I have changed my diet as recommended by the movement which is essentially lacto-vegetarian however as one of my ISKCON friends put it, Krishnatarian :) 

I have found after doing this for quite some months now I am finding it hard to get the protein and vitamins I need to stay healthy when I was a meat eater.

I never used to be such a big meat eater anyway but eggs I ate quite alot.

I know being on a vegetarian diet can be quite healthy if we can still take eggs because we can get Vitamin B12 as well as high protein.

Can any body please help to steer me in the right direction? Perhaps some good advice, websites or diet plans?

At the moment I eat alot of dairy, cheese, beans, lentils and of course lots of vegetables and rice.

I am finding my energy levels have been weak and nervous system not quite what it was. Only the last two days I started to eat eggs again. This has made me feel quite sad however I need to stay healthy on my journey to doing this properly.

Thank you in advance.

Hare Krishna!

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    • please check for other internal medical conditions for tremors shaky jittery feeling.


      -Too much coffee intoxication 

      -Excessive alcohol intoxication

      -Parkinson's disease where there is shakey /tremors associated with decrease in copper  intake.

      check for medical conditions with a doctor.

      -vit. B12 deficiency also.

      rule out all causes consult a doc.

      hare krishna

      10 Important Causes of Tremor – Shaky Hands and Other Types of Tremor Explained
      Many people experience trembling hands and other forms of tremor. The article explains the 10 most important causes of tremor.
      • Lol no alcohol out at sea! And no coffee anymore.

        I think you hit the nail on the head with B12. I have been reading up about that. Quite common with new vegetarians. Can effect the nervous system.

        Supposedly dairy has B12 in it but I believe it has to be fortified (added after) with it. 

        Just can't understand how in the East they have no problems with this for 1000's of years. Maybe it is my western gentics lol

        • Indian food contains many spices. We have turmeric in regular diet.

          Many be that is the reason. 


  • Hare Krishna,

    I am seeing you after a long haitus . How have you been?  We were all proud of you that you stopped eggs., after our discussion in the month of....I guess May. So you could be egg free for 5 months. That is a great start!!!!


    It takes some strong will power to quit something.  Usually any habit if you want to quit it.. 21 days they say you must be able to restrict it to overcome it.

    But you have done a great job so long .. No worries you can give another strong step towards curbing the habit.

    As far as health and diet issues...You are into strenuous job as you said previously ( in yours other questions) ...you work on ship. And are away from family for a long periods of time, and that you need to depend on others for you food. How to offer food containing onion and garlic was you question last time.

    I see you are in conditions where you cannot cook on your own. And surviving on foods like milk, beans, lentils veggies especially when you are away from family and not able to cook on you own...depending on others for you food is quite tough.. On ship I don't think you can get all that what you need at all times.

    I really appreciate the way you are fighting against all these negative conditions. Even Lord also might be very much pleased with you struggle to become a Krishna devotee.

    One important thing to note is as long as you were with the devotees and had been in the sangha ( association) you were able to curb the idea of having eggs. As soon as you leave the association of devotees you have fallen back into to your old ways. Did you notice that?

    So, it is must you should be moving among devotees.. even if it is internet based devotees some association is must.

    I know on ship and travelling job you cannot get a real time devotee association.

    But You should keep coming to IDT this site is very useful for such devotees who don't have a real time devotee association. Keep coming to the site ... It will help you keep in touch with Krishna always.


    You must understand that plant protein compared to animal protein is easily digestible and so. You must consume in larger quantities unlike animal protein. If  you take a 100 gm of chicken or meat it may keep you energetic of 3-4 hours but plant based protein take less time to be digested. Instead of consuming more protein food at one time you must have a divided meal. like takes 6 meals small quantities but more times in a day. Until your body gets adjusted to this new diet pattern.

    every meal see that ur carbohydrate: protein : fat is in the ratio of  15/70/15 ratio. and every meal should include a fruit serving..

    Hydration is also must !!!!  SLeep 7hours is must !!! keep always well hydrated. See that you are receiving sufficient minerals in you diet.

    Magnesium is available in green leafy vegetables like Spinach. 

    calcium is available in milk products. Magnesium and Calcium are important for Muscles. You may feel weakness and tiredness tenderness in the muscles if you are taking enough calcium magnesium.

    Zinc is best found in nuts.. like nuts.. pine nuts, almonds  keep a stock of nuts with you whenever u are free can gobble up some. They have many good stuff in them apart from zinc.

    bananas are good source of potassium., good for heart.  

    Carrots beets and other veggies ofcourse are well know for their goodness in them.

    diary cheese beans and lentils are good protein.. have much fruits good for overall health.

    Iron is plentily available in Dates..... keep Dates stock with you when ur energies are low it gives a instant boost also.

    B12 is majorily available in non veg diet but now a days vegan B12 capsules are available in the market.

    You get B12 in milk fortified milk and fortified bread.

    The only reliable vegan sources of B12 are foods fortified with B12 (including some plant milks, some soy products and some breakfast cereals) and B12 supplements. 


    vegan supplements are available now a days I am taking myself it is a bit expensive then the regular ones.. 

    Above all .... Try learn simple vegetarian Indian cooking.

    easiest recipe and favorite among all vaishanvas which is wholesome as well as filling is.. Mung daal Kichari with lots of vegetables.

    I am providing you with iskcon recipe pls. try to learn it.



    Request your cheff on the ship to let you make and learn it. Let him also learn it .. It is easy and good wholesome dish.

    you can make other variants of this by substituting with oat meal instead of rice.


    Now it is time you learn little Indian cooking!

    Hare Krishna.

    Why can't a Vegetarian diet include eggs?
    Heh guys Very new to the whole movement and learning every day. Forgive my ignorance but why can't you guys eat eggs? I have been slowly converting…
    • Thanks Gayatri!

      I sometimes think you are sent from above :)

      I just read through all of that and found it very helpful.

      It never really dawned on me until now that I have indeed sort of veered away. It is funny as only this week I have started to read the Gita for the first time in a month or more. I actually made one Sunday Feast when I was home last though. It was fantastic as always :)

      Also with the chanting I have only started back up again this week. I felt really great afterwards which inspired me to post!

      I am going to check out those recipes too!

      Hare Krishna!

  • Thanks again kindly for everybody's input.

    I am just wondering also, with giving up eggs, how do you get your supply of Vitamin B12? I sincerely want to give up eggs for good also but I need to obviously do it right so as not to affect my health. 

    The macronutrients is what I think is the hardest. From lots of reading I have done Vegetarians must ensure they still get enough Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Omega 3, Vitamin B12 and Creatine. The last two are a little hard as they are abundant in animal flesh however B12 can also be found quite high in eggs. Creatine you can take a supplement but I am concerned if this comes from animal products.

    Anyway, I appreciate everybody's help so far.

    My goal is to have a Karma free diet but be also the healthiest I can be at the same time ( I am an energetic person)


    • B12 is in milk i believe 

      anyways, have you tried asking on your local area / country vegan forums ? 

      they'll surely suggest supplements and also where you can find them 

      • Many thanks for your reply. Yes I have been reading forums extensively. Iron is another one I am trying to make sure I get enough of too.

        It is just a matter of me trying to get the balance right I guess. Thanks again for taking the time to respond :) Hare Krishna!

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    I am finding my energy levels have been weak and nervous system not quite what it was.

    Doesn't seem to be due to lack of protein. Could be due to lack of carbohydrates, sugars, water or sleep. Better to contact an expert before concluding

    Hare Krsna

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    By birth what you are you can become that.

    Completely wrong. 

    You cannot make a tiger eat veggies and survive on milk

    Nobody is suggesting to make a tiger eat veggies and survive on milk.

    In those days also there were kshatriyas...


    Hare Krsna

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