Karma - effect of the same on our day to day life

Dear SirJAI SHRI KRISHNA...JAI SHREE RAMWe very often hear that all our future depends on the karma we have done in the past. How do we relate our destiny to it coz what ever is written in our destiny that is bound to happen so how do i related my destiny with karma.Also, i understand that God has given human beings to act according to its will. How would one co relate past karm, destiny and will

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  • Nice command ji
    Is there any need to count the karma's of a devotee?
  • Hare Krishna, its difficult to understand how the karma cycle works.....like what is perfect reaction for my action.......which action will give me what reaction.... But one thing we must understand nothing happens without the santion of Parmatma. We desire...the parmatma checks whether we deserve the results...he then manupulates the material enegry and you get the results....Now if you dont desrve then you go on doing the good action and that too by the santion of Parmatma...and then after some life time you get the results...........there is much to talk on this...hari bol..But one thing is there just chant Hare krishna....and the lord will take care of everthing.
    • Thanks....i got your point
      Deserve in material sense or spiritual sense??
    • Hare Krishna Devotees, if am wrong any where please correct me anytime.
    • Hare Krishna!
      Please accept my humble obeisances..
      It is Nature's Law - Each action has its equal and opposite reaction.. It is very childish to distinguish between material and spiritual.. Everything is Spiritual in one sense.. but as we are contimanted so this distinction is there..
      I have heard from Senior Devotees, that whatever you do .. you should be ready for the result.. you dont expect results.. That's OK but you should be ready for Results.. For impious deeds done .. you should be ready to accept sufferings.. whatever Krishna Sanctions and If U R Sincere.. then Krishna will defintely see to it.. But U must be Ready..
      A Devotees mentalit is such that He is Ready to accept whatever Krishna wishes to give him, whether a Favourable condition or an Unfavourable condition... That is what Practical Surrender is all about..
      Please take my reply as mere suggestion... If it hurts Ur Heart than I am very sorry...
    • thank you so much......even i accept your ideology
    • Ofcourse material....Spiritual progress has nothing to do with your material situation.
    • I am just repeating what i have heard and read.
  • see it u surrender to Krsna.. he can change your destiny.... i mean that is the meaning of GOD he can do anything... provided u surrender
    • Just how do you surrender to Krishna? What do you have to do?
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