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Hare Krsna

I heard an audio, but not sure who the speaker was. He mentioned, the asuras once resided in their own universe, then later in planets, later in the same planet as humans, then in the same family and eventually the asura lives within the person. My question is, is there such a description in the vedic text and if so, what is the reference?

Thank you

Hare Krishna  

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Hare Krsna

What is the reference ?

I am not aware of any verse regarding this. But this is a verifiable observation.

Demons & devotees (demigods) are given different planetary systems. In Satya yuga the lived in their respective planetary systems. Every time demons tried to occupy like Hiranyakasipu or Bali Maharaja, Sri Vishnu intervened & set things right. Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyaksa were killed, Bali Maharaj was sent to his planet. 

In Treta yuga, demons occupied lanka, where as devotees like vanaras, bears etc were in mainland (Bharata varsha) but in same planetary system. So Sri Rama created a bridge across ocean and killed Ravana

In Dwapara yuga, demons and devotees appeared in same family like kauravas & pandavas, Kamsa & Krsna . Sri Krsna either Himself or by His devotees arranged for demons to be killed even though they were family members. 

In Kali yuga they demoniac and divine mentalities reside in same persons. If demons are to be killed, nobody will remain on planet earth. Hence Sri Krsna has appeared as His holy name and Sri Chaitanya appeared to distribute holy name. Holy name is available to anyone and everyone in Kali yuga. Only Holy name can destroy the demoniac mentalities present within the people. If people are not willing to give-up their demoniac tendencies then Sri Krsna will appear as Sri Kalki in end of Kali-yuga and wipe them.

Hare Krsna

Mahishasur descendants are still living in India. They are very good people. Very normal like other Hindus.

Hare Krishna!

YESS, A big YESS, in the Vedic texts it's all mentioned and I will quote the references.

It is said that in Satya Yuga, the “Bull of Dharma” stands on 4 legs, which means that all humans follow Dharma. There is peace and prosperity everywhere. Life is perfect and it is quite normal to have “darshan” of God.

(Now, this term “bull of Dharma” could mean two things. Either that it is the vehicle of Yamaraj, God of death, who is also called Dharma and whose vehicle is a bull, or it could just mean that Dharma is symbolized to a bull, and maybe nothing related to Yamaraj's bull. I think it is more likely that the former meaning is true.

Asuras existed in Satya Yug, too, but they belonged to Patal Lok (Different Planetery systems). These Yugas are for Earth's age (Prithvi) and not Patal Lok. It is called Satya Yug because every human stuck to Dharma. Humans achieved a status higher than Devas (demigods) and that is Moksha, the union with God (Vishnu or Shiva depending on different beliefs). Satya Yug exists for 1,728,000 years. And human life was very long. Humans could continue living for thousands of years. They were the healthiest, tallest, strongest.

In Treta Yug, this bull of Dharma stands on 3 legs. Which means 75% people follow Dharma and 25% have deviated from the path of Dharma. But the world is still a good place, if not perfect. It exists for 1,296,000 years.

In Dwapara Yug, this bull stands on 2 legs. So half the people follow Dharma and the other half either need to be guided or need to be destroyed. It exists for 864,000 years.

And finally, Kali Yug, the age in which we live, is the most depressing one, since a majority of people have deviated from the path of Dharma. It won't immediately result into anything, but in the long run, there will be chaos, disorder and war throughout the world. Human life will become shorter and shorter.

Note that the duration of Kaliyug is 432,000 years and it has been only around 5116 years since its start. The overall global situation is still under control, barring a few groups who try to cause chaos all over the world but lose influence and power very fast (like terror groups). A global level catastrophe may not happen for several millennia, but it is bound to happen. No one can imagine the scale of chaos and war. The whole world will be war-torn. Every country will fight against every other country. And the country’s own citizens will also fight amongst themselves. The whole world will be in a situation hundreds of times messier, than the mess we see in the Middle East currently. And no country will be able to gain absolute control over the situation.

Because after Kaliyug comes Pralaya, which leads to the end of this world, which further leads to rebirth. It starts all over again from Satya Yug. The world will start afresh. The coming of Pralaya symbolizes the end of the life of Prithvi (Earth) which is 4,320,000 years. (10 times more than the duration of Kaliyug).

The fight between Asuras and Devas is constant. It won't end. But in Kali Yug, we cannot witness it directly. Human capacity has limited itself. A small minority may witness many such things but no one will believe them if they reveal any such thing.

The existence of Asuras and Rakshasas is inconsequential to the naming of different Yugas. These Yugas are different stages of Prithvi’s life.

Hare Krishna
Yup its true, as given by the bull's example.
I also heard the same that in SatYug the fight was b/w two different Worlds the SurLok and AsurLok, in TretaYug the fight was b/w two nations Bharat and Lanka, then in DwaparYug the tussle started b/w two families Kaurav and Pandav though they were from the same clan Kuru, and now in the Kaliyug we fight within ourselves with anger, feelings, depression, desires, wants, sight, smell, taste, diseases and ample to mention.
This is what the actual truth is. This what we may claim as the starting of needs to know the ultimate Brahm Gyan. The Supreme Lord says, the only was for good to win, is to dedicate the fight to KrSna.
Jai Dwarkadhish.


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