hare krishna

all glories to sri sri radha madhava

all glories to srila gurudev and prabupad

danvat pranam to prabus nd mathajis


my friends keep asking me ..when you say eating cow is considered non veg..vegetariens drink cows milk..but it comes from the cows blood..how is that considered veg??..how shall i reply for this ??

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  • i agree with you pr..
  • According to he Vedic principles, first the calf is allowed to drink the Cow's milk. After the calf drinks its quota, we collect the remaining milk. One should not force the cow for milk. And hence whatever milk we receive from the cow is not forced out of her. She gives naturally. Every living being as well as every matter has a dharma. Like the dharma of the salt is to be salty in taste, sugar to be sweet in taste. Similarly, for the cow, her dharma is to provide milk. So it is not in violence that we are collecting milk.

    Cow meat(beef) is procured from forced killing, which is disapproved.

    • Hare krishna mataji

      I have goshala wIth 170 cows we daily milking. Inoticed that calf cant drink all milk from cows it is call DOTHAN[DOHAN] MINS TO BREST FOR CALF TO FOR HER SERVANT SO COWS GIVING WITH PLEASURES AND FOR MILK COWS NOT GATING ANY HARM  


      • thanku so much prabuji...:)..


        • hare krishna

          all glories to sri sri radha madhava

          all glories to srila gurudev and prabupad

          danvat pranam to prabus nd mathajis
          1. The very concept of vegetarianism is erroneous. Actually the word
          vegetarian is a misnomer causing unnecessary confusion. That is why in vedic
          literature there is no reference to such a word.

          The actually term should be meat-arian.

          No one can live without eating
          vegetables and fruits, so everyone is a vegeratian . But those
          ignorants/cruel/dumb people who eat meat/egg kill innocent lives, eat
          tamasik food and hence are meatarians.

          2. Milk is not meat. Extracting milk, does not pain or trouble cows. It's a
          satvik diet having beneficial effect on mind and body. So there is no harm
          in consuming milk. Ofcourse using injections on animals to increase milk,
          denying milk to calves is a sin.

          3. those who get into this debate of milk being vegetarian or not should
          first understand that the reason of banning certain foods for civilized
          humans is 2 folds:
          a. It harms your own mind/body
          b. it troubles/kills/ pains other living beings.

          Anything that satisfies either of above 2 criteria, is 'abhakshya' food
          (non-eatable). Everything else is Bhakshya (eatable). That's why in satyarth
          prakash rishi doesn't get into debate of veg-non veg. he talks of Bhakshya
          and Abhakshya food and clearly classifies meat as Abhakshya on above 2

  • Hare Krsna Mataji,

    Dandavat Pranaam,


    Krishna Consciousness is not about being a vegetarian or non vegetarian....It's about loving Krsna. Since we love Krsna  we do what He asks us to do...Krsna appeared as a cowherd boy & in His pastimes He drank cow's milk, ate butter, etc. If drinking cow's milk was prohibited He would not had performed this pastime.

    In addition whether one drinks milk or not one should offer it to Krsna first.

    Hope I did not disappointed you.

    Your servant,



  • hare krsna,

    what is important is the milk which is shared by us with the calf and like a mother we take it and we r not eatin any flesh as per rules and so as we drink our mothers milk so we are taking this.

  • Mom feeds her kid her milk..is that non-veg??????



    Read more abt ur answers on my blog

  • haribol..thanku for the wonderful reply
  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Everything belongs to Krishna,  therefore we offer Bhoga to Krishna and the remnants we call prasadama we consume as food.  Krishna had described to us what we should consider as food.


    The milk we drink is not causing any harm to the cow, whereas eating the animal is.  Equate this to a baby who drinks milk from it's mom, is the baby eating it's mom.  Is the baby eating meat?  Meat is part of the body which is required by the animal to live.  That is the difference.




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