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I am currently writing a novel and it's a fantasy. I tried to write on spirituality but since I know nothing about it, that idea failed so, I just wanted to ask that even though it isn't the best, is it fine if I write on  materialistic stuff since writing is a big thing for me but I know nothing avout spirituality to write on it. Although I do write poems on lord Krishna

thank you! 

Hare Krishna 

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        • Thank you so much mata ji! It's all your mercy Hare Krishna

  • i see it was if you write 'whatever' fantasy lord of the rings etc. Depends how you use that money.

    • Ok so, prabhuji if I give the money I get (if it get's published) to lord Krishna's service, is it okay?

      Hare Krishna

      • Yes. Whatever job you do you can offer to Krishna, I am security guard (it have nothing to do with Krishna right?, I dont agree with radha r comments concerning karma-yoga. 

        • E-Counselor

          Hare Krsna Punkech Prabhu,


          You missed the point. I mentioned about using "TALENT" in the service of Krsna. SInging, writing, painting, fine arts, talking - these are talents. 

          Being Accountant (me), Security Gaurd (you) is not talent. These are acquired skill sets to earn money and survive in the world. Still, we are expected to not spend the entire amount on ourselves. We are expected to give one portion to Krsna and His devotees/ services.


          Your servant,

          Radha Rasamayi DD

          • this is what you said:  


            Writing fantasy on material topics and offering a part of the results to Krsna is called Karma yog

            So the beatles george harrison made material music and offered Bhaktivedanta Manor to Prabhupada. You saying this is karma-yoga.? I am sorry I dont agree with this.

        • Ok thank you prabhu ji Hare Krishna

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