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  • Hare Krishna!

    Please accept my most humble obeisances!

    I am very happy and consider myself lucky that you chose to talk with me. Prabhuji, first of all I would want to guide to a the most appropriate and an excellent book by my Guru Maharaj, His Holiness Sripad Bhakti Vikas Swami, "Brahmacarya in Krishna Consciousness". It is a must read for every one like us. Prabhuji, most of the views that I'll write now are from that book and based on that book. I have no knowledge of spiritual matters and a very deep philosophy like Brahmacarya, but because of your query, I am trying the best to answer it, please excuse me and correct me, If I am wrong somewhere.

    Brahmacarya, is as per the scriptures is a prerequisite and we must follow. It involves abstinence from illicit sex life even in thoughts. You must not even think of it. In this age of Kali, almost everyone we see or meet is pervert. Media and T.V are polluting the minds of the young and that is very disturbing. You think about Krishna and get down from the bus and bham you see a perverted poster right infront of your eyes. We try to control ourselves so many times but it becomes highly difficult. Now this is a problem. and Srila Prabhupada says the solution for all problems is........Krishna consciousness. But to be a Krishna conscious you must follow Brahmcarya. So it seems kind of confusing forming a vicious circle.
  • Haribol ---my devotee association can only come from here,there are devotees of lord Krishna that live 4 hours drive back and forth from me,It is difficult for me finnancialy to associate with them.In Tel -Aviv in the center of Israelthere are also some more devotees i think about 50 to 60 in the whole country.
    Sankritan is insane here, The devotees keep the deities in a cubord or wooden box, so if someone may suprisingly enter the house ---we can not tell the truth about krsna--i told a mslim quest i had about krsna-how it is the personal aspect of god, and he said that according to
  • Hare Krishna,
    Please Accept My Humble Obeisances.
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