Is marriage important?

Hare Krishna!
Lord Krishna says in The Bhagavad-gita 'Prescribed duties should never be renounced. If one gives up his prescribed duties because of illusion, such renunciation is said to be in the mode of ignorance. Anyone who gives up prescribed duties as troublesome or out of fear of bodily discomfort is said to have renounced in the mode of passion. Such action never leads to the elevation of renunciation.' My doubt is 'is marriage important in todays life where there is a need of a compatible partner who can adjust in all situations? As there are 4 stages in a human life, one of them being "grihasta ashram". It is also one of the prescribed duty of a human being according to the Vedas. So is it compulsary to enter into a married life?

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  • Hari Hari Bol

    I apriciate to Swaroop prabhu that he gives a Marverlous description on this Discussion.
    Very simple words and very nice description. I realy praise all this Hari Hari bol.

    Hari hari bol hari hari bol....
  • This to everyone who replied..
    The Matter here is no longer a subject. I don't need a lecture on marriage etc..

    hare krnsa
  • Dear Maheshji,

    I totally agree to your point. But i have a query. Total samarpan to Krishna is doubtless. But total samarpan to husband is something which i am confused about. Typically a situation when i dont know how the guy would be......definitely after marriage when i know the guy..full samarpan is still possible.

    Please dont misunderstand that i am talking about equal rights or something....but thing is how do i practically devote it to the person i dont know.

    Or does it mean that samarpan to Krishna and automatically i will get devoted to my husband. Our comments are really important...please advise
    • first thing first, if you have totally surrendered to Lord Krishna only good will hapeen to us. No doubt about it. Sometines krishna mercy is negative( especially when devotee thinks he is not helping).bt his mecy is always us there to uplift us spiriritually. Surrender means Krishna will take charge of our life personally and when Krishna has taken charge then what is the need to worry. If krishna has decied to give you something nobody in 3 worlds can stop it and if decided otherwise nobody can stop it. There is no room for anxiety when we have surrendered at lotus feet our beloved lord.

      And who says samarpan to husband is required, nowdays in kaliyug only ladies rules their husband.( just Kidding). just surrender and take care of krishna , the rest he will take care. trust lord of universe if he has to make you surrender to somone , he can do it in just a fraction of second. jai shree radhe
  • If we know someone who would really help us progress in devotional service, we should definetly go for marriage. But if we get into the institution just for the sake of sense gratification, we would have to pay the price of our devotion. We have to really cut off all our sense gratification and focus it towards the sense gratification we get from keeping Krsna as our only purpose. We can chant, hear, talk and read about the Lord. Gradually Krsna will give us the intelligence to understand that material world is a misery, its all giving you false promises and u will always fall down trying to satisfy ur senses. If our devotion is progressing then , the same situation when we fall down in front of maya, it will change, u will win with ur effort by Krsnas mercy. But we have to make Krsna the centre. Maya is very strong or else beauty is just skin deep, and really we are made of flesh, blood, stool, urine and other disguisting things we carry. Its amazing how these things get arranged and provide such a powerful effect, which is the energy of the maya, who wants us to repeatedly circle in this repeated cycle of death. Its due to our decesion of enjoying our senses that we are here, now we have to decide either Go back to Krsna, or get into the 8.4 million species, wherein ull be just forced to get into any one of them as per your karma and you wont have the intelligence to think, but just be butchered till u again attain the human form. This time is really precious, and we have to work on our subconcious very hard, its really powerful and it acts in hidden way, we just become a puppet in its hand, so being KC, chanting the Lords name , serving devotees all will help us get back in understanding ourselves. Only Krsna can help us with our intrests, we have to be genuinely surrendered to Krsna, we cant fool Krsna cause he is sitting inside our heart as parmatma.
    • Marriage is union between two souls, and it is sacred sanskar. sex is just one part of it. for choosing life partner one shoudl just check wether they both have a psychological and intellectual affinity towards each would great people have come into this earth, had their parents not gone through procreation process???. Marriage is a sacred sanskar, what important is detachment, duniya mei rehte hue bhi nahi rehna, thats the skill , a self realised man can remain Brahmachari even after his marriage? marriage and brahmacharya is duality? we have to rise above it. in the end it all depends on individual
      • Hare Krishna
        In fact in Golok Vrndavan.. there are married people there are children mothers fathers etc. But all in Krishnas service.
        So it is a matter of consciousness what ever our relationships to others are, if we see them as Krishnas devotees etc. Then it will not matter if we are married and have many children or not married.
        What ever is best for our Krishna consciousness is what we should try to decide.
        Thank you.
    • Hare Krishna Anirudha
      If you disagree with HIS DIVINE GRACE SRILA PRABHUPADA, then you disagree with THE SUPREME LORD SRI KRISHNA.
      Sure one can get married and enjoy sex life for thier own sense gratification, but that will only get one another birth in this material world. Even the demi gods are enjoying the greatest pleasure with their husbands and wives, but having many children
      But Krishna Consciousness is to get beyond the cycle of birth and death.
      So don't disagree with the Supreme. Who are we, but tiny infamticimal sparks and what do we know about this huge consmic creation without the teachings of the Bonafide representative of Lord Sri KRishna. Lets not be frog philosophers and compare everything to our own well (surroundings) Krishna and the divine master see beyond what we can see with our limited senses and knows what to do to get us out of this miserable condition of material life of repititon of birth death old age and disease.
      So if one wants to get another birth, go ahead and ENJOY your husband or wife until you drop dead. But we wont change Srila Prabhupadas books to serve the generala people who want sense gratification.
      We accept Srila Prabhupada what ever he sas AS IT IS, as he is the master where all other masters sit at his divine feet.
      Thank you
      Your well wisher
      Jayasri Radha
      • To add to Mehesh Kumar Hhandi,
        The thing is... no ones parents can give us birth if we did not want to be seperate from Krishna.
        Krishna gave us this world to try to be seperate from Him. So to hate our parents for bringing us in this world is only a scape goat (Cop out) denial of the reality that we chose to come here and to take birth among them and be seperate from Krishna. It is our Karma to be born in a low family if they did not do samskaras. So that means we where sinful in our previous life. There is no one to hate or blame. We should actually thank our parents because now we have a human form and the opportunity to get out of this material repition of birth death old age and disease.
        Even if they had us for material reasons, ultimately they had to take care of us and help us grow. Okay if one was abused as a child from their parents then one can say "OKAY now that Karma is over and that misery has brought me to want to get out of this material world." So I thank them for that.(that now I want out of here)
        Marriage is a good reason and have devotee children if one feels they have the capasity to do that service and help other souls come to Krishna .
        Everything should be seen as service. (to serva a husband or a wife and help them to come closer to Krishna. (even if there is some material desires still left Krishna will purrify them in our journey as long as we stay on the path of Krishna Consciousness. It can be a joyful process or painful, depends on how we want to experience it.
        Ask oneself "Is that a service I would like to do or would I be good at that?" If we feel it could increase our devotional service, then it could be better to marry than living a life of bramachari. It really depends on ones service attitude. To give up something because it is difficult or troublesom is in the mode of Passion Krisna says in BG.
        Hare Krishna!
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