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We all know that our time period is divided into 4 yugas i.e Sat Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, Treta Yuga and Kali yuga. Each time has its own characteristics.... But i fail to understand why was this subdivision at all.....Satyuga is supposed to best of all....why and how did this bifurcation happen ?? and why all periods have similar characteristics of Satyuga....Please clear my doubt...

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  • Hare Krishna ! Amrita. You have asked a good question. I am trying with whatever my little knowledge to explain in your language as under :
    It Is not your period. It is the lifespan of a Brahmanda created by Lord Krishna. “KAAL CHAKRA” creates impurities in Brahmanda which make decisions and justifications and their “Karma Fala Bhoga reciprocation (Rewards and Punishments as per Karmas to be enjoyed or suffered in “JEEVA’s” next life) becomes very complicated.
    In Brahmanda percentage of People undergoing punishment vide sentences of Krishna, increases, that is what is called change of Yuga.
    When this percentage reaches its ultimate saturation that is 100% mark, then Krishna brings in “PRALAYA” and altogether new Brahmanda is created by him.
    Our learned Rishis had researched on this Parivartan and diagnosed the PHENOMENA of degeneration of Brahmanda Life and Pralaya and Regeneration. They called the best age of Brahmanda as SATYUGA and the lowest degraded age of Brahmanda as KALIYUGA.
    TRETA and Dwapar Yugas are Gradations between 0% to 100% degradation scales.
    Some have even tried to classify Brahmanda Life Span based on the three Gunas – Satva, Tamo, and Rajo gunas.
    "Kaala" has never left anybody unbitten. It bites everybody even Lord Krishna and Rama. It can gulp down even Galaxies. "Kaala is empowered by Lord Krishna and has been given certain strict commands to be followed without there being any considerations of - to whom they are applied.
  • but isn't it that love, faith, trust, attachment to God is diminishing day by day. yuga by yuga....agreed yuga division is material condiseration. Or is it satyuga means golden age (gold was available chaep and in plenty) then Treta (Silver age); Dwapar (copper age); and Kaliyuga (all oxidised metals which turn black in contact with air).

    It is right that each and every evolution has to come to an end some time or the other and hence the division. Also, as correctly pointed...Kaliyuga is the easiest to reach god...
    • i think "but isn't it that love, faith, trust, attachment to God is diminishing day by day. yuga by yuga...." it may be because soul becomes more degraded.
      it is my purport it can be wrong also lets wait for some reference from bonafide scripture
  • All that was created in this material world by supreme lord Krishna is destined to get worse with time and finally finished off. Yuga itself is a material creation and with time and Krishna grace it will come to end.its smilar to bith, disease, old age and death, bt we are not able to relate it to time. Krishna is eternal, sab naswar hai is mrityuloka mei sirf hari or hari ka naam hi param sathya or sasvatha hai.
  • subdivision is causeless decision of krishna.

    All Yugas are favorable equally
    infact austerity is less in kaliyuga.
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