Jagadatma das and all the devotees here

are going to get super good karma for helping others here in these discussion groups. This is the very  best ISKCON site I have ever been on. My crazy mind has so many crazy questions but you are all experts and always answer my questions  so very nicely. Thank you so very much for giving your time to help other people in Krishna Consciousness.

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Pandora Hinson Mataji, my humble obeisances!

     All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    only the person with crazy mind comes to KC! he-he :-)

    I mean donkey only serves to his owner whole day and night, serves carrying heavy stuffs, hearing cruel words and in the end of days takes only small quantity of yellow grass. (example of Srila Prabhupada)

    he is so dumb that he could eat green, fresh grass everywhere by even not working so hard.

     It is a position of a materialistic person.

    The human form of life is for inquiring about the solutions of how to get free from this birth and death. Hare Krishna :-)

    • Volunteer

      Dear Pandora Mataji,  thank you for your kind words. 
        If we can encorage each other to have more and more faith in Krsna and devotional service to Him we all become fortunate.  
      Without the scincere hearer nothing will come out of our mouth.  

        We thank you and all others who put there questions io understand Krsna and become His devotee.

       However crazy you think the question  may be it may de very important to others who are reading this.

                 Hare Krsna.


  • hk prabhu ji.... thanx to u also for starting these discussions..... i really got good knowledge by reading devotees answers to ut questions......HARI BOL
  • Hare Krishna my Friend

    Please don’t call your mind crazy.

    In the Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavan Ji Lord Krishna has declared that He is the mind (so don't).

    On another side in the same B.G He has also emphasized that the Jivas in the material world are struggling with the Mind.

    You must use your mind and intellect to understand these facts and actions. Which means that Dear Lord Created the Mind the way it is , which we are all experiencing and then let us to so called struggle under the same mind. Why?

    It is because of our primary sin on emanation from Him at the Tatastha followed by countless resonated sins which are mounting our perversions rather than taking a reverse gear and going back to His eternal service. This colossal tolerance does irritate even Bhagavan Sankarshana when he sees that this is becoming never ending (S.B 5.25.6).

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