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By Thomas Haribol

A new video released by ISKCON Vrindavan shows the extent of the flooding of the Yamuna River as of June 16, 2023.  Drone footage shows the impact upon key historical areas like the Keshi Ghat and the Bhaktivedanta Swami Goshala, home to 350 cows, bulls, and calves.  The expanding waters of Yamunaji have reached the gates of the goshala, and steps are being taken to ensure the safety and relocation of the cows as needed. On July 17th, a Yamuna Arati was performed.

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Meditating on the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Muralimanohara, placing myself at the dust of Lord Caitanya’s feet, and respectfully offering obeisances to the great devotees of the Lord, who are so many oceans of transcendental virtue, I shall now happily begin to praise the transcendental opulences of Sri Vrndavana.

I am not strong enough to go to the far shore of the great nectar ocean of Vrindavan’s glories. Who can go there? However, because I love Vrindavan I will now dip into that ocean.

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Like so many parts of India, the holiest city of Vrindavan is suffering from the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Due to the ongoing outbreak of the Corona Virus, ISKCON Vrindavan reports that it has recently lost five wonderful devotees who were a part of the community.

Throughout the pandemic, if a Devotee of ISKCON Vrindavan contracts the virus, the Devotee Care Department provides them with medical and emotional support, to the best of their abilities. They are always ready to give any sort of a

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The loving service of the Lord in ISKCON Vrindavan is being carried out by the dedicated devotees living within the temple compound, while simultaneously taking full precautions such as social distancing, hygiene and so forth. In order to celebrate the auspicious festival of Chandan Yatra, the devotees had started grinding Chandan well in advance, and, the day before the festival, other Vaishnavas artistically prepared gorgeous flower ornaments for the deities. On Akshaya Tritiya, the Lords we

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Announcement from Krishna Balaram Mandir’s Temple President:

Everyone is familiar with the Coronavirus. They say in the news that India is now at stage 2 and stage 3 means it becomes widespread because many people are actually carrying the virus but it is dormant and not acting. We had to take hard decision, its a difficult and coordinated decision, and we are closing the Temple today at 01:00 PM for two weeks. It will be open for resident devotees only. There will be many questions and concern

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By Nilachala Caitanya Dasa

Here is the yatra going on at Vrindavan. 1000 Nepali devotees yatra with HG Patri Prabhu at Vrindavan. Yatra Stories. Wonderful Kirtan and Katha. It’s super thrilling! Special Address and warm welcome to Nepali Devotees from Member of Parliament (Mathura), Smt. Hema Malini ji. We are really honored by your loving reciprocation and devotees of Nepal will always remember this special day.




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Kartika is glorified in the Puranas as very special for making spiritual advancement and the best place to be in Kartika is Sri Braja Dham. In fact this month is known as Damodar, since in the middle of this month, the Lord performed His very enchanting Damodar Lila. Kartika month also represents Radharani, and devotees perform special austerities to gain Her favor.
With great happiness in our hearts, we invite everyone to join in the auspicious Kartika Festival in Vrindavan. We have organ
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