough ( as per basic necessity in kalyug :A house to live without worrying of paying rent all the time,good food to eat(including fruits which are really expensive),decent clothes to wear ).

    -> If a woman who doesn't have any interest in spiritualism or devotional service and is fully engrossed in materialism then what's the point of such women wasting her husbands money sitting at home and playing kitty and watching T.V. she would rather go out work more and at least satisfy her desire of having more jewelery and branded clothes. In such case why would only men earn?.

    -> The priority for a married woman should be her kids then work. To give sufficient time to kids is absolutely necessary. If she works till late night , the kids are neglected. You end up regretting later. Avoid that pain.

    -> The best thing for devotee woman who are desirous of working would be work for couple of years but not like ass, satisfy your thirst of working and then  after the child birth , quit the work and enjoy your time with kids and service to Lord Krishna.

    Hope that helps

    Hare Krishna

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    Hare Krishna

    Dear Siddhartha prabhuji, There are several counter argument I can give to all your statements, But what is the use of that, You don't want to accept the things as it is stated in scriptures rather you argu on basis of your seeing things in material way , and counter argue just for argument wining purpose and for justification of statement which you perceive and think as only right. What is the use of saying right things to you when you are in no mood to see this in proper perspective. We conveyed what should be ideal according to scripture, but you always comes with what you perceive with limited human perception capacity.

    Aniruddha Prabhuji.

    Why not you take the statement of Alka Mataji rather than making misinterpereted meaning out of things. No one is stopping here a woman from work outside, we e just saying its not according to scriptures . And it can be quoted from several vedic scriptures. What is the use of making havoc out of it? But you words shows that you care a least about such injunction.

    • So now u have hurt three,siddhartha pr ji and that mataji calling them with " limited human perception capacity"..Great Job..Hari bol

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        the sentence is  "limited Human perception capacity ". And not only yours, mine or others rather All human perception capacity and my sentence is inline with scriptures . See below regarding for defects of human

        1. they are illusioned

        2. propensity to cheat

        3. imperfected senses

        4. commiting mistakes.

        Again you are making wrong meaning out of things , which shows your purpose. Please avoid personal attack .


  • HK ...I fully agree with u siddhartha prabhu ji..u r dead right..infact one mataji was deeply hurt when she read wrong things told abt women working..she was so hurt n depressed that she said she will never come on this site...she has her aspirations to work n dream to do big service...

  • harE krishnA !! my humble pranAms to krishnA and bhakthAs,

    The vedic system encouraged woman to be the grih-lakshmi (the lakshmi of household, management of home affairs) and the husband to be the bread-winner. Woman has great qualities that help instill dharmic values in growing children, helping the husband discharge his grihastashrama duties with whatever means we have. However, in kali yugA, especially in India, several middle-class families are forced to have woman work to run the family. For rich people, woman working is a social status, from poor families woman don't get much opportunities due to their illiteracy or ignorance of modern world. However, people below poverty-lines or if they belong to backward communities(per government classification of caste) they get immense support from the government. The rich on the other hand don't have to depend on government support. It is only the middle-class who are "taxed" to the maximum leaving less for the family to have a decent living and the situation is very worse when their is only a single bread-winner.

    So we have to accomodate the new situation but yet think of how not to leave krishna-consciousness. So whatever time the family gets together, they should plan to spend in prayers, temple visits/service and having meaningful sensual enjoyment (spiritual kirtans, programmes etc.) that doesn't cost money or pollutes one's spiritual lives.

    We have to trust Krishna on this. He will then open doors of solution when there comes a gate of problems. Surrendering to Krishna earnestly and seeking a solution is the best remedy. If the family intentions are good, then Krishna will sure come to rescue (like he rescued Sudama's family).

    In loving service to krishna and bhakthAs,


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