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    We own nothing. Everything in the universe is owned by Krishna. He is the real owner. How could you possibly donate?

    Everything must be used in the service of the owner. Otherwise we are thieves. According to Bhagavatam, those who keep for themselves more than it takes to maintain the body alive is surely stealing from and Lord and will receive proper punishment.

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  • Best donation is to give him the Name of Krishna for chanting. Give him Prasadam to eat and Bhagwat Gita Yatha roop to read.


  • Hare Krishna,

    So far as my knowledge is concerned, the best donation for human beings is the donation of spiritual knowledge. This is so because if you help out a person with money, food, clothes etc. these will exhaust some time or the other. However, the knowledge of spirituality that he has gained in this birth will remain with him even in his next birth. Also, he will be able to understand Krishna and go back to Godhead if he practices a disciplined spiritual life. 

    But in my opinion, you should also not refrain from helping out the needy. Along with the material things if you can offer spiritual guidance to him/her then its great. Hope this helps!

    • Hare Krishna, Very nice reply from Ankita.

      The Spiritual Gyan is a great donation and help that you can provide to a person in need, it will stay with a person forever and you it might have a profound effect on a person. But for a person who is himself discovering or to say new to the spiritual gyan and the path of devotion, cannot really start preaching.

      So as they say we have to start somewhere, feed a hungry mouth, sponsor someone's education, help someone in medical treatment... if you are looking to donate there are lots of ways and more ways will be shown to you by HIM.

      Another important thing to be always kept in mind is that "We are not donating" this has been given by HIM and we are just submitting it again to him. Everything has to be "Hari Arpan". We don't have to get into the doership of the act.

      Once we are into Self-less service, we might just become 'able' to distribute the spiritual gyan.

      Hari Bol.

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        Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

        How nicely explained the answers by above Devotees!

        Yes, true the best thing is to tell to a person to get out of this world by chanting the Holy Names. Which means the ultimate knowledge. Knowledge about soul and Super Soul Krishna. 

        Just now heard in the lecture that all Vaishyas, kshatriyas, brahmanas have right to gain knowledge but only brahmana's duty is to give knowledge to others. And everyone should give donation including brahmanas but to get charity is permitted only to brahmanas. Vaishyas, Kshatriyas or shudras should not live for charity. But gain wealth performing their duties according to their nature.

        Brahmanas may get today a paisa so they should fast if they get more then they should share it with other brahmanas. Why brahmanas? Because they do not have time for other jobs, but they are busy with studying and giving knowledge to others. And also they should be austere, living pure life controlling senses. 

        One may not be able to give knowledge as a donation then he or she can help those who can give knowledge by donating them basic needs for their maintenance. For example, one may not distribute books whole day or translate books of Srila Prabhupada but one may collect some money and give it as a charity for book print. 

        Or one may live in the city and may not take care of cows so one may give whatever he or she can to support cows and help those who are taking care of cows.

        Or one may not be able to travel always and preach so one can help to such like person to preach. 

        Or there are many other ways of preaching are going on these days direct, through print media, online media, TV, one can help to such like preaching missions and glorify Krishna. 


        Your servant, 

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