I have changed my diet as recommended by the movement which is essentially lacto-vegetarian however as one of my ISKCON friends put it, Krishnatarian :) 

I have found after doing this for quite some months now I am finding it hard to get the protein and vitamins I need to stay healthy when I was a meat eater.

I never used to be such a big meat eater anyway but eggs I ate quite alot.

I know being on a vegetarian diet can be quite healthy if we can still take eggs because we can get Vitamin B12 as well as high protein.

Can any body please help to steer me in the right direction? Perhaps some good advice, websites or diet plans?

At the moment I eat alot of dairy, cheese, beans, lentils and of course lots of vegetables and rice.

I am finding my energy levels have been weak and nervous system not quite what it was. Only the last two days I started to eat eggs again. This has made me feel quite sad however I need to stay healthy on my journey to doing this properly.

Thank you in advance.

Hare Krishna!

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Sohum prabhu,


    One who is depending on his own strength to become a devotee is sure to fail. One who is dependent on the mercy of the lord and His devotees, and who does his sadhana and related austerities is sure to pass the test of time. There are innumerable devotees who were meat eaters, addicted to drugs like LSD, alcohol, smoking, who have given up on the strength of Harinaam and have been successful for past 50-60 years. The number of such devotees is increasing by the day. 

    By birth and by constitution of our human form of body, we are vegetarians, this have been mentioned time and again and scientifically proven also. By conditioning, if one is a non vegetarian, that is very much possible to change, by simply changing the conditioning. 

    Regarding how to survive on a Krishnaterian diet, you dont survive prabhuji - you feast. On food which is made with love, care and attention, practically home made, that is offered to Krsna to convert it to prasadam, and then shared with everyone. In fact, you are in danger of gaining weight. 

    Prabhuji, I laud your honest attempts to become Krsnaterian and trying to stick to this diet. Believe me, you will not lose out, on health or on life, by giving up meat, fish and eggs. Pls give up eggs also, its not worth the karma that builds up by eating eggs. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Thank you kindly for replying 

    Sohum I am a little confused. Do you think that perhaps some devotees who have been meat eater's all their life should not change their diet?

  • Yes Yess all this dieting & biologically annolizing of One's nutrition intake is clever & yet, clever-er still, is the transit binnafits of the opp.-to honor others.
    & Vushnu, the opp to Chant & beinlpe'garri) the passive servent offering modisty & the focus of our inn our-honer of our gratatude twords good intended' OverSeers with ahspisus intintions. I.e. eating in & of itself can be supplemented, that is Krishna's)- Uqnike Marcy, as He is the orrigins of all energies, Hi's presences has binnafishal affects even throught many generations it is therefore, Uqnike. This chanting is God's Love *Unconditionely, internally & Atomically. This is not a competition of diets. It is a challenge to chant & perhaps reverce the slide of Reverence twords " our exp. Of this or that bite of food & know of the gates that, that caring act of "mindfully preparing
    (AnyThing)-/ Palitable bogg(4-th-lord- & mindfully- this is an idel time for
    (the Practice)* of one's DARMA.
    Karmicly speaking" eating, preping & eating&/sharing & good living-freshEnergies/" TheUniversal Intelagence of the ages, it is said"
    In livning theysay, however, in performing this Mnah-Hah MANTRA is the #1 in nutritional supplements. Krishna has offered it as-such to all Hi's devoted followers. But those who neglects the "Baptism of the renunciation of the mundaun & experience ing the ferver of Krishna's Chonchusness through Savah-/Chanting is the best Service under the heavens! As VassuDave said Generosity bears the most' opulent fruits"
  • Having dairy products in your diet wont let you fall low in energy levels.
    If you consume much of proteins instead of carbohydrates, i suppose that would make u weak. Proteins are usefull for body development and have the most complex and time taking metabolism. If u take proper sugars like fructose or fruit sugars. These would keep you hydrated and you would feel full of instant energy.
    Your well wisher...
    Hare Krishna
  • Sorry just to clarify.

    I am only interested in the Vegetarian diet as opposed to Vegan diet.

    Vegetarian = includes dairy. 

    Vegan = no dairy at all

    Would I be safe to assume those most devotees are Vegetarian and have dairy (if stomach tolerant) ?

  • Thankyou kindly so far for all the helpful advice :)

  • hare krishna 

    revital-h is non-vegetarian.

    you can ask on some vegan forums also

    you should go vegan if you can't get ahimsa milk (milk without violence to cows) (of course, you can slowly replace)

  • don't have lot of knowledge but you can eat more pulses for proteins, more fresh fruits, raw vegetable salads. sprouts give a big boost in energy levels & nutrition. it is said the more colourful your plate is, the better. and try going for multiple grains than just rice 

    •    True! :-) An interesting thing is that the part of the body that the vegetable resembles is what it is healthy for.... Carrots - eyes..... tomato - heart..... walnuts - brain... there is a big list lol

  •    Hare Krishna! I am so happy to hear you adjusting your diet for animal protection, environment, and making Prasadam. :-)  

        I am no dietitian, however I know that veggie based protein is so much easier to assimilate, so you are absorbing more protein than you think. 

       I suggest that you look into vegetarian macrobiotic, because it has the proper food combination for complete protein. As you know, the main ingredient in Prasadam is love "prema" and although the Dieties prasadam is super rich, one can also offer super healthy veggie diet.

     Also many times when you first go veggie, there is a reaction.

      Congratulations  on making a great decision! :-) 

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