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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


    Thanks a lot to you for inviting me in your Group list. Please pray for me sothat I can serve like you to Sri Guru & Sri Gauranga.

    Hari Hari
  • Dear Mahesh Kumar Prabhu,

    Please excuse me I really sorry, I had no intention of offending anyone. Maybe I did mistake reading, due to my poor English. Really I like more Radha than Krsna because I get much compassionate for the suffering of Radhika, when Krsna disappeared from her sight.
    But you're right, only an insane person like me may think that is in position to criticize Krsna. I ask a thousands excuses, I'm a mleccha, just trying to serve the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani, but I have no qualification to this.
    Thank you to remember me who I am and which my position.

    Servant of servants,

    Krsna Marga DD
  • Radhe Radhe,
    Thanks for the lovely story.

    Take care.
  • Hari bol.
  • Radhe Radhe,
    I don't have the book for Prem Ras madira. I have downloaded the posts from the internet and sending it to you. Sorry for not sending the perfect poems.

    Take care.
  • Radhe Radhe,
    I have read at many places that Gopis used jealous words for Krishna but those were just their outside behaviour. Inside they were in love with Krishnaji. This is what I understand.

    Take care.
  • Radhe Radhe,
    Thanks for your supportive comment in my blog Gita Govinda. Sorry, I don't have sanskrit version of Gita Govinda.

    Take care.
  • Hare Krsna Prabhu!
    Thanks for your friend request! May Sri Krsna ji always shower His blessings on you!
    Hari bol! (^_^)
    Thank you for your comment and i like to sew and make jewels for the Lord some i made others no.. you can write anytime but unfortunatly my services can not reply as much as i would like. but when i do have time i will be happy to reply to you. YHS lilavilasini in the service of Srila Prabhupada and Devotees.
  • thank u so much for caring i was little busy and then gone to banaras i jst came today hare krsna
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