Planetary movements - Kundalis etc

Hello All,Just want to clear one much to rely on kundali matching process to get married.I am firm believer of God and i understand that relying fully on him i will be far blessed rather than relying on kundalis. And even if i have to consider kundalis for marriage purpose then what factors in kundalis are to be considered and which factors can be ignored.Please respond

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  • Thank you...but i did not understand the last line..can u please explain

    "such a special devottee is rare ,and should be sought after especially if he has'' fire and some life to preach''....your servant,hopefully this will help...hare krishna!"
    • Myself i have attempted to arrange marriages for several very good devotee men and women previously.The women generally choose those men who are good looking but are lacking in devotional service maturity and simply lazy.....even when it comes to making money.Which is a severe disadvantage when you have children with such a fellow.The qualities of a rare devotee long has he been a devotee.Ideally he should be serving krishna his whole life,Preferable born in to it,within a devotee family. He should have fire....means he has a very determined idea of where he wants to be in five years from now!Both devotionally and for his family ....he is motivated to rise early and chant and dance in front of radha and krishna at mangal arti!He should have'' life''...means he is committed to serving the order of his spiritual master,24 hours a day.He is forward and aggressive to cut through the material energy!Ideally this means he is a book distributor or a sankirtan devotee for the temple!THESE GREAT SOULS ARE VERY RARE......he will take you back to godhead a natural part of his day!....your servant.
  • Please accept my kind regards and good wishes for your future marriage amrita Saxena!Let me pay my respects to lord vishnu within your heart,who is also present as the''supersoul''within all living entities!Hence we are never apart from his guidance or his arrangement either according to our individual karma or because of the personal arrangement of krishna.Which takes place especially after we ask him to take personal control of our lives through the genuine process of vaisnava initiation!
    Generally the ideal for a prospective wife is to marry a devotee of Lord Krishna,who should be approxiamitely 6-8 years older than yourself. This allows for the natural psyhcology of boy and girl to blend appreciating the later maturing of the man.Who many times is genuinely ''slow'', to fully appreciate how much sacrifice is needed...indeed is demanded by the physically mature and motivated female for home and sercurity.Especially should she create a new born child early within their marriage.
    However parents usually know us quite well also,so take some guidance...if you have devotee or favourable elders to seek genuine help from.... in such important matters,seek sincere help and wisdom with an open heart!
    Yes astrology can be benificial,however it is ''not so'' important if your future husband is a devotee...or ideally an advanced older devotee of Lord Krishna.
    What is important is wether he is firmly convinced and chants 16 rounds of japa!Hence he will hopefully be able to deliver you from the cycle of birth and death.
    If he has been an initiated devotee for at least 5 years,and is proggressive in his spiritual life, this is ideal.Then he hopefully will have a practical ability,either a steady job , a profession or hopefully being self employed!
    If he is financially independent he will also be able to give you substantial shelter.Which is what the grihasta ashram is indeed meant for. But from your side..... simple surrendered mood when serving the guru,which is important especially during times of stress.The ability to be the husbands soul-mate even when you are convinced your are very important!The wife above all should be content to accept what ever her husband can naturally provide,accepting that she will be happy simply within his close association.His happiness and bright smile is the encouragement she truly needs ,as a consequence....He will then naturally seek to support her,while being able to naturally give guidance in both material prosperity and devotional service..... Such a special devottee is rare ,and should be sought after especially if he has'' fire and some life to preach''....your servant,hopefully this will help...hare krishna!
  • Thank you so much........... you have explained it very well....all glories to lord krishna
    shall implement it with more devotion and not bringing that "I" into it.....

    • Hare Krsna Dear Nishant. You are not of different view. It is the same view I have explained. Definitely astrology is applicable to body and mind and not soul. That is what I am saying. A devotees soul once connected to Krsna, he is least bothered about what happens to his body and mind. You must have seen Avadhootas, they least bother about the condition of the body and mind, their soul is always with Krsna. All Shad Goswamis were in the same state of mind body and soul. There are examples of them eating from dust bins, wearing very very torn clothes etc. So Once Amrita's soul gets connected to Krsna by chanting HKMM, she will be least bothered about her body and mind, ultimately the question of Kundali Matching will vanish into thin air.
      • i dont have words to express what a wonderful blessing this discussion has been..........all glories to hare krishna
        thank you lord

        Hare Krishna
        • let me know if my approach is right........
          say whenevr i meet some one but say initial meet the guy is super good..and then subsequently i realise that he/ she may not be rite person and say time has elapsed then what do i do???

          i m illitrate please clear one more doubt??
          • Hare Krishna Amrita, again the same thing. You are believing in yourself : you will meet a guy, you will decide he is good, you will find out he is not good or right person for you, after very long time you will come to know of this.
            Now where is the role of Krsna ? He is sitting up there with a cutest smile on his face. He is waiting for you to surrender and pray to him to find a match for you. Do it just once you believe in Krsna and he will help you like he did to Draupadi. Krsna is Purna and purna cannot be imperfect in any case.
            No, you are not illitrate. Problem lies in that : You believe more in YOURSELF rather than in Krsna. Come out of yourself zone and enter into Krsna's infinity zone.
            A story of a frog residing in well never gone out thinks well to be the biggest water storage ever. Accidentally somehow he is dropped in sea, and he was aghast to see endless infinite stock of water. Oh my Lord now I believe you.
            • rite..........

              hare krishna
  • Thank you so much........... you have explained it very well....all glories to lord krishna
    shall implement it with more devotion and not bringing that "I" into it.....

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