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     After years of dreaming of a better, more modern IPM website for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada, today it finally manifested. I felt like crying out of joy! Kṛṣṇa helped me make this desire a reality by inspiring Svarbhanu prabhu to embrace this project as his service. I am so very grateful to him.

     For the very first time, all of the inmates’ artwork is beautifully displayed and easily accessible to all of you. You can double click on any drawing or painting t

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Srila Prabhupada once said that history will mark how ISKCON saved the world in its darkest hour. As the world society becomes more and more degraded, our mission to step forward and bring some light in the form of spiritual books becomes more and more urgent and necessary. This book is my small attempt in this direction. The main factor in deciding about publishing this book as a free e-book instead of hard copy is to allow all interested devotees to have easy access to it and to share with the
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Analogies for Preaching

Authorities and Lawyers (2:10:51)

Any question that is put forward may be answered by quoting the authority, and that satisfies the saner section. That is the system even in the law court. The best lawyer gives evidence from the past judgement of the court without taking much trouble to establish his case. This is called the parampara system and learned authorities follow it without manufacturing rubbish interpretations.

Activities (Material and Spiritual) & Milk Preparations (4:30:19)


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Think of a businessman who instructed by his boss to expand their business and establish branches of the company throughout the world. Besides that, long ago the founder of that company also predicted - one day their company will have branches all over the world and flourish with millions of dedicated employees and enthusiastic customers. Even though these are mere instructions and predictions, this gentleman took very seriously and decided to dedicate his life to fulfill those predictions. Only

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