How it is possible that one falls down from Golok .It is said that the material world is a jail for such banished associates of krishna. How does an associate of krishna commits mistake. PLZ ENLIGHTEN ME...
                                                                                                                     ur servent

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  • Hare Krishna prabhu,
    You are saying there are facilties in Goloka dham but i have heard that there are much more facilities than we can even imagine in this material world.
    Can you please clarify?
    • Hare Krishna ! Amit Kindly read again, I have said :- In Goloke Dhaam THERE ARE NO facilities for enjoyment materials, no "aisho-aaraam". Yes there are all sorts of (bad as well as good) enjoyment facilities in the material world, which keeps "Jeeva" engaged and entangled so that he forgets Lord Krishna very easily, and remains in the cycle of birth and death eternally we may say.
  • To increase their love and attraction for Him.
    Separation, increases attraction.
  • In Goloke Dhaam there are no facilities for enjoyment materials, no "aisho-aaraam" On coming to know about the
    "aisho-aaraam of Earth and Swarga and other lower planets, we desire our Lord Krishna to make us available all these enjoyments. Lord Krishna never denies anything so he sends us on this material world to enjoy as per our ardent desire. Lord Krihna explains the ill effects of that will accompany with these enjoyments of materialistic world, but we are least bothered under the influence of imaginary pleasures of Indriyas.

    So, we are not thrown, we are transported because of our own wish. Lord Krishna is not your associate. He is the master of all. He cannot commit mistake he is "Pornamidam....."
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