Planetary movements - Kundalis etc

Hello All,Just want to clear one much to rely on kundali matching process to get married.I am firm believer of God and i understand that relying fully on him i will be far blessed rather than relying on kundalis. And even if i have to consider kundalis for marriage purpose then what factors in kundalis are to be considered and which factors can be ignored.Please respond

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  • Hare Krishna ! The discussion you had started probably in January and since then so many good things have been said and dicused. Still your mind want someone to say in your mind's favour : OK you must match Kundali before marriage. To get good result first you must verify that kundali is properly made. Suppose your parents didn't have a watch or a proper watch when you were born, kundali made under wrong birth time, can never be said to be proper. Then you will have to assume certain things and the Jyotish will try to get matching answers to his querries and then to reach a logical Kundali. Now if you mind favours a thing like this, go ahead, match the kundali of your choice. and do according to your mind's wishes. For us Krsna devotees not a single factor in kundali is considerable as it cannot be 100% guaranteed that the data you provide to an astrologer is correct to the dot. If you are a true Krsna devotee and have surrendered to Him wholeheartedly then you cannot question " Mamekam Sharanam........ I will take care of everything."
    • thank you so much.....i know and i firmly believe in karma....and i know that kundalis is not our destiny and i have surrendered myself to whaterver is the situation i will manage things......but in my family there is given some importance to kundalis also and as astrology is also a science but is not exact though so nothing can be relied upon and even if it would have been then also nothing is supreme as krishna.......

      but at times i feel whether things will be fine even post marriage....and second thought comes that i need not worry about anything coz lord is there and whatever he gives is acceptable to me...coz i will be in his abode...but please clarify my doubt as to how do i get relieved of my doubts and without a second thought just feel that things will be fine
      • Hare Krsna Amrita ! You have used the word " i " nine times and the word " Krsna" Two or Three times. This shows your level of faith in yourself and Krsna. In my opinion you have not completely surrendered to Krsna. This is evident when you write : "i know" , " i firmly believe" , "i know that" , "i have surrendered", "i will manage things" , "i feel whether things" , "i need not worry" , "i will be in his abode", "feel that things will be fine".
        Here to explain you in detail I would like to remind you a story of Draupadi Cheer Haran from Mahabharat. You must have heard it so many times, but not with the following "Bhava".
        Draupadi was trying hard to protect her chastity by pulling her sari with both the hands and full strenth and power she had, and simultaneously she was crying "Krsna Bachao Krsna Bachao". But Krsna was all this while sitting with a cute naughty smile on his face and doing nothing. Ultimately when Draupadi's whole power and strength exhausted, she took off her both hands from the sari and cried loudly Krsna please help protect my chastity. With both her hands up in the sky she was crying "Prabhu Bachao, Krsna Bachao" and immediately Krsna draped his Golden Pitambar around Draupadi and saved her chastity.
        So Amrita your problem lies in believing yourself and at the sametime believing in Krsna. You have used nine times the word "i" and only 2 times the word "Krsna" this shows the intensity of your Surrender to Krsna, like draupadi pulling her sari and in between sometimes praying to Krsna. The moment you leave this "i" and that too will be possible only by mercy of Krsna you will have no second thoughts coming to your mind. So pray for his mercy to forget your "i" and take a deep dive in Krsna's affectionate, bottomless SEA. You cannot ride in two Boats one of "i" and the other of "Krsna" you will have to chose either of them.
        Let you family match the kundali as per their belief, what difference will it make. The things to happen are decided by Krsna, you cannot avoid them. It is that simple accept it as Krsna's choice.
        I tell you it is difficult for you to believe this because you believe in yourself and have not surrendered completely to Krsna " Mamekam Sharanam......... and I will relieve you of all your problems...
        Hare Krsna !
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