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Hare Krsna!Dandavat Pranam! jaya Srila prabhupada!I wish to bring to the notice of devotees all over the world about http://www.grihasta.com. This is a matrimonial exclusively for devotees and waslaunched on Gaura Purnima'07. It has grown to more than 1300 members and has so far got 17 success stories. Check it out and please forward to devotees you know who wish to get married.By the potency of the books of Srila Prabhupada, the Hare Krishna movement is gradually spreading. Most devotees desire to marry, making it imperative that potential marriageable devotee partners be found so that the instruction of Mahaprabhu: asat-sanga-tyaga, ei vaishnava-acara - A Vaishnava should avoid non-devotee association is adhered to.www.grihasta.com is a humble attempt to develop a medium to find a compatable devotee life partner so that Krishna consciousness thrives in favorable family ambience.

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  • Volunteer
    Men have to manage their ojas shakti properly. Otherwise there will be divorce.
  • Prabhuji


    I know of some matas who are actively looking to b married to devotees- they hv a requirement- horoscope matching- does yr site do this?

    thanks in advance fr yr early reply


    • We do not do it ourselves, but one mataji is doing it for the members of www.grihasta.com at a very nominal charge. As you can see there are 976 members, so at some point it became impractical for me to be personally doing horoscope matching for so many interested members. So this mataji is doing it now. But please do encourage the matas to sign up and complete their profile. The site has already arranged 13 marraiges in about 1 year.
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  • Hare Krsna,

    It is great idea and with His Divine grace all will be beneficial to global mankind.

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