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A devotee friend of my husband who would like to stay brahmachari has asked this and we are looking for an answer.


By researching modern day yoga sites, one mostly finds advice on how to increase one's appetite, sleep and sexual desire by the yoga practice!


As devotees, we know that the mystic yoga is meant for fully controlling one's bodily and mental functions to be able to fix one's mind on Lord Vishnu. By chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, we are already trying to fix our mind on Lord Vishnu from the very beginning. But keeping this goal in mind, devotees may still use certain mystic yoga methods to help their spiritual practice.


So please share if you have some knowledge and/or experience in this matter:


Which yoga asanas and/or pranayama practice help to diminish the activity of the genitals and ultimately come to the point of the semen flowing upwards to the brain (urdhva-retah), as described in the Srimad Bhagavatam by the examples of great sages?


Thank you for any valuable information or even hints.

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Hare Krsna dear devotee.  

The supreme occupation [dharma] for all humanity is that by which men can attain to loving devotional service unto the transcendent Lord. Such devotional service must be unmotivated and uninterrupted to completely satisfy the self.

To completely satisfy the self one has to engage in loving devotional service unto the transcendent Lord.

There is an adjective,  loving.

So why do some other form of yoga?

Do you think that this bhakti and chanting is not so powerful?

There is just somethings I cannot do right now because I am a very conditioned soul.

Best thing is to increase bhakti more and more not reduce it by doing asana and pranayama.

So you may have some accident some time but you should not give up .

Increase your chanting to 64 rounds, read so many hours a day and serve the devotees in a humble mood.

you can also control your eating so you do not sleep and dream so much.

Also you have to know your capacity and avoid situations which weaken you and trigger lust.

For a brahmacai it is better to never even look at a women.

Speak and even think of them.

Out of sight out of mind as they say.

Only when you have become more mature in bhakti you will feel some freedom from the pushings of material nature but even then you have to be on your guard.

As a strong wind sweeps away a boat on the water, even one of the roaming senses on which the mind focuses can carry away a man's intelligence.

In India the brahmacaris eat neem leaves daily to cool the body.

How effective this is I do not know.

Worship Lord Nityananda and pray for the merciful kick of His lotus feet.

Submit to an advanced vaisnava and accept some personal discipline at their hands.

Falling at the feet of the Lord cry for pure bhakti.

Hare Krsna.

sattvam vishuddham vasudeva-shabditam
yad iiyate tatra pumaan apaavrtah
sattve ca tasmin bhagavaan vaasudevo
hy adhoksajo me namasaa vidheeyate

"I am always engaged in offering obeisances to Lord Vasuseva in pure Krishna Consciousness. Krishna Consciousness is always in pure consciousness in which the Supreme Personality of Godhead known as Vasudeva is revealed without any covering."

...The word vishuddham in the above verse means purity. So purity is the force. Our body, mind, words and deeds - everything should be pure. Elsewhere Srila Prabhupada is mentioning that success is only possible by celibacy. Celibacy is purity in thought, word and deed. Contrary to the general understanding celibacy includes control of not only sex impulse but also control of other senses. Celibacy is of two kinds- physical and mental. Physical celibacy is abstinence from sex act. Mental celibacy is the control of impure thoughts. Mental celibacy is more difficult than physical celibacy. It is the mind that does all actions. A desire arises in mind then one thinks how to fulfill it then action follows. No space is empty at any time. If one thing is removed from one place, immediately another thing comes to take its place. So it is necessary to entertain divine thoughts to replace evil thoughts.

How to maintain mental celibacy? We are reminded of our beloved spiritual master, H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj's statement - "If you want to remain a brahmacari, you must get married to Srimad Bhagavatam. If you don't marry Srimad Bhagavatam, then the four walls will itself kill you and you will not be able to maintain celibacy." Hearing this statement we should not misinterpret that Srimad Bhagavatam is only for brahmacaris. In one of the lectures, our senior god-brother H G Devakinandan prabhuji was sharing one of profound statements of Maharaj to grahasthas - "Even though you are married, always keep the spirit of brahmacarya alive in you. So you should have some quite moments with scriptures in your home daily and that will keep the fire of devotional service going." So irrespective of our ashram we need to take shelter of the scriptures and "purify" our thoughts, words and deeds and then Lord will reveal Himself to us without any covering.

As Kunti Maharani also prays in Srimad Bhagavatam verse 1.8.19

maaya javanikaachannam / ajnaadhokshajam avyayam
na lakshyase mudha drshaa / nato natyadharo yathaa

"Being beyond the range of limited sense perception, You are the eternally irreproachable factor covered by the curtain of deluding energy. You are invisible to the foolish observer, exactly as an actor dressed as a player is not recognized."

When we are not pure in our thoughts, then Lord will cover Himself by the curtain of maya and we will not be able to recognise Him.

Dear Mataji,

Pranam & Hare Krishna !

Yogis try to burn the semen, which remains in the body, with great effort. However, Lord Krishna maintained perfect brahmcharya, even in the midst of the company of women. Such powers are only present in God. No one else is capable of remaining uninfluenced in this way. Therefore, other yogis should make an effort to avoid thinking of women in both the jagrat state and the svapna state.

Conquering lust is the most difficult of all spiritual endeavors. To be an urdhva-reta by way of yogic powers, is only possible for Nar-Narayan Rishi. (Lord Krishna resides in Badrikashram with Arjuna in Nar-Narayan form. Here, He performs great austerities for spiritual progress of all spiritual aspirants of the Bharat-Khand.) In addition, a true devotee of Lord Nar-Narayan can also gradually develop firm brahm-charya by the power of His worship, but others cannot. 

If semen is discharged through the genitals in the jagrat state or svapna state, a person cannot be called a brahm-chari. Nevertheless, a person who follows the eight types of renunciation of women is walking on the path of brahmacharya. So with time, by the grace of Lord Nar-Narayan, he will gradually become a firm brahmachari. 

Semen is also released through a person’s sweat. So in order to retain semen, following Yoga techniques and asans can be used :

1. Jal-basti - (Flushing with water) A strict yogic practice to help cleanse the inner parts of the body, which in turn helps in the observance of brahmacharya. The practice involves standing in waist-high water and drawing in water through the anus, swirling the water around the stomach, and then discharging it again through the anus. Another version of the practice involves drawing in water through the genitals and then flushing it out either through the genitals or the anus.

2. Kunjar-Kriya- (Elephant act) A strict yogic practice to help cleanse the inner parts of the body - which in turn helps in the observance of brahmacharya. The practice involves drinking a considerable amount of water, swirling it around the stomach, and then discharging it out again through the mouth.

3. Gorakh-asan - (An asan to control the indriyas) Specific yogic asan or sitting posture where a person sits with both heels tucked into the groin, the toes folded under the buttocks, and the large toes held by the hands from behind the back. Considered to help in preventing the ejaculation of semen, and therefore helping in the observance of brahmacharya. Also known as goraksh-asan or bhadrasan. One can sleep in night in this asan to prevent wet-dreams.

Besides these Yogasans, a person can control his lust by three ways :

1. By atma-gnan

2. Control of diet and

3. Remaining in swadharma.

But Lord Krishna had 2 sons, Pradyumna and Shambo. How is it then possible that we was a Bramhachari. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, I'm confused and need clarification.

Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Answers are already given but still wanted to add some points from the books which i read.

What His Grace Jagadatma Prabhu told is very true. Also His Holiness Radhanath Swami said: When you surrender that's where you get strength from.

So doing other yogas than bhakti is being depended on our own powers but when a child has very powerful and rich father then why he should go to other bosses and work hard under them? So other yogas seem like that.

Sadhana Bhakti which Prabhupada put to ISKCON Temples is the perfect way of controlling mind, senses and intelligence so that there is no TIME FOR LUST.

Yes, we should engage ourselves in such a way that we won't have time for lust.


But still if Devotee resides alone far away from sincere Devotees then i understand his or her position. So that time one need to use other methods also. Because staying with materialistic people will increase our lusty desires also. 

So one can do Surya Namaskar. Very helpful also in decreasing desire for over eating.

In the reality if we control our tongue by eating only as much as it is required and only Krishna Prasadam then lust can be controlled easily.

And also Nirjal fasting on Ekadashis decreases lust.

Also yogis recommend to eat daily 9 seeds of black pepper. It dries the body.


But the best way is to engage ourselves with full time seva IN THE ASSOCIATION OF DEVOTEES.


or else if lust is too much then one should be honest and accept the responsibility of family life.

Your servant,  

Dear devotees,

Hare Krishna !

No doubt that Bhakti and association of pure Vaishnavas is a very effective means of reducing lust. But lust is so powerful that even though one remains in the association of devotees and performs Bhakti-yoga, the goal of a brahmachari to become an urdhvareta (i.e to hold and raise the semen upwards) remains ever elusive. A brahmachari can be called as a true brahmachari (celibate) only when he remains an urdhvareta. If this is not the case, he can not be called a true brahmachari. A brahmachari should never run away by seeing the difficult process to hold and raise the semen upwards. Making use of the Yogic postures to control the lust is not like surrendering to a deity other than Krishna. In fact, this instrument can be used to please Krishna. 

According to the authority of Srimad Bhagavatam:
For a person who has no taste for devotional service, there is a possibility that his sinful desires will reappear.
Sukadeva Gosvami gives the example that the dried leaves of creepers beneath a bamboo tree may be completely burnt to ashes by a fire(other yogic techniques), although the creepers may sprout again because the root is still in the ground.
Please refer to Text 15 Chapter 1 Canto 6, The history of the life of Ajamila.

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.


Thank you all for your kind answers.


Yes, it is absolutely true that it is not possible to become free of lust in any other way than by developing pure devotional service, by the mercy of devotees.


It is true that no other yoga is effective in this age without the chanting of the Holy Names.

Devotees do not really need to apply some extreme yoga practices to control their bodily functions.

Sattvic, regulated lifestyle will help to keep lust away to a large extent.


I know several devotees who got too much into yoga and deviated from devotional service.


But as far as I know the devotee who asked this question is very serious about his devotional service, japa, Deity worship, temple service, he is attending the temple programs, doing sankirtan.


So the context is to find something that would just assist to subdue whatever remaining lust while seriously engaged in those devotional practices. For example, we chant our japa for about 2 hours every day, and while chanting we may use some sitting posture that would help our focus on the holy name. Some devotees do puja for Deities, also sitting down for an hour or two. Are there some postures to help to focus? Because while worshipping the Deity we do the Manasa-puja, meditating on the Holy Dhama, the Lord’s form, then worshiping the Lord within our mind before we worship the Deity physically. This meditation is supposed to ultimately come to the equivalent of Dhyana and Samadhi stages of the astanga yoga. Of course, it develops by the mercy of the Lord, but some things might help.


Just as if we take a cool bath early in the morning, it will not give us love for Krishna on its own, but it helps to stay healthy and in the mode of goodness and then we can better focus on our devotional practices.


Thank you all for the information you have already given.

Your humble servant,


Hare Krishna dear Devotees, 

please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Even Yudhishthira Maharaja who was in Krishna's Lilas used to feel lust for his youthful mother so what to speak of us???

Still we are in this material body full purification is not possible. 

So Maharaja told that he just tolerates. 

So we have to do.

Continuous fight...

About asanas Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that one should sit straight, look to the tip of the we can do this while chanting.

Also if mind is fixed that i am not this body, i am not male nor female then where is worry?

Also one can sleep in hard floor that will decrease lust.

Concerning this there was one girl who used to worship Lord Jesus.

She used to stay at the monastery as a brahmacharini. But once one boy felt lusty toward her and she felt it that night she slept on the hard floor when her friend asked  why she was doing that she told that it will reduce lust.

So fasting, austerities, also getting knowledge of Srimad Bhagavatam will beat lust into dust.

Also sometimes i practice to meditate on how material body is getting old, with all wrinkles and in this way how to feel lust for such like body?

Your servant,  

Hare Krishna,

Dear mataji, can you give scriptural proof about what you written above concerning Yudhishthira Maharaja and lust?

i am very Surprised, i have never heard about this concerning  Yudhishthira Maharaja.

Hare Krishna Mata Ji

This is needing to be addressed under comprehensive Devotional Service unto the Divine Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Sriman Narayana who chased after the fallen souls and is pondering as to how to deliver the material worlds.

It may also be humbly and kindly submitted unto the Divine Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Ji Lord Sankarshana who does not like the way the conditioned Jivas are being driven under the thralldom of illusion though the material energy is working as per His plans.


Hare Krsna dear devotees, 

It is very pleasing to see your faith in the practice of unalloyed devotion to the Lord. 

  To have complete faith in the practice of pure bhakti giving up all other processes is called shradha,  faith.

Such devotees never mix any karma , jnana or yoga with bhakti.  ie mishra bhakti.

If you are having problems with sex desire you need not get married.

Marriage may in fact increase the problems in certain students.

Some devotees are just more KC in the grhasta ashram and some are better in the brahmacari ashram.

Being celibate is there in both ashrams.    It is  only that  in the grhasta ashram there is association with husband/wife.

It is not correct to say that a brahmacari must be a perfect celibate and nothing else.

Niether is it that the grhastas are all just having a license  for sense gratification.

The married couple  may be more KC in marriage than in single life.

In all circumstances it is best to work under the personal guidance of the expert self realized spiritual master in love with God who can gradually bring the students out of this entanglement of material attachments which are present in all ashrams.

Only by experiencing a higher taste can one become fixed in transcendental KC.

This may take some time even with personal guidance.

But the onus of control of the senses and the mind of the student is now on the Guru.

If you surrender to such a    bonafide    sadhu you will be cured very soon      but if you choose to not accept such personal / confidential help  from the genuine sadhu then it will take so much more struggle and time.

you may even fail and go away.

You may question at this time where do I find such a sadhu guru who is such a goswami and willing to personally help me?

The answer is that Krsna who is in your heart knows what you need and what you are crying for.

As soon as you want to achieve and only achieve unalloyed love of God He will personally come before you as that self realized spiritual master to bestow His mercy.

By that mercy you will become free.

And then maya will release you.

This maya is so powerful only Krsna can release you from it.

So it is Krsna's will that  you have so much lusty desire because you will not surrender.

And why won't I surrender?

Because I have no love for Krsna

.I have developed love (lust)  for my own bodily pleasures,  sex.

So by the association of materialistic sense gratifiers addicted to sex life I remain in bondage and by  association of the genuine sadhu gurus  in love with Krsna I  get free.


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