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Dandavat Pranam,


Please advise if devotees should participate in blood doation camp. Is it allowed for a human being to do this act as per Vedas? If Yes/No... why?

How to explain non devotees if this act is good or bad for a human being?


Hare Krishna!



Artha Kadamb

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Hare Krsna,


Thank you for your reply!!


I will...I am patiently awaiting upon Krsna. i know that when the time, place and circumstances are right, Krsna will act decisively in this regard.


Once again, thank you!

Hare Krishna Prabhuji, so sorry for Your condition! and request Devotees to pray for You!

If we pay for the kidney then we won't get their bad karma. i am sure that that kidney is not free. or if somebody gives that voluntarily then it might be that you helped that person in your previous lives...or something like that.

Your servant, and best fortune! 

Hk Mataji, pamho, AGSTP.


Thank you for your reply, I hope that me receiving someone's kidney will result in them becoming KC.

Unfortunately South African law does not permit paying for organs, its an illegal act.  There exists a national list of recipients and i have moved from no. 100 to 15 in two months, so Mahaprabhu is truly so extremely wonderfully merciful!!!......I simply try to get closer to him everyday, and leave the rest to HIM. 

Vaishnav prayers can make the impossible possible.....Thanks for your prayers.....very very much appreciated...

Hare Krsna,

Hare Krsna Mataji. Life is full of problems, disease, and miseries. It is good to give blood. It will help somebody. We may also need blood because of a disease.

Hare krishna,

Look what Bhakthi siddhanta sarasvati thakura told about donating money. of married man

Hare Krishna Gopal das prabhuji

I too believe it's always good to give/donate blood if your body permits.  However in this forum there were some discussions on why it should be not given to unknown person.

Well, I think many things that were applicable in satyug/treta yug /dwapar yug cannot be applied as it is kalyug.

Different vedas often mention about performing act according to time ,place and circumstances.

Vamshi mohan Das prabhu, thank you for this link. The point is very clear, helping/donating money/blood etc to unknown will not incur any bad karma ,neither will it deteriorate our Krishna consciousness.


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