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Hare Krsna

I heard an audio, but not sure who the speaker was. He mentioned, the asuras once resided in their own universe, then later in planets, later in the same planet as humans, then in the same family and eventually the asura lives within the pe

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Understanding BG 2

"The Mayavadi theory of oneness of the spirit soul cannot be entertained on the ground that the spirit soul cannot be cut into pieces as a fragmental portion. Such cutting into different individual souls would make the Supreme cleavable or changeable

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The 5 level of knowledge

Hare Krsna (^_^)

Dandavats to all saintly vaishnavas.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I'd like to know the explanation in details of 5 level of knowledge:

1. jara jñān, 2. atma jñān,3. nirveda brahma jñān, 4. isvara jñān, 5. shudha madyura jñān.

Also, I'

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About Eternal Time

Hare Krishna dear devotees, I have a question about Time.

Everywhere time is mentioned in the scriptures as an element of the material manifestarion, it is called “eternal time”. Why is it “eternal”, if it is a material creation?


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