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Apr 1
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Acyuta sevika devi dasi's discussion Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
"Every state had and his its own top sampraday, gaudiya vaishnavism came much later when prabhupada restarted the preaching movement. In maharashtra, Varkari and dutt sampraday and ramanandi sampraday started by samarth ram das swami are prominent…"
Apr 1
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Mar 18
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Nami's discussion Help with interpreting my dream
"bhakti means purifications , the more you get purified the more purified dreams you will see. Focus on reading , hearing and chanting."
Mar 14
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Harshitha's discussion Parents forcing me to eat non-veg food
"Hare krsna , 
I feel sad you are going through this, but real problem is our own karma, as the vaishnav song says" apan karam bhunjay shaman" . now our job is to rectify that karma we have got. Real help comes from krsna, so keep praying as hard as…"
Feb 29
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Dasa's discussion Sri Krishna and Lord Vishnu
" The answer to this question is that sloka of bhagwatam , ete chanskala pusam, krsnas tu bhagwan swayam, read prabhupad's purport on it but it is mere information you will get by reading it. dont give importance to such information, focus more on…"
Feb 20
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Damen James Draper's discussion Book smart…
"hare krsna,
In BG 18.58 krsna says by my grace you will come over all the obstacles , all the smartness comes from mercy not by reading books. All those read books dont get name ruci and chant 64 rounds, but very few by mercy chant more rounds."
Feb 8
Vrindavan Krsna replied to kunal Bhardwaj's discussion What's the Right Approach?
"Hare Krsna, pamho,
I understand your predicament, thats common in spiritual life, people are introduced to bhakti by whatever means, either by prasad or by books or by telling them you will be happy and successful. But nobody tells you that krsna…"
Dec 29, 2023
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Jayashree Ravi's discussion What if I do not observe parana on Dwadashi tithi?
"Hare krsna,
When you are worshipping supreme personality of godhead krsna, no need to keep fast for other demi gods, specially shani, because he is a krsna devotee himself . Moreover krsna says in bhagwat gita, no matter which god you worship…"
Dec 24, 2023
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Madhava das's discussion How are the new age gurus cheating people?
"that is not hurting in kaliyuga much, what hurting is, many so called gurus say disciple is mine and but his problems arent mine, he can donate money n serve me but if he has any problems, health issues , financial issues thats not my problem."
Dec 21, 2023
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Dec 11, 2023
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Madhavi Karale's discussion Seeing Nightmares
"hare krsna, pamho,
Please recite narsinh arati daily and visit narsinh mandir, apart from that, these matters come under jurisdiction of hanuman ji, so recite hanuman chalisa and sundar kand you will be protected.. Dm for more details."
Dec 6, 2023
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Kunal Sanjay Bhosale's discussion Controlling senses
"Hare Krsna prabhu,
It is good that you want to be in mode of goodness-satva guna. For developing satva guna you have to take extra efforts. Visiting temples , drinking charnamrit, associating with elevated devotees ( chanting more than 16 rounds)…"
Nov 23, 2023
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Madhava das's discussion What are the symptoms of a person who is not in the bodily concept of life?
"Well you can actually see such people in vrindavan, they are always busy in chanting, reading passtimes, distributing books, counselling new comers. A lot of them serve cows, do parikramas and purify their existence but to reach this level you need…"
Nov 23, 2023
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Devmalya's discussion Puja
"Hare krsna , pamho,
Prabhupad says " Religion is rule set by god, we should not create our own rules, if you cant do as per rules better do it mentally, mansik puja carries equal weight. "
Nov 22, 2023
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Oct 28, 2023