Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi

Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati's
Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi
(The Nectar Moon of Sri Radha's Sweetness)

1. O Radha, if You affectionately show me to Your beloved, who walks on the path of debauchery, then please hear how I will faithfully serve You. With smiling sidelong glances, and with the hairs of my body standing up with joy, I will tightly embrace Your beloved. In this way I will taste the nectar of service to Your feet.

2. "You like the dark sky when the moon is waning, the newly blossoming blue lotus, the black deer, the dark tamala tree, the dark monsoon clouds, and the dark Yamuna river. Why, then, do You dislike charming Krsna, who is so like them in name and form?" Will I see You smile, O Radha, as I speak these words?

3. I meditate on the girls of Vraja as they follow Sri Radha, their eyes like blue lotus flowers tossed to and fro by waves of playful glances, Their breasts like pairs of golden mountains flying in the sky, and their feet like blossoming lotus flowers suddenly planted in the ground.

4. Your eyes are like two charming fishes swimming in the ocean of nectar. Your breasts are like two cakravaka birds in the lake of nectar. Your face is like a golden lotus blossoming in the celestial Ganga. O Radha, may the many glories of the waves of Your mercy splash against me.

5. Will a certain unattainable girl, who is wonderfully glorious in Her lover's company, who is the jewel of saintly and beautiful girls, whose toenail moons on Her lotus feet shine with great moonlight, a single ray of which is more glorious than millions of goddesses of fortune, who enjoys pastimes in the nectar ocean of fathomless love, and whose limbs blossom with sweetness and charm, be merciful to me?

6. O Radha, O goddess who in a temple of jasmine flowers by the Yamuna's shore enjoys charming pastimes with your forest flower-garlanded lover, O goddess who plays in a wonderful and eternal nectar ocean of pastimes, please splash me with the many glories of the waves of Your mercy.

7. O daughter of Vrsabhanu, O goddess from whose lotus feet stream waves of love and bliss, O goddess before whose maidservants the Kamadeva of Vrndavana, yearning to attain the festival of Your mercy, speaks sweet words, I bow down before Your beautiful feet.

8. May the two wonderful syllables Ra-dha, which at once attract even the king of Gokula, which teach the love-filled devotees that all material goals are very petty and unimportant, and which are chanted by Lord Krsna Himself, even though He is already the husband of the goddess of fortune, appear before me.

9. May the two syllable mantra "Radha", which Lord Hari, sitting like the king of yogis in a cottage by the Yamuna's shore, meditating on Her lotus feet, overcome with splendid bliss and nectar love, and His eyes filled with tears, always chants, always appear in my heart.

10. The nectarean word "Radha", which is very far from the demigods, the liberated souls, the devotees, and the kindly persons who are friends to all, which when spoken with love brings a flood of the blissful nectar of love, and which Lord Hari, tears streaming down His face, happily hears, chants, and sings in the company of the gopis, is my life and soul.
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  • My dandavats to you!!!!!!!!!!!
  • radhe radhe shyam mila de
  • glória e mais glória para Hari e seus associados eternos

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  • jai jai sri radhe ! jai sri vrindavan dhaam ! jai Srila Prabhupad !
  • Radhe Radhe maataji....................the comment which gaurav prabhuji posted below is truth..........and this is eternal knowledge given by you to us ...........i bow down before you......Radhe Radhe................
  • Radhe Radhe!

    Nice Narration mathaji!

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