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  • Thank you.Wish you the same.Haribol
  • Dandavat pranam prabhuji,


    Thankyou for your prayers and hope to be in constant association with you hence forth... haribol .. Happy Damodara month..
  • Hare Krishna dear prabhu ji! Please accept my humble obeisances. Thank you kindly for your association. Calgary is in west Canada, very very far from France, Paris! But I left France such a long time ago, I have a hard time calling it home now:-) Please feel free to speak with me in French, I would be more than happy to serve in such a way. What pleases Sri Krishna's devotees is very dear to me, and I will do my best to serve you in that way. All glories to His Divine Grace! YS
  • Thank you very much for your comment prabhuji.. I am very happy, that krishna will be happy..

  • HareKrishna Prabhuji,

                                    Many thanks for your mail and your blessings. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada. Kindly accept my pranaams. I am endeavouring to be a good devotee and a servant to all the Vaishnavas. Look forward to your association and guidance.

    your humble servant,


  • Sevak

    send me all details on

    or call Mobile: 9224 258250

  • am completely agree with u, hare krsna

  • Pranam Prabhuji

    Thanks for inviting me ..

    Hare Krishna!!!



  • Hare Krsna prabu.....Pamho..

    My apologies for late reply. my sincere thanks for ur blessings prabu..

    your aspiring servant,



  • hare krishna!! Extremely sorry for replying so late....but it was very nice of u to tell me that I must pray that all devotees must also do something for me.......but I just hope that I always get the golden chance of serving devotees like u n expecting nothing in return.
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