Gita Govinda

Gita Govinda - Radha’s feelings of separation from Krsna
Song by Jayadeva Gosvami

When Radha saw Krsna enjoying affectionate exchanges with all the cowherd maidens in the groves of Vrndavana, she became indignant because he had not acknowledged her eminence. She immediately departed for another part of the forest and hid herself inside a shady bower that resounded with the drone of bumblebees. When the sakhi saw Radha powerless to go to Krsna despite her being fervently desirous of his company, she described Radha’s condition to Govinda, who was himself inflicted physically and psychologically with transformations of intense amorous desire.

atrantare ca kulata-kula-vartma-patasanjata-
pataka iva sphuta-lanchana-srih
vrndavanantaram adipayad amsu-jalair
dik-sundari-vadana-candana-bindur induh
Krsna was absorbed in thoughts of Radha. In the meantime, the moon enhanced the beauty of Vrndavana with his gentle rays. The moon appeared like a drop of sandalwood paste on the lotus face of a beautiful newly married woman in the form of the eastern direction. His limbs bore a stain like the mark of tuberculosis on an unchaste woman when she
strays from the path of social etiquette.

prasarati sasadhara-bimbe vihita-vilambe ca madhave vidhura
viracita-vividha-vilapam sa paritapam cakaroccaih
The moon had already risen to its zenith and Madhava was late. Therefore, afflicted by separation and loudly expressing her lamentation in various ways, Radha began to suffer the most intense agony.

kathita-samaye ’pi harir ahaha na yayau vanam
mama viphalam idam amalam api rupa-yauvanam
yami he! kam iha saranam
sakhi-jana-vacana-vancita (refrain) (1)
“Alas, alas! My immaculate youth and beauty are all in vain because Hari has not come to the forest at the appointed time. I have been cheated by my friends, so to whom may I turn for shelter now?”

yad-anugamanaya nisi gahanam api silitam
tena mama hrdayam idam asamasara-kilitam
yami he! kam iha... (2)
“Alas! That very person, in pursuance of whom I have even entered this wild forest on such a dark night, is piercing my heart with arrows of sensuality. To whom may I turn for shelter?”

mama maranam eva varam ati-vitatha-ketana
kim iha visahami virahanalam acetana
yami he! kam iha... (3)
“It is useless to maintain this body any longer. I should die at once. I am becoming senseless. How can I endure this intolerable fire of separation?”

mam ahaha vidhurayati madhura-madhu-yamini
kapi harim anubhavati krta-sukrta-kamini
yami he! kam iha... (4)
“Oh, how unfortunate I am. This exceptionally sweet spring night makes me unsteady with the pain of loneliness. At a time like this it is certain that elsewhere some impassioned young woman is experiencing the highest happiness
as she enjoys the fruit of her pious activities in the form of making love with Krsna.”

ahaha kalayami valayadi-mani-bhusanam
hari-viraha-dahana-vahanena bahu-dusanam
yami he! kam iha... (5)
“Alas, alas! All my jewel-encrusted bangles and other ornaments are inflaming the fire of separation and inflicting unlimited misery. Therefore they also seem to be guilty.”

kusuma-sukumara-tanum atanu-sara-lilaya
srag api hrdi hanti mam ati-visama-silaya
yami he! kam iha... (6)
(To say nothing of my other ornaments) “Even this garland of forest flowers on my chest is inflicting terrible blows like the arrows of Cupid upon my body, which is more delicate than the softest flower blossoms.”

aham iha nivasami na ganita-vana-vetasa
smarati madhusudano mam api na cetasa
yami he! kam iha... (7)
“I fearlessly sit waiting for Krsna, even in the midst of this formidable cane forest. But how astonishing it is that Madhusudana does not remember me even once.”

vasatu hrdi yuvatir iva komala-kalavati
yami he! kam iha... (8)
As the qualities of a young woman, who is expert in all arts and whose body is soft and radiant, always shine within the heart of a young man, similarly may this delightful song of Sri Jayadeva, who is unconditionally surrendered at the lotus feet of Sri Krsna, always grace the hearts of the devotees.

tat kim kam api kaminim abhisrtah kim va kala-kelibhir
baddho bandhubhir andhakarini vanabhyarne kim udbhramyati
kantah klanta-mana manag api pathi prasthatum evaksamah
sanketi-krta-manju-vanjula-lata-kunje ’pi yan nagatah
“Sri Krsna is more dear to me than my own life. Why has he not come to the appointed chamber of blossoming vines? What is the mystery behind it? Did he go for a tryst with another passionate woman? Did he inadvertently allow the
appointed time to pass in the joy of playing with his friends? Is he wandering around, unable to find this place in the terrible darkness cast by the shadow of this dense mass of trees? Is he so debilitated by feelings of separation from me that he cannot walk even a single step?”
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  • Hare Krishna ! I read but could not understand the sanskrut bhasha in english alphabets. However Radha Rani's pictorial depiction electrifies a true and only true devotee and he or she starts fantacising of being in place of Radha Rani, feeling the eparation of Baanke Bihari. Will it be possible to publish sanskrit version? The message will reach far deeper inside our heart. In my view your are not serving Ginger but instead bringing forward the tenderest of the feelings as have been felt by Saints in the past.
  • Radhe Radhe,
    Ok. If this is general opinion then I will not publish Gita Govinda.
  • Hare Krishna Mataji !
    what you have sent is Nectar, But As Gaur-gadadhar Prabhu has said.. I also support his views.. It is too confedential for devotees, who are still in their bodily platform. please something instructive, from Bhagwatam or from Bhagwad Gita or from Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu.. or similar literatures.
    These confedential pastimes will do more harm than Good. The neophyte devotees will only make "Aparadh in the lotus feet of Radharani". Please dont take my words otherwise and if you felt hurt, then please excuse me... don't take offenses.
    Hare Krishna.. All glories to Srila Prabhupada !
  • Awesome Mataji the story and picture of Radha Rani Ji always the best from you. She is the really real Mohini

    Hare Krishna
  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishhna, Mataji.


    No doubt ginger is the best medicine describe in Ayurveda but if you take high dose of it than it will be prove harmful to health, similarly what you are posting is a very high does for a living entities like us who are full of lusty desires and so…

    Please, post something relevant to our practical life. Of course Krishna Katha is good but not from Gita Govind. It is to high and even none of us capacity to even respect it.

    Actually there is a fault in reader side too. Instead of reading from Srila Prabhupada’s books we are running after these books and not only that but by commenting on such blog, it encourage you to write more.
    Please, follow Srila Prabhupada’s way and not let other to get misdirected or misguide. Please encourage them to read Srila Prabhupad’s books only as he told many times that everything is there in his books. No need to read any things else then his books.

    Hare Krishna.

    Jai Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai!!!
  • Radhe Radhe maataji.............beautiful ............hari boll
  • Hare Krishna, really good.
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