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Who is Lalita-sasti?

Hare Krishna great devotees. My dandavat pranam to all of you. I had installed the Vaishnava calendar software last month & it is written that today is the appearence day of Lalita-sakhi. She is intimidate confidante of Srimati Radharani. what does t

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Worshipping Lord Ganesha?

I am reading the book "Nectar Of Devotion". In the chapter "Offences to be avoided" it is written that all devotees must worship Lord Ganesha. The same is written in Brahma-Samhita. Also it is written that Lord Ganesha worships the lotus feet of Lord

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Questions on Kurukshetra War

Hare Krishna great devotees! My dandvat pranam to you! This question always comes to my mind that why good people like Bhishma & Abhimanyu died in such a bad manner & why bad guys apart from Dushasana were killed in a relatively simple way?

Has Srila

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Who is Sri Isopanisad?

Hare Krsna dear great devotees My dandvat pranam to you. When i began reading Sri Isopanisad I thought that it was a scripture but when i began reading from mantras 15-18 i became confused? It is as if some one is praying to the Lord. Hence my questi

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Ekadashi And Sins

Hare Krishna to all the devotees!My dandvat pranam to you!PAMHO. May be this is a very bizzarre or stupid question but i feel like asking.

Suppose anyone sucessfully execute ekadashi God decides to send him to Vaikuntha. but then he continues to perfo

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