• SB 10.6.44

    ya etat pūtanā-mokṣaṁ
     kṛṣṇasyārbhakam adbhutam
    śṛṇuyāc chraddhayā martyo
     govinde labhate ratim
    Word for word: 
    yaḥ — anyone who; etat — this; pūtanā-mokṣam — salvation of Pūtanā; kṛṣṇasya — of Kṛṣṇa; ārbhakam — the childhood pastimes; adbhutam — wonderful; śṛṇuyāt — should hear; śraddhayā — with faith ;martyaḥ — any person within this material world; govinde — for the Supreme Person, Govinda, Ādi-puruṣa;labhate — gains; ratim — attachment.
    Any person who hears with faith about how Kṛṣṇa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, killed Pūtanā, and who thus invests his hearing in such childhood pastimes of Kṛṣṇa, certainly attains attachment for Govinda, the supreme, original person.
    sraddha or faith is important.
    just by hearing this one story with faith, person attains rati or attachment for god,
    which is for example,base of devotion of 5 pandavas.
    on end of almost every story from srimad bhagavatam, sri sukadeva gives blessings to a faithful person.
    thiese blessings are very real and never going in vain .
    pure devotee blessings is all what we need.

    I am sure there is simply no harm in discussing our problems or even asking for anything ....but if we don't get the desired thing then we need to make our mind strong that there must be something wrong for our development that is why we were not granted the boon for eg if my small child is having cold and is asking for an ice-cream i will have to decline though my child who may not understand why i did not grant him the thing similarly  ALLMIGHTY KRISHNA knows what is good /bad for us.....if he thinks the wish is ok to be granted then believe me we will get in infinity .....again if its a material desire and we get that in infinite quantity then plzz make sure how we can make the best out of it should always be used for the service of KANHA.....we will get the best automatically .CONCLUSION:whatever it is plz discuss and ask KRISHNA there is no harm.Always remember him good days or bad .


  • Can we ask Lord Krishna for fulfilling some Material Desires?

    god is the best person to be asked any spiritual or material desires, but there is one thing.

    you first have to deserve his mercy !

    without a drop of real practical faith, its almost impossible.

    millions are chanting and praying to him , expecting something in return, spiritual or material,

    but because they dont have even a drop of a faith ,there is no progress.

    what to say about devotion.

    • Hare Krishna

      I was fired by a job in the past and I was completely devastated. I thought "OMG, I'm going to be "homeless" and living out in the street. I had no idea that the place I had been working at was constantly "firing people". In fact, I later discovered that they had fired so many people that they were forced to rehire some of the same people they had fired in the past!!! Anyway, it turned out to a blessing. I was able to find a new job immediately and it is "less hellish" than that place. But yes, I now give all of my work problems to Lord Krishna and am no longer so stressed out anymore. I give all my "material problems" to Lord Krishna.

  • i know only one thing that if u ask for any material desire to lord krishna it means you are telling to lord krishna that lord krishna don't know what i want in my life and he don't know then he is not a god or supreme power so it is very very sad to ask something to krishna because he nothing left to his devotees.

    and when he give us according to our desire,we get same as our thinking but he give according to him then we get beyond our thinking.

    so don't ask anything to lord krishna expect himself.

  • Volunteer

    whatever difficulty we have or whatever we need in life we have have have to go to Krishna!!!!

    And Krishna will do something!

    Your servant, 

  • Krishna wants you to be a pure devotee and being honest and humble. If due to the acuumulated weaknesses of many years, we are having material desires then I believe its not wrong to ask Krishna to fulfill them.

    May be when we will advance in our devotion for Krishna, we will regret that we asked cheap things, but like a son to his father we should reveal our desires to Krishna.


    Forgive me for my foolishness. Hare Krishna

    • hare Krishna,

      the material mundane life is an illusion...
      kc helps to lift the veil and see past to the truth...

      there is no such thing as ethics but the one u make up in your mind...
      for Him everyone and everything is the same...
      whether you yearn for material or not...

      You are compelletely protected and shored by Lord...

      ps: it is totally okay to ask for material needs, but make sure greed doesn't make u forget what your true purpose is....
  • Volunteer

    Dear devotees,   Bhagavatam says weather you have no material desires or are full of material desires or are fully self satisfied by transcendental knowledge you can achieve all success by rendering devotional service to the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna.      Chant the Hare Krsna mantra and all your desires will be fulfilled.  Hare Krsna.

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