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The Cowherd Boy by Dhirasanta Das Goswami


Once there was a little boy called Gopal who lived in a rural area with his mother, who was a widow. When he was five years old his mother sent him to school.
The road to the village school passed through a forest and seemed very long; at first the little boy thought he had lost his way. He walked on and on, until he saw the other village boys going to school and at once joined them on the path and finally reached the school.
Gopal spent his time very happily at school. When lessons were over h

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The Spread Of The Lumpy Skin Disease In Cows

10828764254?profile=RESIZE_584xBy Khusboo Basan 

The viral infection has killed nearly 75,000 cattle in India and spread to more than 10 States and UTs, hitting Rajasthan the worst

The lumpy skin disease outbreak continues to affect dairy farmers, especially small cultivators in India and South Asia. The infection, caused by the capripoxvirus, is spread by blood-feeding insects. It is an infectious viral disease in cattle, which often occurs in epizootic form. The disease is characterized by the eruption of nodules in the ski

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8320303268?profile=RESIZE_584xA devotee farmer near the Gita Nagari farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania, has received a Farm Ownership Loan from the USDA Farm Service Agency, which offers low rates to help new farmers buy farms. The program offers up to 100% financing on up to $600,000, and encourages people to take up farming and save farmland for future generations.

Considering Srila Prabhupada’s many teachings advocating cow protection, food production and self-sufficiency, Gita Nagari’s leaders as well as ISKCON North Ameri

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