Blood Donation

Dandavat Pranam,


Please advise if devotees should participate in blood doation camp. Is it allowed for a human being to do this act as per Vedas? If Yes/No... why?

How to explain non devotees if this act is good or bad for a human being?


Hare Krishna!



Artha Kadamb

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          • hare krishna  Maral Mathaji

            Your answers shows your abundant knoeledge, thanks mathaji, keep guiding all fallen

            your servant

            rameswar kanai das

          • Hare Krishna Mataji

            The donated blood is also used in extreme/urgent situation only. Though they store it in blood bank but used only if absolutely needed. They don't give blood to person just because somebody's hemoglobin is low.

            • Volunteer

              Hare Krishna Alka Mataji. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

              Argument and counter argument actually not produce any fruitful solution. Without discrimination people live life in ignorance which is the sole cause of sinful activities inturn bondage. Discrimination comes when we live our life abide by rules of Shastras and instruction of Gurus. WE are not Guru , and one individual life and karma is not same as others specially that are mentioned in scriptures. Best is that what Krishna Instructed and what Prabhupada and guru instructed we should live by their words rather than making our head heavy with own logic.

              So discrimination in any action should always be there that is what shastra teaches (e.g that is why devotees dosen't take food from here and there) . Without discrimination life is full of ignorance and further bind us. Better live life according to injunction of sastras particularly what is recommended in this age else we will be lost.

              your aspiring servant

              hari bol

              • We do not know the future of anyone. Let's say someone would give blood to someone who is  an atheist or criminal now. We do have a few devotees in our movement who were criminals or atheists in the past. Who knows? Maybe  a  criminal or atheist may become a devotee in the future.

                • very true Pandora prabhuji

                  I have met one such devotee in ISKCON temple who was atheist before as and engg student(literally arheist) and now he has dedicated his last 20 years fully in that temple and he is still just in his middle age .

                  I think time and circumstances changes everything.

                  Exactly we are not gurus to decide /conclude from something..

                  For example.

                  Once I visited Sreenathji(anthropomorphic form of Lord Krishna) temple in gujrat , I wanted to donate  some money and my in laws relative said why do you donate, the temple people are all corrupt they will use it for self rather you feed poor people. I said if everybody thinks like that then one day all temples including Krishna temple will be demolished.

                  I still donated thinking that even if 10% of that money will be utilized in temple then also its still better then nothing (at least it will help in some maintenance of the temple). Even if there are 90% corrupt people, we have to think about the remaining 10%.

                  Jai shree gokulesh

                  • hope it does not happen but if we are put in situation whereby we need blood ourself shall we ask whose blood we are having,demons or watever????

    • Hare Krishna..


      Both the replies are really great.. nice to read & understand the detailed information.


      Your servant

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Artha Kadamb Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Srila Prabhupada used to call surgical operations as demoniac way of curing the disease. He told that we can use them only in extreme situations. To give blood to a karmi person then becoming healthy he will use body again in sense gratification. So what is the use? we will get bad karma.

    It is not even recomended to give charity - money to such like people what to speak of blood.

    But there was one time one Devotee needed one kidney in order to survive then they asked for kidney from Devotees all around the world.

    Several Deveotees agreed to give. But only 1-2 Devotees' kidneys were compatibly for him. then that Devotee gave his one kidney in this way saved life of a Devotee who than continued use his body, mind in preaching the glories of the Lord.

    Your servant, 

    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

      Please do not take any of my words as offensive as I am very ignorant.

       How do we know that the person whom we are donating the blood will NOT BE KRISHNA CONSCIOUS in future.

      He may well be krishna conscious in future upon coming in devotee association or whatever. Very few are born krishna conscious, we are becoming some only because of mercy of shrila prabhupada. SO how to limit the mercy of srila prabhupada that the person who is availing the blood will just use it for sense gratification??? He may turn out to be a great devotee. Only thing is that somehow we got the little bit of mercy and he is yet to get it. Human body is already very difficult to get. 

    • Thank you Bhaktin Maral.

      This helps to understand :)

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