Can we sleep on a mattress on floor.

Hare Krishna Dandvats pranam,

PAMHO AGTSP i wanted to do karthik masa. Please do let me know if i can sleep on mattress on the floor since it is getting colder and i stay in new york and i might be travelling also... I have no idea if in hotels i would get mattress. And what else is recommended. 

But i really wish to do as much as i can this time.

Thank you. Hare Krishna.

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  • don say thanks to me sister ... thank krishna.... he is the one who tought all this and gave this knowledge to me...
    hare krishna

  • have pure heart and soul..... which krishna likes the most... krishna needs you.... not all these.............. ya sleeping on floor is good idea it makes us to be down to earth and it does not let us to get into... any other unwanted thoughts... becozz even i do that......

    • Hare Krishna Vinay prabhuji. Thank you. My parents and husband say this too.

  • Hare Krishna

    All of the hotels in India and the USA provided mattresses when I visited. I stayed at the Montreal Quebec Canada Temple ashram many years ago and they provided me with a mattress on the floor too.

    • Hare Krishna thank you mataji. It appears that i will be staying in my home so no problem.

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