HiAnother beginner question coming up:One thing that draws me to Vaishnavism is the love for one Supreme God.This seems to me somewhat all encompassing and have even read of SP talk about Krishna Consciousness useful in other religions (if I am not mistaken) or at least chanting the maha mantra.I love this concept of one God and really resonates with me. It feels universal and all encompassing.My question is, can one follow Vaishnavism without the acknowledge of the demigods? Are they important for the journey of obtaining KC? I don't even really understand the demigods however I believe they are also worshipped right? Kind of like in Christianity they have Saints and in Buddhisim they have deities?I struggle with this as, I have always pictured God to only wanting us to worship the one Supreme God. Perhaps this is a product of my early roots in westernized religion.Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this and please forgive me if what I have said is in error.All I am after is some helpful advice in my journey to understanding the supreme and perhaps the question may be useful to somebody else in my position.Your humble neophyte.Hare Krishna :)

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    Hare krsna prabhuji,

    If your goal is Krsna, and you understand His Absolute nature, you will see that you cannot disrespect anyone (plants, animals, human beings and even demigods), because there is krsna in everyone residing as Paramatma.

    Krsna says:

    Chapter 9: The Most Confidential Knowledge

    TEXT 34
    man-mana bhava mad-bhakto
    mad-yaji mam namaskuru
    mam evaisyasi yuktvaivam
    atmanam mat-parayanah
    Engage your mind always in thinking of Me, offer obeisances and worship Me. Being completely absorbed in Me, surely you will come to Me.
    Engaging in KC through 9 different aspects of devotional service is automatically acknowledging everything associated with the Lord and that encompasses EVERYTHING. When you have understood the absolute nature of His presence in everything, then the question of disrespecting or not acknowledging doesn't even arise.
    As Bharat prabhu has pointed: 

    If a person is disrespectful towards demigods then it is not favorable for Krsna consciousness.

    I have seen many KC devotees reject demigods outright... which is not right.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupad!!!

    Hare krsna.

    • Thank your for your reply :)

  • Thank you to all again for your helpful responses.

    I understand a lot better now.

    So in summary a Vaishnava whilst they acknowledge the demigods they see no point in worshipping them as they are all part and parcel of the Supreme Lord so instead, the Vaishnavaite prefers to go straight to the source which is Krishna. Is that a fair assumption?

    I also read last night in the Bhagavad Gita As It is by SP that the demigods are more for material desires such as pray for wealth, health etc, whilst the Gita seems to encourage our focus away from the material things and instead concentrate on the highest platform. (What I got out of last night's reading anyway). I am currently reading Chapter 7. Such a great chapter :)

    Anyway. Thanks again to all especially to Gayatri of late. You have been my rock and inspiration :)

    Hare Krishna!

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

      No thanks to me. Thanks to Srila Prabhupada ji. All glories to Srila Prabhupada...I could never have understood and read Sanskrit version of Srimad Bhagwatam without His English translation. 

      I am indebted to Srila Prabhupada in this way. Neither Gita nor Srimad Bhagwatam I can read and understand ever if it was not His divine grace mercy.

      All I can say give in return to Srila Prabhupada ji is only ..

      Koti Koti dandavat Pranams. 

      Jai to all vaishnava devotees.

      Jai Sri Krishna.

  • Well... To basically understand What and who are demigods. You must understand the concept of Virat Swaroop Of Lord.

    I agree with what Bharat prabhu ji mentioned about.. Demigods they are like ---> "a govt has different ministry for defence, law and order, health etc there are different demigods to control different aspects of universal activities like rain, water, fire, death etc"

    And..these demigods are part and parcel of Virat swaroop of Lord. ( virat meaning is huge gigantic body..Encompassing the 3 worlds--ie., lower, middle and upper planetary systems) I Hope you can understand.. There are 3 worlds one is under the earth the realms of hell or patala, Next is our EARTH , and the higher planetary systems. This is for basic understanding. Just as we are part and parcel of this gigantic Virat body, of lord. even demigods also are His part and parcel.

    They hold to different ministry in governing --like health.,wealth, rain, fire, death.. so on an so forth. so many sections are there and each hold to one ministry and help in the governance .. They are all serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead in maintaining the Universe.

    The Virat purusha's body is primeval cause  of all the existence  the moving, non moving living and non living entities. All have emerged from HIS BODY.

    Srimad Bhagwatam gives an excellent description of the Virat Purusha. He the huge gigantic personal form of LORD occupying the 3 worlds and in HIM reside all living entites , demigods, sages , demons. daityas, danavas, rakshashas, moon., sun, and all co- exist. and are operating from HIM , following HIS instruction.

    NOTHING is out of HIM.  ALL ARE FROM HIM. 

    SB Canto 2 chapter 6 completely gives the description of Virat purusha and tell from which part of the Virat Purusha which activity is generated who is the controlling demigod for that action.

    ....I shall give u a small summary..

    MOUTHof virat purusha( Lord) --generates Voice-- >controlling diety is FIRE God.

    His SKIN ===>generating center of vedic hymns.

    His TONGUE is the productive center of different foodstuffs and delicacies for offering to the demigods, the forefathers and the general mass of people.

    HIS NOSTRILS -->generating centers of breathing of the air which is present ..==> controlling demigod of smell IS ASHWINI KUMARAS ( who are called celestial doctors) they take care of health department.

    HIS EYES==>SUN god and Heavenly planets.illuminating whole world.

    HIS EARS==>generating center of all sound.. and receptacles of Vedic hymns==( Asta dikhpalaks Directional demigods North south, east., west.).

    HIS HAIR ON THE BODY==All the vegetation that you see.

    HIS HAIR ON THE HEAD== Are the clouds that you see.

    HIS NAILS==are the breeding grounds of electricity,stone and iron ore.

    HIS ABDOMEN== OCEANS==> demigod Varuna.



    LORD's arms ==are the productive fields for the great demigods and other leaders of the living entities who protect the general mass.  the controlling demigod===> INDRA ( thunder, lightening, rain God)

    The rectum of LORD==>  and the evacuating hole and the rectum of the Lord is the place of envy, misfortune, death, hell, etc. ===>controlling demigod is Lord of death..,Mitra.

    HIS genitals===> semen==>produce rains==> cause of all procreation.

    HIS HEAD===>Heaven.

    BACK of lord== all immorality, irreligious activities==> all demons.

    HiS Veins==> rivers.., rivulets.

    Bones==> mountains.

     The impersonal feature of the Lord is the abode of great oceans,

     HIS BELLY==is the resting place for the materially annihilated living entities. 

    HIS HEART==>is the abode of the subtle material bodies of living beings.

    HIS consciousness==>abode of truth and transcendental knowledge., demigods and sages==> bramha, Narada, 4 Sanat kumars.

    His Ego=> demigod Lord Shiva.

    His mind==> demigod Moon.

    SB 10.40.13-14  Fire is said to be Your face, the earth Your feet, the sun Your eye, and the sky Your navel. The directions are Your sense of hearing, the chief demigods Your arms, and the oceans Your abdomen. Heaven is thought to be Your head, and the wind Your vital air and physical strength. The trees and plants are the hairs on Your body, the clouds the hair on Your head, and the mountains the bones and nails of You, the Supreme. The passage of day and night is the blinking of Your eyes, the progenitor of mankind Your genitals, and the rain Your semen.
    SB 10.40.15  All the worlds, with their presiding demigods and teeming populations, originate in You, the inexhaustible Supreme Personality of Godhead. These worlds travel within You, the basis of the mind and senses, just as aquatics swim in the sea or tiny insects burrow within an udumbara fruit.

    So , U can see. If u bow down to The Lord Krishna... you are already praying all the demigods right????? then is there any need to separately bow the demigods when you are bowing to Supreme Personality of Godhead???

    Some people who don't understand this basic fact.., the Mayavaadi and POLYTHEISTIC believe in multiple Gods.

    Well when you know now u can easily decide... BOWING TO ALL IN ONE IS BETTER THAN BOWING TO each demigod who are again part and parcel of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

    Hare Krishna.

    SB 10.40.13-14
    SB 10.40.13-14
    • Adding one more point here...That is in case you would like to do demigod worship also all worship towards demigods should be diverted to Sri Krishna only.

      example ..You are doing Ganesha pooja ..You know demigod Ganesha is demigod who wards of all obstacles.

      One must do pooja to Ganesh saying I am facing Some obstacles while doing my chanting or while doing my Kc service......please help me get rid of these so that I can progress in my KC.

      All demigod worship should be diverted to Krishna only.

      We find people who are MATERIALIST having different desires for their own personal growth and pray demigods..

      Like Ganesh pls. ward of all obstables...so that have a steady flow of income and have growth in business. This is not correct way of worship.

      Materialistic people pray to laxmi ji for gaining wealth and riches for selfish growth materially.....If you have to pray laxmi ji you should pray ..Laxmi ji pls. grant me sufficient wealth so that I can maintain myself and also donate to the cows or do selfless charity for Krishna conscious activities.

      If you are selfishly asking boons from demigods for ur own sake for satisfying your senses...Then you are falling in a deep pit only as all those boons last for a temporary time period you may go to heaven.....for a while...for the good karma of worshiping demigods....but then ,,,the results of good karma...when its exhausted you will return back to earth. If you want to break this cycle of birth and deaths once and for all. Then all worship should be diverted to only Krishna.

      Chapter 7: Text 23. BG: Men of small intelligence worship the demigods, and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet.

      • Thank you Gayatri for your wisdom and insight :)

  • Dimigods can' be acknowledged without causing offince twords The Head God. On the other hand, Krishna recommends' that as He is The only embodiment of all other attributes (in perfection) that all other abilities that might be found in other Gods will be found in their highest perfection in Him. So why delay your realizations of this truth in the GodHead. I.e. "everything's originating Krishna so what is the need to go elsewhere for anything?" (HH,SP)the answer, Not needed. This Hare Krishna Hare Rama mantra is absolutely bennafishel to all, so if you do feel you'd like to *honor some one other than Krishna directly. Just use the Om the MahaMantra song Om Tat Sat. Good luck & br safe.
  • Acknowledgement meaning what? I mean its highly unlikely any demigod will descend and give you permission become kc. Demigods are servants of KRISHNA like water god gives rain. If you still want to worship then worship lord Ganesha . No ones acknowledgement is required as such to follow vaishnavism

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Can one follow Vaishnavism without the acknowledge of the demigods ?

    If a person is disrespectful towards demigods then it is not favorable for Krsna consciousness.

    It is hard to understand how a person can not acknowledge demigods, if he has already come to know about them. 

    There are so many pastimes of lord Krsna, lord Visnu with Indra, Brahma, Varuna, Agni etc. How is it possible to not acknowledge them. Kindly elaborate on this. 

    Are they important for the journey of obtaining KC ?

    Worship of demigods is not important in Krsna consciousness. 

    Demigods may not play any role in our journey of KC.

    But if a person having known about demigods does not believe in their existence, it could indicate improper faith.

    Disregard or disrespect of demigods is harmful for KC

    I don't even really understand the demigods

    Then it is best to get the correct understanding. Srila Prabhupada has given correct knwoledge about it in his books & lectures.

    However I believe they are also worshipped right?

    Devotees aspiring for Krsna consciousness do not worship demigods.

    Kind of like in Christianity they have Saints and in Buddhisim they have deities?

    No, the demigods are also devotees who play role of administrating universla affairs. Just like a govt has different ministry for defence, law and order, health etc there are different demigods to control different aspects of universal activities like rain, water, fire, death etc

    I have always pictured God to only wanting us to worship the one Supreme God.

    This is advantageous for practice of KC. Krsna is the only Supreme personality of Godhead whom all are required to worship. Lord Krsna may take different avatars but it is Lord Krsna who is to be worshipped, not demigods. 

    Hare Krsna

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