Vrindavan Krsna replied to Slamet Toro's discussion The huge mistake of censuring Puranas on base of 'they are not for this yuga' .
"Hare krsna prabhu, this is kripa marg ..80% mercy and 20 % your sadhana, so if you think by reading you are gonna get kripa , go on reading. BUT KET TO SUCCESS IS" MAHAD PAD RAJO ABHISHEKAM", dust of vaishnavas feet, "Shuddha bhakt charan renu" -A…"
Nov 29
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Nov 26
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Damen James Elwood Leroy Draper's discussion Spiritual master
"Hare Krsna prabhu, Srila Prabhupada is our param acharya, what you can do is, worship his photograh or small deity , may be you can get it online and start addressing him as your spiritual master. Untill the time krsna or SP arrange association or…"
Nov 22
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Varun Pant's discussion Devotion in winters
"Punkech prabhu, there is enough sun light in India that provides vitamin D, provided one wakes up early and takes sun bath between 6 to 8 am. In UK, they spend days without sunlight, not the condition here. Also, Vitamin D can consumed through…"
Nov 21
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Varun Pant's discussion Devotion in winters
"Hare Krsna, your problem is not able to wake up early and chant. Eating less in the night helps one to wake up early. However, you are giving priority to your body than your soul. Chanting is for stopping the degradation and transmirgation of the…"
Nov 21
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Rajat Gupta's discussion Celibacy in marriage
"Why worry when there is hari? Just surrender to Krsna , have faith which you dont have right now, so develop your faith in krsna by hearing more lectures, associate more with "advanced" devotees.  Dont just stick to chanting 16 rounds, try to raise…"
Nov 19
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Sanjoy Dey's discussion Demigod Worship
"Find professional bramhins who can recite sri-suktam"
Nov 16
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Sanjoy Dey's discussion Demigod Worship
"Hare krsna, the most desired way of pleasing laxmi maharani is by serving her beloved husband Sri Vishnu, laxmi  maharani created sri sampraday and she is an acharya of that sampraday and the main objective of any bonafide sampraday is to worship…"
Nov 14
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Shambhavi Sharma's discussion Who is Chandrawali? Is she an expansion of Srimati Radharani? Is she comparable to Srimati Radharani?
"Hare krsna, Yes chandrawali is an expansion of radha rani and there is no comparision disease in the spiritual world, radha rani loves other gopi serving krsna and other gopis love seeing radha rani mixing with krsna. Rukhmini maharani the most dear…"
Nov 14
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Gaur nitai's discussion Bhagwat Gita fell down by mistake
"hare krsna prabhu, this can be termed as one of the seva aparadh, to nullify this aparadh read one chapter of BG everyday.  Geeta Jayanti is coming soon, worship it as we worship dieties, offer flowers and do parikrama too. Also, distribute bhagwat…"
Nov 11
Vrindavan Krsna posted a blog post
 How mantra meditation balances your mind: Its only words, a famous song during our college time. but quite a truth. Words can take your heart away. Be it a pep talk given to players during half times or time outs. or be it a war cry. It gives…
Nov 8
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Nov 6
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Sumeet Razdan's discussion Planetary Systems Clarifications Required!!!
"hare krsna prabhu,
Please read bhagwatam 5th canto then all your questions will be answered. Copy pasting team will do its work but the basic principle you are missing out here is, these are upper planets things and one is elligible to travel to…"
Nov 3
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Nov 1
Vrindavan Krsna replied to Swetha Pai's discussion Why Did Lord Krishna Part With Gopis And Leave Vrindavan When They Were His Most Beloved Devotees?
"Krsna never left vrindavan, vrindavanam parityajyam padekam na gachhati, krsna was and is always in vrindavan, he was with the gopis and never left them. Gopis had the practice of connecting anything with krsna, when they would see tamal tree they…"
Nov 1
Vrindavan Krsna replied to mx's discussion Krishna consciousness and tolerant nature
"Hare krsna prabhu, I can understand your predicament, The first thing you have to do is increase your spiritual strength, and that can be done by extra chanting and by serving devotee.The more strength you have the more you are able to handle…"
Oct 24