Devotion in winters

Hare Krishna


It is clearly not easy to wake up early in Winters. In summers, I used to attend mangal arati every week.

However, now it is so difficult to wake up early and complete 16 rounds before 7 AM.


My question is regarding exercise.

I was regularly going to gym in summers. 

In winters, I finish chanting then sleep... As I feel too sleepy.

Question is can i go to the gym the first thing in the morning, and once I return around 7 AM, can I chant my rounds? My office starts at 12 PM Noon (Working from home)

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Its your choice. You can go to gym and then come bck and chantand see whether you are able to concentrate better. If yes, do this. If not, please go back to chanting first and then somehow, landing up in gym. Once you reach gym, you will be able to exercise, I am sure.

    WHat is important is to chant - somehow or other. To the extent possible, same time everyday.

    If change of season can have such a huge impact on you, imagine what will happen at the time of leaving the body - every organ will be protesting, every sense will demand attention, there will be so much pain (equivalent to 40 scorpion bites). What is the hope of remembering Krsna then?


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • I also find if i go zero activity throughout the day I cannot chant or pray. The body gets lazy (with the mind). I think Prabhupada many times went for morning walks for this very reason. Activity is very important also is maintaiting your body to do Japa etc. I would say goto the gym first then do your Japa. I think after a while you can switch is around so you can do Japa then goto the gym. But to me it make zero sence to do this. Because while your doing japa your moslty thinking about going to the gym lol. Your body is crying for activity. I usually walk around few miles at work (i do security job in uk)/ then the next day in morning i am able to do japa easily. IF I didnt walk I doubt i would have the mental or phycical energy to do the japa. Do what you want Paramatma will guide your im sure.

  • Hare Krsna, your problem is not able to wake up early and chant. Eating less in the night helps one to wake up early. However, you are giving priority to your body than your soul. Chanting is for stopping the degradation and transmirgation of the soul from one body to another. If you want to make this as your last birth; give preference to bhakti. FInish chanting first and then go to gym. When one fixes mind on krsna natuarally "Tridosha" mucus, bile and air (vat, kaf, pitta) is balanced and then you will have lesser diseases as compared to others. Devotees should preffer yoga more than gym. Pranayam helps in better chanting as well. OR....fix time for japa either morning or evening. 

  • I take Vitami D (2000UI) Suppllements by Vitabiotics (2 small tablets daily with some food in the mornings). It helps as I find i get less light in winter and it spoils my mood. These always seem to help and they pretty cheap in the UK. 

    • Punkech prabhu, there is enough sun light in India that provides vitamin D, provided one wakes up early and takes sun bath between 6 to 8 am. In UK, they spend days without sunlight, not the condition here. Also, Vitamin D can consumed through orange juices and mushrooms. 

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