Questions on Kurukshetra War

Hare Krishna great devotees! My dandvat pranam to you! This question always comes to my mind that why good people like Bhishma & Abhimanyu died in such a bad manner & why bad guys apart from Dushasana were killed in a relatively simple way?

Has Srila Prabhupada written any book on the battle?

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  • Hare Krsna,,,,

    One devotee answered me this question few months back.....

    It might be correct answer and may help n satisfy u.

    The great devotees die in such a way coz may be Krishna wants them back in Goloka dhaam. And to go to Golaka dhaam, one shud be  pure and must be free from all his previous karma's reactions. To make one free from one's previous or all karma's reaction,,,, krishna arranges n shrinks all the future pains in one birth which one might get in one's next birth. 

    So if all coming n future pains shrinks and given at single time, it would be severe.

    Externally we see that person is suffering by such kind of death.....but krishna willing might be that person is prepared to go to Golaka Dhaam.

    And Bhishma & Abhimanyu are great devotees of lord........

    I hope this could be answers of ur question.


    PLz forgive me if i did any offence.






  • Volunteer

    yes, i think there is a reason of such like death of Abhimanyu. long ago i heard but really forgot. Maybe other Devotees know and may help You.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Romit Kelkar Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    just yesterday heard in the lecture about this.

    There are so many meanings in that war and one meaning is so:

    Bhishma was a great worrier, even Arjuna was weaker than him. And Bhishma was also a Devotee of Krishna, because of that he wanted to tell the world that even if you are greater than the greatest if you are against Krishna and His Devotees YOU WILL DIE; YOU WILL BE DEFEATED!

     Abhimanyu was very, very, very dear to Arjuna. He was also very good worrier also a Devotee and also son of Arjuna. But he died attacking to 7-8 strong, experienced worriers. Of course for Arjuna it was the most terrible thing in his life but even thou he did not stop but fulfilled the desire of Krishna. not looking to his own desires or feelings. 

    Relatively simple way? for example if you play chess with a new comer you will win him very easily. but if the player is very strong, the game may last for few hours.

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