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    Garuda purana is the mainly followed by brahmanas during this period of mourning.

    Nama Sankirtana is permitted under ANY circumstances. Chanting on the beads and Sankirtana, loud congregational chanting in public places should not be stopped.

    • Yes, Garuda Purana Katha is essential, as it not only helps the wandering spirit to depart properly to a spiritual destination, it also benefits the living relatives who attend the Katha.
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      Hare Krsna!  Initiated vaisnava who has deity seva in the temple can take bath and come and do their seva. But at home Shastra recommends everyone to follow what is the local customs.  To do otherwise will cause misunderstandings in the community.  Devotees should bring them good quantity maha prasadam from the temple. Always chant the names of Krsna Rama and Hari!
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        hare krishna pr ji. pamho. agtsp.


        I come from a south indian brahamana family and we have lot of customes that are followed at our home. not only when some one dies in the family, when some one gives birth to a child also they follow this ritual of not performing any diety worship for 13 days.


        i asked one senior devotee when my uncle had passed away few years ago as I was asked by mother not to go to temple for next 13 days. In fact I was staying in temple that time and had no place to go. i was adviced that for a devotee these things does not matter and I can continue my services in temple as usual.


  • I personally had to go through this after my Father's departure a year and a half back.


    I had been instructed that no fire should be lit in the house. Therefore, we did not even cook for certain number of days, and we could not even worship our deities for the said period. We kept them to rest, or you even have an option to let another devotee serve them for the said time period.


    We observed this till the 13th day.

    Ideally you should consult a senior Vaishnava in your locality, or nearest temple and they can guide you.

    Sometimes even your community may have certain rules, which can be observed.

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      What about food that we need to eat during this period, all our food shoudl be offered to the Lord before eating, do we then just do the offering in front of a picture rather than to our deities during this period?  thanks

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