Lost in Myself

All Glories to srilaprabhupad

why so much of suffering in my life,i lost my job,since frm last 3 motnhs im at home not doing anything i just do chat sometimes and visit temple on sundays and prerna festival,

But i have experienced the power of krishna its been great as long as im chatting the holy name and visiting temple,

But I have one serious problem i have tried many ways to come out frm this situation, i Cant Control my LUST,it ruins Everything,it makes me feel guilty, bcoz of this i miss chatting and my mind get depressed and i go beyond it out of track depression,Wen im in such state i feel like to commit sucide,and i feel that krishna is that harsh for his devoties that make them thinks to do sucide,

Im enable to concentrate on my works,bcoz of this IN and OUT Situation i lost in Interest to Live the life, Im the backbone for my Parents,WHY KRISHNA IS THAT HARSH FOR HIS OWN DEVOTIES,I Just Wanna live simple Life were i can earn some for my family to support my parents and serve more to lord krishna,but i tried very way out i feel like i have that spiritual soul but not the balance mind.

Plz do give me some pratical tips to deal with such situation wer i continue to serve krishna and balance my life

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          • Even if everybody is a sinner before God,it doesn't give liberty to anyone to perform sinful activity.If rules have 0 worth in front of God then why does God speak of varnashram system in the first place?

            Asur prabhu i think the problem lies in what philosophy do u really adhere to..

            You are always talking of "Advaitavada" and i must tell u that this forum is based more on "dvaita" philosophy.The small tinge of "advaita" in gaudiya vaishnava philosophy is just this---Soul and Krishna are qualitatively the same.

            In the last paragraph your statement all in God and God in all speaks volumes of your opinion.I also must state here that God is not understood according to whatever one fancies but by guru,sadhu and shastra.Now what does this statement of yours mean"truth may be existential or not!!!".Truth is always existential only. 

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        Hare Krsna Asur Prabhu,


        Have you ever visited Shri Dham Mayapur? There is a cerain HG Jananivas Prabhuji there. Have you ever met him? If not, you can even see him on youtube. ou could even search out HH Bhanu Swamy Maharaj. Your quest for very few hardcore members will be over. I am deliberately not comparing prabhuji/ maharaj with Srila Prabhupada, because I know for a fact that it would not be pleasing to prabhuji/ maharaj. These are just 2 examples prabhu. A true seeker will find what he seeks. Maybe you never sought purity.

        Re : as well the movement has not atood the test of time neither unlike older bhagavatism forms; are you aware that HH Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaj formed 64 Gaudiya Math temples across India (the first reference point for obvious reasons) in his lfetime and immediately after his disappearance, the Gaudiya Math got disintegrated and now there are a lot of Gaudiya Maths ( Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math for instance). It is not uncommon to see a copy of a court order on the notice board when one visits a Gaudiya Math, giving the ownership of the math. Srila Prabhupada's disappearance was in 1977, nearly 30 years ago. Still, there is a functional GBC, there are pure devotees in ISKCON and the number of temples and congregation strength has only increased since Prabhupada's disappearance. Incidentally, disintegration of Gaudiya Maths happened within 30 years of Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati's disappearance.

        A devotee has no past prabhu, a devotee has only present and future. It is considered vaishnava aparadha to blaspheme a devotee for his past.  Eg: Sage Valmiki was a dacoit before converting. When he was asked to chant rama for purification, he could not do that also. Then he was told to chant Mara Mara, which he agreed and he was purified in that manner.

        Liberated pure devotees do everything for the pleasure of the lord, be it fighting or bringing up krsna conscious children. Gopis of Vrindavan had agreed to live in hell for countless births just so that the lord can be relieved of his headache by allowing the dust of their feet to be given to the lord for relief. Devotee has no desire FOR HIMSELF. Gaudiya Vaishnavism does not encourage satiation of senses, it encourages devotailing of the senses for the pleasure of the lord. There is a difference. Please understand prabhuji. Their minds are completely at peace, because they have Krsna in their minds at all times.

        Srimad Bhagawatam only refers to the prostitute Pingla for learning - asha hi paramam dukham... where did you understand that prostitution and liberation go hand in hand? Please make it a point to chant 16 rounds of the maha mantra attentively and listen to bhagwatam class daily in your local ISKCON temple. Then your concepts will become clear and mind will purify and become at peace.

        If what you are mentioning above are not your views or beliefs, then why the word jugglery prabhu?


        Your servant,






    • If you think you can control the mind by abstinence and religion go explain that to the countless beings who reincarnate in these realms after having performed entired lives dedicated to tapas.

      My statement is understood by such and as such by people who are not at peace. The non dualistic approach doesnt obsess over the material existence nor the conditions therein.

      Action in inaction and saving one self by faith. My example is an individual that does his best to achieve a goal. Even if tht goal is liberation, his attitude and every gesture done towards his goal is indeed a step towards a goal and in the correct moral direction; but that same goal takea a step away from him to the same extent and degree. Goal oriented work is karma building, and even then, it is not the cause of liberation just as it is not the cause of the perdition in the first place.

      What i am saying is that one may attain liberation at the same speed as one who eats meat; by virtue that liberation is beought in and given by God, just as damnation is given by God and not peers or society. I will also add that impulses and desires are due to gunas; people who think an individual is purely rajaasic tamasic or satvic are children in spiritual matters; to them all is red blue or brown. Teenagers think that way. Moral nature is part of the subaconcious mind of an individual...

      The lectures ans scriptures are meant for those who are faithless not for the faithful. Likewise sri krishna doesnt come for the saints neither did jesus come for those liberated, but for those with a trouvled mind and spirit.

      Sri krishna also mentioned those who torture the mind, wether seeking pleasure or as reason to attain a goal, spiritual or not. All these people r concerned with their own wellfare. For which reason they dont know peace and will not enjoy salvation. Because they are concerned with inner struggles they cannot enjoy peace nor do they understand where they stand in terms of duty, best example is devotees of krishna who abandon their families and neglect filial dity because of bhakti to krishna. They then reflection to justify immorality such as abandoninf duty to parents; in example making sure that their parents arent missing anything. They bring up ridiculous reasoninh such as krishna is mother and father therefore i should not bother and focus on the eternal father krishna who is god. This bhakti and pattern of thinking is in the mode of passion. It is neither reasonable nor advised. Because iskcon community is very naive and childish at times (since america is a very young civilization) such things and behaviors are seen as spiritually mature.

      Therefore devotees, go eat corn all you want. Call mechlas sudras and lower being those that eat meat; if you cannot see bagwan shri krishna in those beings, how will you evr find your way to krishnaloka? Krishnaloka can be experiences here on earth.

      Youngs devotees see god and jesus as samr and they think kingdom of God comes at death; but i wwrn beloved devotees of this community if you have not felt krishnaloka in this world, even at death you will not recognize it, and your level of experience will draw you back here to live again a life full of difficulty and tapas.
      • first statement "If you think you can control the mind by abstinence and religion go explain that to the countless beings who reincarnate in these realms after having performed entired lives dedicated to tapas.

        By this are you saying controlling mind is the eligibility criteria for entering Vaikuntha??Well Love for the Lord is the criteria and abstinence sure does help in focusing your energies on the task at hand.

        You say Goal oriented work is karma building;it is if your goals are in the material domain..Crying out for the mercy of the holy name[which is a goal] is not karma building at all..

        You also suggest that eating meat and working for liberation can go hand in hand.This to my knowledge comes in the naam apraadh category..


        Of course Sri Krishna and Jesus come for the fallen..Everybody who is here in this material world in this age of kali is fallen.What are you trying to prove here prabhu?On one side you say that scriptures are for the faithless[which is egregious] and on the other side you yourself quote that "Sri Krishna says this..."

        ISKCON seems childish to u and i wonder what is more mature than an organisation that is perfectly in parampara..

        You are perfectly right in saying that vaikuntha can be experienced in this world too.The pure devotees experience that by having naam sanga all the time in this material domain and are unaffected by miseries.It's really a wonder if you are also experiencing the same while breaking the regulative principles all the time..

        It's also amazing how posts that are blasphemous and opposed to Srila Prabhupada vani are tolerated by the moderator devotees here!

        • E-Counselor

          Hare Krsna Gaurav Prabhu,


          Our philosophy is achintya bheda bhed - that was propounded by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and mentioned by Srila Prabhupada in his books.

          I have seen you are having a lot of correspondence with Asur Vasudev prabhu and Dean prabhu. Pls figure out what they are all about - Asur prabhu will write looooong mails, and at the end say, its not necessary that he even believes what he has written. Simply word jugglery. I asked him once in a detailed mail - no response to that mail. Sometimes buddha, sometimes something else - he has not yet found his path - blaspheming devotees, questioning ISKCON (in a challenging manner), speaking about sleeping with countless women and writing 3 back to back mails on status of women. Maybe at the end of it, he will say its not his views at all. Same with Dean prabhu. He cannot answer one simple thing I asked him - Jesus said Thou shall not kill, when he quoted Jesus. Then he started with chandala without giving any references. Let them arrive at what they believe in - then we can discuss.

          Like Krsna has mentioned in Gita - bahunam janman ante, gyaanwan maam prapadyate; vasudeva sarvam iti, sah mahatma sudurlabha - not everyone who starts walking down this path attains perfection. And its not a conventional highway, where one gets to knwo how many km to destination and what speed to drive in. One therefore has to be careful of who one is associating with.

          I am no one to guide you, still I coudnt resist writing this to you. Its your choice of course.


          Your servant,


          • Hare krishna Rashmi Mataji,

            Thanks a lot for correspondence.I always find ur replies in accordance with Srila prabhupada's vani. :-)

            I started replying to these two beacuse they seem to propounding their self manufactured philosophy in this forum in the guise of adhering to prabhupada.I thought that some people might be vulnerable to their "heavy on words" philosophy so trying things in my own small way..

            • E-Counselor

              Hare Krsna Gaurav Prabhu,

              Thank you for this reply. Yes, that is also a point of view, that people who are not clear about the philosophy may be misled by these 2 and someone needs to counter them. I had not thought like that.

              As long as you dont get influenced, its ok.

              Thank you once again,



    • I don't understand that how a person is supposed to benefit in KC by breaking all regulative principles on purpose..

      Whole suggestion of asur vasudev prabhu seems to be "put off the fire of material desires by dousing the flames with petrol of lustful activities"

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji....I have also gone thru such miseries....the best way out is keep ur self busy with spiritual activities and devotion. Increase japa rounds. Think u r very fortunate u have got this golden chance to do more devotion.

    As far as ur occupation is concerned, situation will definitely change....just keep praying to Krishna and Guru.

    Also you can do research (R&D) in material things which you like the most....who knows you might start up your own business or trade in that.

    Keep chanting ..Hare Krishna! All the very best to u....

  • I am sorry to hear about your many problems. It sounds like you are suffering from depression. I am concerned because you say you feel like committing suicide. Please see a doctor and see about getting treatment for your

     depression. It is your responsibility to support your parents. However, you need to take care of yourself first so that you will be able to give your parents the very best care.

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