Gita Govinda

Gita Govinda - Sakhi's request to Krsna
Song by Jayadeva Gosvami

When Radha saw Krsna enjoying affectionate exchanges with all the cowherd maidens in the groves of Vrndavana, she became indignant because he had not acknowledged her eminence. She immediately departed for another part of the forest and hid herself inside a shady bower that resounded with the drone of bumblebees.

atha tam gantum asaktam ciram anuraktam lata-grhe drstva
tac-caritam govinde manasija-mande sakhi praha
Radha was sitting in a chamber of flowering vines. When the sakhi saw Radha powerless to go to Krsna despite her being fervently desirous of his company, she described Radha’s condition to Govinda, who was himself inflicted physically and psychologically with transformations of intense amorous desire.

pasyati disi disi rahasi bhavantam
tad-adhara-madhura-madhuni pibantam
natha hare! sidati r radha vasa-grhe (refrain) (1)
“O Hari, you are her only refuge. Sri Radha is sinking to the depths of despair in the trysting place. She is in agony. In all directions and in the core of her heart, she sees you who are so skilful in drinking the sweet nectar of her lips.”

tvad-abhisarana-rabhasena valanti
patati padani kiyanti calanti
natha hare! sidati... (2)
“As soon as Radha is enthused about embarking on a lover’s journey and begins to make the appropriate arrangements, she takes a few steps and falls down.”

jivati param iha tava rati-kalaya
natha hare! sidati... (3)
“She puts on bangles, a sash, rings, armlets, necklaces and other ornaments made of spotless white lotus-fibres and freshly sprouted leaves. She is living only in the hope of enjoying union with you.”

muhur avalokita-mandana-lila
madhuripur aham iti bhavana-sila
natha hare! sidati... (4)
“She thinks, ‘I am Madhuripu,’ and looks repeatedly at your ornaments.”

tvaritam upaiti na katham abhisaram
harir iti vadati sakhim anuvaram
natha hare! sidati... (5)
“She repeatedly inquires from her confidante, ‘Sakhi, why is Sri Krsna not coming quickly for our rendezvous?’”

slisyati cumbati jaladhara-kalpam
harir upagata iti timiram analpam
natha hare! sidati... (6)
“When she sees the dense darkness that resembles a raincloud, she embraces and kisses it thinking, ‘Oh, Hari has come.’”

bhavati vilambini vigalita-lajja
vilapati roditi vasakasajja
natha hare! sidati... (7)
“When Radha returns to external consciousness and realizes that you have still not arrived, she loses all bashfulness and begins to weep out loud.”

sri-jayadeva-kaver idam uditam
rasika-janam tanutam ati-muditam
natha hare! sidati... (8)
May this song of the poet Jayadeva awaken abundant jubilation in the hearts of those who are expert in relishing rasa.

vipula-pulaka-palih s sphita-sitkaram antarjanita-
jadima-kaku-vyakulam vyaharanti
tava kitava vidhayamanda-kandarpa-cintam
rasa-jaladhi-nimagna dhyana-lagna mrgaksi
“O cheater! Covered with severe horripilation, stunned from within and drawing her breath with pitiful groans, the doe-eyed Radhika is absorbed in intense bodily transformations arising from kama for you. Somehow she holds on to her life-air while being submerged in the ocean of prema-rasa.”

angesv abharanam karoti bahusah patre ’pi sancarini
praptam tvam parisankate vitanute sayyam ciram dhyayati
ity akalpa-vikalpa-talpa-racana-sankalpa-lila-satavyasaktapi
vina tvaya vara-tanur naisa nisam nesyati
“The limbs of Sri Radha’s body are incomparably attractive. She decorates them with ornaments many times. When leaves rustle, she is filled with expectation, thinking, ‘Oh, you have come.’ She makes a soft bed for you and when you are late she feels acute pain. Thus, although she is occupied in various pastimes such as decorating herself, feeling apprehension, making the bed, speaking loving words and fixing her resolve, she still cannot pass this night in separation from you.”

When Radha saw that her sakhi was late, she made an excuse to send another female envoy. That messenger disguised
herself as a male pilgrim and approached Krsna in the evening twilight. The “pilgrim” gave Krsna a message from Radha indirectly informing him about a secret tryst.

kim visramyasi krsna-bhogi-bhavane bhandira-bhumi-ruhe
bhratar yasi na drsti-gocaram itah sananda-nandaspadam
radhaya vacanam tad adhvaga-mukhan nandantike gopato
govindasya jayanti sayam atithi-prasastya-garbha girah
“When I was a guest in Sri Radha’s home, she said to me, ‘O brother, why are you resting at the foot of this bhandira tree? A poisonous black serpent lives here. Get up and go to the delightful home of Nanda, which is visible just before you. Why don’t you go there?’” On hearing these words of Radha from the lips of a pilgrim, Krsna thanked “him” in such a way that Sri Nanda Maharaja would not understand the inner mood of his statements. Sri Jayadeva says, “May Govinda’s words of praise to that pilgrim be victorious.”
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    No doubt ginger is the best medicine describe in Ayurveda but if you take high dose of it than it will be prove harmful to health, similarly what you are posting is a very high does for a living entities like us who are full of lusty desires and so…

    Please, post something relevant to our practical life. Of course Krishna Katha is good but not from Gita Govind. It is to high and even none of us capacity to even respect it.

    Actually there is a fault in reader side too. Instead of reading from Srila Prabhupada’s books we are running after these books and not only that but by commenting on such blog, it encourage you to write more.
    Please, follow Srila Prabhupada’s way and not let other to get misdirected or misguide. Please encourage them to read Srila Prabhupad’s books only as he told many times that everything is there in his books. No need to read any things else then his books.

    Hare Krishna.

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  • beautiful poem describing the sepration of radha from krsna
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