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The “American Dream” is built on the presumption of free will: If we try hard enough and work smart enough, we can reach our goals. Yet karma and destiny are some of the biggest influences in our life. Now new findings in neuroscience have a lot to say about free will vs. determination.


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From Back to Godhead

Are we the makers of our destiny or is life pre-destined? Find out here . . . .

In the Mahabharata, Vidura explained to Dhritarastra, “Destiny determines the consequences of our actions, not our actions themselves.” This means that we are not like programmed robots that have no free will, or no choice. Our past karma does determine what will happen in our life, but it does not determine how we will react to it.

Destiny is something like a weather forecast on a journey. A we

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The tussle between “freewill” and “destiny” has been primordial. There is one famous Greek play titled “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles. The main character Oedipus has the tragic destiny of marrying his own mother revealed to him by the soothsayer. Shaken by the revelation, he decides to escape his fate by leaving his royal parents and his kingdom, but ironically the more he tries to give a slip, nearer he gets to the prediction. Finally the fate takes the better of him. He later learns of the commis

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Destiny by Bhaktimarga Swami

8421870301?profile=RESIZE_400xThese days I’m missing Argentina, Cuba, Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname, India, South Africa, Mauritius as well as parts of the US and Canada, which are all my regular places of visitation. Woe is me! Like so many people on this planet, Earth, we are bound.

My peers, some of which are sannyasis (full-fledged monks), gurus and sages, both men and women, are all in the same boat. Most of us have established a home-base.

But we have considered carefully what is our actual home, and are we moving in the

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